Analysis of Primary Source – Religion



Analysis of Primary Source – Religion

Primary Source代写 The history of Islamic religion can be traced back in the 7th century in Mecca and Medina over 600 years after the founding of Christianity


The history of Islamic religion can be traced back in the 7th century in Mecca and Medina over 600 years after the founding of Christianity. The religion began by Muhammed with visions, and he went around Mecca and Medina converting people to follow his message (T.B p. 51). Prophet Muhammed spread monotheism doctrine contrary to Jews polytheism hence referred to Jews as religious hypocrites.Primary Source代写**范文

Muhammed divine message gained more followers and continued to spread ever since thus converting more people to Islamic doctrine. In this regard, this paper will analyze the Medina Charter and the book “The Making of the Last Prophet.” The charter was made to govern the relationships between the followers of Muhammed, the Jews, and pagans. The book gives a chronology of events that followed the time of Muhammed.

Description of the Source Primary Source代写

The Medina Charter was a peace treaty between the followers of Muhammed, Jews, and Pagans. Muhammed himself wrote the charter and therefore based it on Islamic believes. The charter was made after the prolonged religious conflict between the Believer and the non-believers. It referred to the followers of Muhammed as believers while other groups were referred to as unbelievers (P.S par. 12). Jews believed in polytheism while Muslims believed in monotheism (T.B p. 53).Primary Source代写**范文

The conflicts brought religious rift and the battle between the two groups. The Medina Charter seek to equalize all groups under one community and rules which will be adhered by all regardless of the religion.

Primary Source代写
Primary Source代写

About the Author Primary Source代写

A religion scholar or a historian wrote the textbook. Perhaps the T.B author was interested in the early history of Islamic religion especially the rise of Prophet Muhammed and how they co-existed with the Jews. The charter as presented as written by Muhammed seeking peace in the communities of Mecca and Medina. Probably the Charter was written in late 650 AD perhaps after the famous battle of Badr in 624 AD.

The Intension of the Author Primary Source代写

The author of the textbook wanted to inform about the origin and history of the Islamic practice and the rise of Prophet Muhammed. In the first page, the author describes the method of praying in both the Muslims and Jews and their similarity in the 5th century C.E (T.B p. 51). The author continues to explain how Islam was transformed over time by describing the migration of Mohammed to Medina then to Mecca and the change of where Muslims should face when praying (T.B p. 54).Primary Source代写**范文

Generally, the main intention authoring the textbook was to compile the history of Islamic religion and describe the changes that have occurred over time. The information in the Median charter was meant to reinforce the existence of the constitution made by Muhammed for the peaceful co-existence of various religious believers as a community (P.S par. 1).Primary Source代写**范文

The author intends to show how Mohammed defined the religious boundaries and well as claiming the superiority of his message (P.S par. 2). Mohammed seems to refer his followers as the Believers and others non-believers of Allah.

Author’s Authority Primary Source代写

Beside using historical books about Jews and Islamic religions such as “The Sirat Rasul Allah” (T.B p. 52), the author seems to borrow a lot of the arguments from the Quran, hence using it as the primary source of authority (T.B p. 54). Severally the author has quoted Quran like Quran 2:12, 5:56, and 9:182. The use of quotes from both history and the Quran created a firm authority to the author’s work.

Primary Source代写
Primary Source代写

References Primary Source代写

P.S. (n.d). Khilafah al-‘Alam al-Islami.

T.B. (n.d). The making of the last prophet.


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