HRMT20024 T2 2018 Assessment 2 – Annotated Bibliography on human resource development in the agricultural sector

Human resource代写 HRMT20024 T2 2018 Assessment 2 – Annotated Bibliography on human resource development in the agricultural sector.


For the purpose of the annotated bibliography, I selected the human resource management for my study. I read through various articles on human resource management which offered a great wealth I used to understand the various aspects that relate to the development of the human resource in different organizations. From the articles, I found that human resource development involves creating a good relationship while improving on the human capital between the workers and the organization management. Human resource代写**范文

These articles are illuminating more on the issue of human resource management in all sectors including agriculture which is my main focus on study. Under this review, I also found that there are different ways on how to develop and create a better environment for the organization employees. The basic approach to these articles is to better the growth and development of human capital in organizations.

Article 1 Human resource代写

Kucharčíková, A., Tokarčíková, E., & Blašková, M. (2015). Human Capital Management – Aspect of the Human Capital Efficiency in University Education. Procedia – Social And Behavioral Sciences, 177, 48-60. doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.02.332

business goal, area, modern times, human capital,

Human capital Human resource代写

This article explores the human capital, the importance of human capital to management, and how to improve the performance of the organization. According to this article, the authors explain the human capital as an investment in individuals through training and education. Through employees’ training and education, they are able to improve on their abilities and performance in their job.

Furthermore, the writers explained the approaches to human resource management which include macroeconomics and microeconomics. This main objective of approaches to human capital is the improvement of employee consciousness, teamwork and values, and employees’ performances. The article explains the human resource management dynamics which encompasses the utilization of people to get jobs done. The article also explains the basic roles of managers in human resource management which include planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, and forecasting. Human resource代写**范文

The benefits of management dynamics in human resource include improved decision making, reduction in agency problems. And time management with less time wastage in the agricultural sector. 

Agriculture Human resource代写

The article generally contributes to the multiple sectors of the economy and agriculture is not an exemption. The findings of this article are important in improving the human resource management on a farm. Using this article, firms in agricultural sectors are able to understand the importance of developing the employee consciousness in matters concerning their areas of work, teamwork, and values attributed for the attainment of the organizational goals, and measurement of the employee performance against the objectives of the firm.

Therefore, the agricultural firms are able to identify three key objectives in human resource management which include creating a consciousness of workers in issues that pertain to the firm. How to build and importance of teamwork in executing organizational tasks and creation of standards for measuring the workers’ performance and appraisals. The firms are also able to learn more about the dynamics involved in the human resource development. Human resource代写**范文

These dynamics are important in ensuring the human capital is well utilized in the farm. the managers are able to know their tasks in regard to ensuring that the workforce flows according to the key objectives of the firm. In this case, the managers are able to learn the importance of planning for farm works. Organizing to the various activities harmoniously, coordinates with various farm departments, commands for tasks to be done, make forecasts of the labor needs in the farm.

Human resource代写
Human resource代写

Article 2 Human resource代写

Aslam, H., Aslam, M., Ali, N., Habib, B., & Jabeen, M. (2014). Human Resource Planning Practice in Managing Human Resource: A Literature Review. International Journal Of Human Resource Studies, 3(1), 200. doi: 10.5296/ijhrs.v3i1.6253

Planning, framework, labor demand and supply

Planning Human resource代写

This article explains the role of planning for human resource, strategic objectives for human resource management, and issues affecting the human resource management. The article also explains the planning framework and models in human capital. According to the authors, the planning for human resource is of importance in forecasting for business demands, environmental factors, and management of human resource demand in an organization.

Basically, human resource planning ensures that the working environment for the employees is stable and favorable. The planning for human resource involves employee demand management, future labor needs and demand. And supply and maintaining the balance between labor supply and demand predictions. The planning for human resource assists in the long run sustenance of the company and attainment of the competitive advantage. Human resource代写**范文

The factors that impact on human resources planning are parts of external environments which include education, laws, and regulations and the social attitude. The staffing needs of employees and the role of management are the external factors the considered in human resource planning.

Human resource planning Human resource代写

Although this article is very broad in the human resource planning, the scenario is applicable in the agricultural sector. The owners of large farms and ranches are able to appreciate the importance of human resource planning and thus developing the human capacity in the farm. The farmers are able to learn about the human resource planning framework and models. These perspectives assist the farmer in making decisions on farm demands and future needs of the human labor.

The farmers are also able to understand the relationships between environmental factors with the organizational demand for labor. Through this article, the farmers are able to manage the farm demands for labor by ensuring that there are no shortages or excessive labor in the firm. Using the findings from this article, I will be able to analyze various strategies used in the agricultural firms to plan for their labor demands and supply. Human resource代写**范文

I will be able to understand the importance of labor planning and how it is implemented in various situations by the farmers. Using this article, I will also expound more on the factors that affect the labor planning in agricultural firms considering both external and internal farm factors.

Article 3 Human resource代写

Khan,M. (2014). HR as a Strategic Partner: A Critical Review. International Journal of Human Resource Studies, 4(1), 1-8. url:

Strategic partner, skill satisfaction, measure

Strategic partner Human resource代写

The article explores the modern human resource department as the main partner in the organizations. From the author’s explanation, the article explains the specific strategic actions in human capital. The main functions of the human resources according to the authors are the administrative services, business partner role, and strategic role. The establishment of the studies shows that human resources have critical roles in strategy implementation planning.

According to the article, the workforce plays an important role in implementing the human resource strategy. There are three measurement activities which include efficiency, effectiveness, and impact which are the basic metrics and analytics of the human resource management.  To improve on the decision making the role, the human resource provides information on the relationship between the strategy and the human workforce. Human resource代写**范文

The skills satisfaction improves on the role of human resource strategy in the business organization. To be a strategic partner, studies have established that it takes business skills, metric skills, and a specialized skill team.

New perspective Human resource代写

The article offers the farmers with a new perspective on human resource management. The managers are able to appreciate the need to consider human resource as a key partner in the farm. They are able to see the success of the farm as the true reflection of the contribution of human capital. The view of human capital as the partner is important in establishing relationships and interactions between the farm and the workers.

These relationships and interactions build a sense of recognition and ownership thus improving the general performance of the farm. This article contributes to my research immensely on the understanding of human resource as an integral part of farm management and decision making. The view of human labor through the lens of partnership plays a major role in building job satisfaction in the farms.  Human resource代写**范文

This strategy is applicable to the farms where the workers are made to feel part of the farm by including them in major decision-making processes and especially which affect them.

Human resource代写
Human resource代写

Article 4 Human resource代写

Sarra, B., Benabou, D., & Tabeti, H. (2013). The Role of Strategic Human Capital Management in Achieving the Competitive Advantage1. Academic Journal Of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(3), 361-368. doi: 10.5901/ajis.2013.v2n3p361

Human capital, competitive advantage, Algerian companies, labour utilization, case study

Competitive advantage Human resource代写

In this article, the authors try to establish the achievement of a competitive advantage by use of strategic human capital as the key variable. Human capital is an intangible asset to the organization and therefore perishable and care need to be taken when handling it. The resources the human capital encompasses include the key competencies, skills, education levels, employee capacity, and capabilities.

The research according to the articles establishes that the human capital constitutes the competitive advantage of the organization through the employee behavior and the workforce pool in the organization. In addition, there are human resource practices that an organization uses like work training, compensation. And development to reduce the labor turnover and thus lower the cost associated with employee absenteeism and turnover. Use of these human resource practices in an organization reduces the costs associated with turnover and employment of new workers.  Human resource代写**范文

According to the study, the organizations practicing these practices have higher labor utilization thus revenues per year hence improving the overall performance of the organization compared to the organizations which fail to use these human resource practices effectively.

Agricultural firm Human resource代写

This article is perfectly suitable in the agricultural firm. From the article, the farmers are acquainted on how to use the farm human labor strategically for the achievement competitive advantage. The article argues that the farmers can use their workers strategically with the sole aim of gaining market benefits. To achieve this farm need to focus on the key competencies, skills, education levels, and workers capacity in the farm organization.

Further, the farm is able to influence the change in worker behaviors as the major determinant of market leadership. This article will be used to analyze how agricultural farms use the human resource as a major element in attaining competitive advantage. It will also evaluate the strategies used to identify and prioritize it in the attainment of market advantage.

Article 5 Human resource代写

Souleh, S. (2014). The impact of Human Capital Management on the Innovativeness of Research Center: The case of Scientific Research Centers in Algeria. International Journal of Business and Management, 2(4), 80-96. link: RePEc:sek:iacpro:0101019

Human capital management, competencies management, Innovativeness, modern organization, human knowledge,

Innovativeness Human resource代写

This article focuses on the human capital management and how it influences the employee innovativeness in the research and development. According to the article, the modern organization management involves management of knowledge economy. Thus, the competitiveness of an organization is basically attached to the management of intellectual capital and innovation of employees. The article identifies the main intellectual capitals which include relational capital, structural, human capital.

Referring to the various studies in this article, the generation. And exploitation of human knowledge is what contributes to the creation of wealth in an organization. This article provides the basic pillars on which knowledge economy is built. Which include innovation, culture, education, science, and information and communication technologies. Human resource代写**范文

According to the various literature reviewed in this article, to improve the human capital needs recruitment of employees with high competency levels. Knowledge and skills while developing the existing workforce through training and development opportunities. The research found that human resource management, management of key competencies and knowledge in an organization. Have a direct and positive relationship with the organizational innovativeness. Therefore, the level of innovativeness in an organization highly depends on the human capital utilized.

Innovativeness in the labor force Human resource代写

The article is applicable in the agriculture by attributing the human resource management to the creation of innovativeness in the labor force. This article shifts from the traditional view on human resource management to the management of knowledge. The farm managers have to realize the need to identify the talents and skills in the farm and how to allow for their growth.

The owners of the farms are able to shape their workforce according to the knowledge economy with is a major drive in creating an innovative farm. I modern agriculture, this article offers more and better insight on managing human resource development critical drivers in an agricultural knowledge economy which include farming education, farm technologies, agricultural science, and use of information and communication in agriculture. Human resource代写**范文

This article will immensely contribute to my research on giving a better understanding of modern human resource management. In the regard, much on labor development to keep up to date with new changes will be understood.


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