Atlanta Water Case Study

Atlanta Water代写 The case is the perfect presentation. How most governments function in coordination with unscrupulous elite groups and private companies


Atlanta water case is the perfect presentation of and how most governments function in coordination with unscrupulous elite groups and private companies. Our founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington envisioned a country where people have freedom and abundance. America was born centered on revolutionary ideas with the most important one being liberty. Liberty encompasses life and property where every citizen would not be poor in America. However, this was the case a few years later after they laid a track on which the American governments should be based.

Local government  Atlanta Water代写

Regarding the Atlanta water case, governments fail in their social contracts with the people. The visions of freedom, life and abundance cannot be achieved if the citizens are thirsty and cannot afford safe drinking water. Poverty can be defined in terms of lack to access safe drinking water. It is the role of the government to provide its people with this critical commodity. In chapter 1, we learned about the “Big Democracy and Big Bureaucracy” (Pereira p. 10).

People give the government the mandate to have power over them to create conditions that will create a safe and peaceful society. The mass has power over the government which does not conform to the social contracts (Pereira p. 10). In regard, to the case of Atlanta, the social contract the government had with its people is the provision of clean water which the government failed terribly. Atlanta Water代写**成品

When the government, could not provide for its people it becomes a failure as Alexander Hamilton stated that “The true test of a good government is its aptitude and tendency to produce a good administration” (Pereira p. 10). The local government failed to install proper administration which would have kept the United Water checked to provide quality service to the people of Atlanta. The government fails to enact and hence misuse the power given by the people when it was unable to do things for the common good.

Atlanta Water代写
Atlanta Water代写

Corruption and collusion of officials  Atlanta Water代写

Additionally, the issue of corruption and collusion of officials is evident in the Atlanta case. Corruption is a deceptive practice particularly by the people’s representatives in the government (Pereira p. 3). The contract was not in the spirit of effective and efficient governance which is guided by honesty, transparency, and democracy (Pereira p. 7). The signing of the contract was filled with corrupt and self-centered government officials. It is common that if private companies provide services to the public on a competitive basis, people will get quality services.

It, therefore, said that when a private company working for the government is unable to fulfill the mandate contracted to do, there may be political interference with its autonomy or it is run based on political interests of those in power. Although United Water was ranked one of the companies with the safest water supplies in the United States, it was never the case when the government contracted the company. Atlanta Water代写**成品

Therefore, when Mayor Campbell turned to the privatization of public water and sewage services due to the budget deficit, where he created a loophole through which public money was misappropriated (Chapter 11, p. 188). First by the United Water and secondly by the government officials charged with water administration. Since United Water did not succeed in providing safe water as the government had intended, it tainted the public-private relationships in service delivery.

Poor policy implementation  Atlanta Water代写

Moreover, the issue of constrained government and policies also came into play in the case. It is said that the government fails to be effective and efficient because of constraints, politicized government officials, and dumb public policies (Pereira p. 193). Also evident is poor policy implementation particularly public and sewage services. First, the government of Atlanta was constrained by the budget deficit to cater for water and sewage services. It is common even in modern governments to partner with the private sector to offer services which the government cannot afford.

Another issue was politicized government agents who were not working to represent the mass but rather their interests.  Privatization of the water agency was divided between the proponents and oppositions which may not have created political goodwill for the project. Thus for any government to succeed in its mandate and promises to people representative must demonstrate political goodwill. Besides, the government of Atlanta made dumb public policies. Atlanta Water代写**成品

Reason being, privatization of water and sewage agency was not a well-thought strategy in solving the water problem. It is evident that government made ad hoc decision constrained with the circumstances and vested officials’ interests. That the reason the government implemented but failed to execute its plan incorporation with United Water (Pereira p. 381). The government needs to have clear policies which are actionable and prioritize services to the public.

Atlanta Water代写
Atlanta Water代写

The government is not only necessary but an expedient.  Atlanta Water代写

Without, government societies may not function well in terms of security, social security, liberty and more. It is only through representation that the government can serve the interests of its people. When the government could not serve those interests by being efficient, the power of the mass is reduced to beggars like in the Atlanta case. Citizens of Atlanta were begging for services which were rightfully theirs by representation. Atlanta Water代写**成品

United Water was a private company which means it as supposed to succeed where the government failed competitively, but due to lack of transparency and corruption working with government officers, it did not pursue the interest of the Atlanta community. Later after the public questioned the misappropriation and the government took over under new administration the water project tremendously become a success. Therefore, it can be concluded that government fails because of failing to put people’s interests at the forefront.

Work Cited  Atlanta Water代写

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