Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence代写 AI development has facilitated in the exploration of the universe to the level the human could not have imagined.

Artificial intelligence

Human intelligence has been associated with various skills including problem-solving, decision making, learning as well as reflex actions. On the other hand, computing technologists and experts have been yearning to make a human-like machines which will imitate the human behaviors and decision making. Artificial intelligence experts have therefore gone too far into making computers in forms of the robot and other forms which have human-like characters especially decision making, learning, problem solving and reflex actions. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

However, as most of this expert would have thought, the AI technology has evolved to be understood from both sides of the coin with highest feelings that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Exploration of the universe  Artificial Intelligence代写 

On one part, AI development has facilitated in the exploration of the universe to the level the human could not have imagined.The design and application of AI are being used on the universe exploration center like NASA through spaceships. Being a machine means it cannot be affected by some of the environmental conditions which mostly are hostile to human beings. The robots have been programmed to be used for the excavation of fuel, measuring the ocean depth, and more. The replacement of these activities by machines meant that to a human being they were difficult and dangerous.

Repetitive tasks  Artificial Intelligence代写 

Additionally, AI has been developed as one way of doing repetitive tasks which are prone to errors. Such task as manufacturing and calculations in the industries which are repetitive and prone to errors. Replacing the humans with machines has been more economical regarding time and costs and above all reduction of errors. When a machine is programmed to carry out a task, unless a bugged program is used. The task is done with the highest precision anticipated by the programmer.

Artificial Intelligence代写
Artificial Intelligence代写

Downside   Artificial Intelligence代写 

However, regardless of the AI technology being developed to help the human in productivity, the downside has been underestimated (Clifford). The growth of AI has been advanced to the unprecedented levels that it is become a threat to the human universe. In as much as the human beings want to solve some problems which could not have been possible without the help of computing technologies, the initial intention is getting out of hand. As Elon Musk was quoted speaking during SXSW. He said, ‘Mark my words — A.I. is far more dangerous than nukes’. His words could not be taken for granted (par. 14).

One of the reasons is cybersecurity.   Artificial Intelligence代写 

In the context of computing, cybersecurity literary means the protection of the systems, networks, and programs from the digital attacks. A these include connected internet systems like hardware, software, and data in them. Cybersecurity has been an emerging internet security concern in the past one decade. In the aspect of AI and cybersecurity, the idea of the computer learning by itself and growing its knowledge to the levels unimaginable to humans is scary. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

To make a computer learn, is subjected to the task over and over again until it starts doing that task by itself. Although this is revolutionary, it has turned out to be a threat to cybersecurity. It has been observed that those attack which to human could be impossible, shortly. They will no longer be science fiction as AI is making almost everything that human thought impossible possible.

Study     Artificial Intelligence代写 

A study by the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge gave the warning that the AI could be used as weapon on which to launch a hacking expedition into drones and autonomous motors. Which can turn them into lethal weapon (Brundage et al 6). With an example of Google autonomous cars, Waymo, which have implemented the concept of deep learning can turn to be a raid in the real world. That is, the malware found in traditional systems is also possible those domains. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

Another study conducted by a US-based security company, Symantec, shows that more than 900 million people in over 20 countries are affected by cybercrime the previous year (Symantec 12). The attack left the damage of more than $170 billion.

Therefore, one of the main fears that people are having is the development of AI to the new dawn of cyber crimes. Which the traditional firewalls and anti-malware cannot counter-attack. This way the AI will expand the existing threats and introduce new threat and change the behavior of threats as well (Brundage et al 5).

Besides cybersecurity, is the privacy issues.   Artificial Intelligence代写 

For years since the emergence of the internet and digital devices, privacy has been a significant concern to digital consumers. Regardless of these risks, the use of digital devices in the modern era is unavoidable. As such, people have continued to use these services, but very few are concerned about their privacy. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

Data mining, AI, and other internet-based methods pose a threat to the control of individual space and personal data. In this era of digital technology, it has become a competition on Big Data and Sophisticated technologies. Therefore, privacy is a concern to everyone who values their privacy. However, the expansion of AI power is muddling the clarity and agreement between privacy which is giving birth to data breach and security issues.

Analysis   Artificial Intelligence代写 

AI development is the ability to analyze, combine, and gather data from various sources making it the best option for social information gathering and assembling. The AI computation speed is unfathomable to human beings. And it is still increasing owing to the development of in hardware. The technology has been designed to use extensive data and analyze them at a minimum time possible. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

As such, AI affects the privacy from the data manipulation, identification and tracking, speech and facial recognition, guessing and outlining. From computer software to smart home applications they have the commonality that makes the vulnerable by the AI data manipulation. This is made worse by the people connecting devices with the knowledge on how the software and devices share, process, and generate data thus increasing the potential of data manipulation.

Artificial Intelligence代写
Artificial Intelligence代写

Modern AI is being used to identify and track people across various devices.        Artificial Intelligence代写 

In essence, personal data has become part of the big data that is being held by computing companies. Although the data has been anonymized, AI has capability de-anonymizing it based on the analysis from other devices. Thus, there exists a thin line between the person and non-personal data and nothing become personal to AI. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

Most recently, AI experts has been implementing speech and facial recognition. The use of these capabilities has the potential of threat to individual privacy. For instance, in law enforcement, the agencies have been using the voice and facial recognition to track individuals in their wanted list. Their actions are done without upholding the proper legal procedure, therefore, circumventing the right to privacy.

Overall, the operations that involve AI is lacking proper regulations.        Artificial Intelligence代写 

Since the AI is an emerging technology and that mostly construed to a beneficial technology rather than a threat, little has been done to keep check of its growth and use. It has been noted that, if restrictive measures are not put forth. The AI development is leading to the path where robots will be turned to a master that will subjugate humanity. There is also fear that governments are making AI as killing machines which can turn to be a threat to humanity. Without proper control, AI is mostly taking up the jobs that were previously done by humans which is leading to economic disruptions.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the control of AI has been slow and ineffective is lack of proper definition and scope of the technology.

A study by Stanford University shows that there is a problem in trying to regulate the AI in general and it can be misguiding. They pointed out that, the lack of a clear definition of AI and the risk consideration are very different in different domains (Stone et al.). Consequently, there has been a call by the legal scholar to make an Artificial Intelligence Development Act which will be used by the government agency to certify the AI programs for safety. Artificial Intelligence代写**范文

Also, the AI community are also calling to the regulation. In 2009, The president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence called for the need to investigate the need for regulation of the AI technologies. All these and more concerns have elicited different reaction some for the regulation and others against it citing no reason for concern.

The Evaluation of the AI issues in modern society has shown that AI technology came with much harm than the remedy to human problems. Although the technology is essential to human beings, it should not go to the extent of subjugating the maker. (Cellan-Jones, par. 6). Therefore, there is a need for control and regulations of the limits to the development of AI. As Stephen Hawkins pointed out with his concern for humanity saying that, AI is the “worse event “civilization (par. 1).

Work Cited     Artificial Intelligence代写 

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