Book Critique

Book Critique代写 In this social contest, the aboriginal street gangs in a bid to retaliate group themselves into resistance groups to the extents.

“Indians Wear Red”  Book Critique代写

The book “Indians Wear Red” by Elizabeth Comack, Lawrence Deane, Larry Morrissette. And Jim Silver gives an account of the social problems surrounding the rise of aboriginal street gangs in the Canadian prairies. The authors depict the existence of the street gang to the escalating radicalization along with dare poverty attributed by the ongoing colonialism, global capitalism. And neoliberal forms of governance which to the great extent eroded the social support system. Book Critique代写**成品

In this social contest, the aboriginal street gangs in a bid to retaliate group themselves into resistance groups to the extents. That limit economic opportunities and social inclusion for the young aboriginals. As such, the book aims to offer the audience with the thoughtful examination of the genesis. And proliferation of street gangs in Manitoba and Winnipeg. To achieve this, the authors have illustrated how the gangs try to achieve their needs which have been ignored by the social institutions.

Book Critique代写
Book Critique代写

Author Elizabeth Comack  Book Critique代写

The authors of the book are Elizabeth Comack who is a professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba. Her work feature around the social justice topics. For the last three decades she has written and conducted numerous works including the most recent on “Coming Back to Jail: Women, Trauma, and Criminalization”. Lawrence Deane is the associate professor in the faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba. He teaches in the Inner-City Social Work Program. Book Critique代写**成品

He has experience of more than twenty years in India working in community development. He authored Under One Roof: Community Economic Development and Housing in the Inner City. Larry Morrissette on the other hand is the executive director of Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin (OPK) which works with aboriginal street gangs’ members. He is a tutor in the Inner-City Social Program at the university of Manitoba. And the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies at the University of Winnipeg. Book Critique代写**成品

And lastly, Jim Silver is a professor at the University of Winnipeg in the Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies. He is interested in the research on poverty related and community development issues in inner-city. His recent work is a book on Solving Poverty: Innovative Solutions from Winnipeg’s Inner City.

Objective  Book Critique代写

The paper will focus on critiquing the book on various ways it has managed to fulfill the authors objective as well as convey the message. Further the paper will provide a thorough analysis of the book to present the main ideas in each chapter and how the author has managed to achieve it. Generally, the paper will evaluate the book by analyzing each chapter. And authors opinions in a bid to answer the questions why aboriginal street gangs forms. Where the street gang membership lead to, and what should be done to salvage the situation.

First chapter

The first chapter forms the foundation of the whole book by providing the broad overview of the literatures that exist on the street gangs problems. The literature addresses the radicalization, poverty, socialization, resistance, gang businesses, drugs in the street, prisons, street violence, and the context of the gangs in Winnipeg.

Second chapter  Book Critique代写

The second chapter present the wounds left by the colonialism. And the essence of understanding and the fundamental to understanding the aboriginal gangs.

Chapter three

Chapter three looks in the real issue of gang membership and what led them to the involvement. And the communities they live are as well as gangster life being the only better alternative way of life.

The second last chapter  Book Critique代写

The second last chapter four delves on the gang business which is majorly centered on drugs sales. And how it is perceived as being entrepreneurial engagement by the gang members. The chapter offers the insight on the thriving punitivity under the watch of the state.

Book Critique代写
Book Critique代写

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