Event Log for Assessment 2

Event Log代写 1.What is its name? Alibaba Group 2.What are/is its main service or products? Online wholesale and retail marketing ······


1.What is its name?

Alibaba Group

2.What are/is its main service or products?

Online wholesale and retail marketing

3.Where is its base country?


4.Name some of its overseas markets.

The United States, India, Africa, Europe, North and South America, United Arab Emirates, Australia.

(A)The specific current news event that has an impact on my chosen MNC  Event Log代写

1.Summarise the news below in a few lines

Brexit and whether there will deal or no deal. Brexit is marred with speculations and uncertainties which has affected the decisions making among multinational business organizations. Alibaba is one of these many MNC seeking to establish a stronghold in the European market as a strategy of market expansion. Brexit is a disruption on global business strategies in Europe and more so has an impact on China. Companies operating in both countries fear of the uncertain trades in Europe and trade barriers likely to be created.

2.How does this news impact on my chosen MNC? List two possible impacts.  Event Log代写

Event Log代写
Event Log代写
a. Impact 1

Brexit is a stabling block in the company’s internationalization strategy.  Alibaba is not well-known in Europe and Britain and hence it has embarked on extensive marketing to create brand awareness and image in the country. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit is derailing intended market entry since either way of the negotiation will have an impact on the company. As such, the management is taking precautions on its operations in the market and avoid making risky investments.

b. Impact 2  Event Log代写

If the Brexit deal is done, there is likelihood of more protectionist approach when European market will be dealing with China. The relationships between Europe and China will be difficult owing to the fact that Britain was instrumental in brokering China-European ties. As a result, Alibaba may lose the market that it hopes to capture or face stringent measures that will make it less competitive.

(B)Proposed measures to mitigate these impacts. List two measures with an explanation.  Event Log代写

1.Measure 1

Jack Ma as a key and influential figure should engage in the process and ensure better terms for its trading partner as well as for China. Brexit though guided by regulations is also a political process that each side tries to have an impact on making the deal. If Britain wins in maintaining favorable market ties with Europe, Chinese companies will also win and so does Alibaba.

2.Measure 2   Event Log代写

The company management should refrain from making any large investment in the European market until the Brexit process is concluded. This will avoid the possibility of the company losing capital if the exit turns out to be unfavorable for operations in the market.

Event Log代写
Event Log代写

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