How Does David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”. Peter Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”. Tim O’Brien’s “The Man I Killed”. Gwendolyn Brooks’ “The Boy Died in My Alley” Relates?

Human nature代写 How Does David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”. Peter Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”. Tim O’Brien’s “The Man I Killed”.


How Does David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”

At some point, each one of us is faced by situations where you have to decide between the issues. That are touching and affecting your lives and that of others. Most are the times, as it is to the human nature. Our self-interests and wellbeing take priority even if the decision means the harm to others. These are the cases which the above four articles have centered on, trying to explore the human nature. And how we can make the life better for everyone around us or even beyond. Human nature代写**格式

David Foster Wallace in his speech to the graduates explained to them the purpose of education in helping them to think, not literary.  But being able to think beyond the obvious which is dependent on the personal defaults which make human feel the center of the universe.

Peter Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”   Human nature代写

Singer, on the other hand, is a philosopher, in his New York Times article informs on how as human we can end the world poverty by being generous and selfless. Singer’s article, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” tries to explain the practical way of reducing the child mortality. And general world poverty through sharing the little we have by not spending on things that we do not need.

Tim O’Brien’s “The Man I Killed”  Human nature代写

In the same argument, Wallace, O’Brien inform the world on the atrocities we commit due to our selfish nature and failing to think. Through his meditation, O’Brien showed how he killed an innocent man. Who had no intention to war but had a brighter future as a mathematics scholar. He depicts the shortcomings in the human thinking and decision making.

Gwendolyn Brooks’ “The Boy Died in My Alley” Relates?   Human nature代写

Additionally, Brooks in his article, “The Boy Died in My Alley” show how human behavior is flawed. Because of being self-centered by failing to be mindful of what is happing to others as long as we are safe. The article shows the selfishness in her for failing to respond to the gunfire by calling the police or being concerned about who was shot and try to help. In essence, the primary goal of this paper is to argue about the relationship that exists in the four articles. Human nature代写**格式

In other words, how they relate in their message to the readers. In this regard, the paper will explore how the materials depict human beings. The virtues that they are trying to instill in humanity. And their applicability in the modern world.

Human nature代写
Human nature代写

Self-centered    Human nature代写

Reading through the four articles, it is evident that they agree on human weakness of being self-centered. Selfish or taking personal interest as priorities regardless of suffering it can inflict to other people. On such instance of human self-centeredness is well explored by Wallace in his speech. He said that “everything in my own immediate experience supports my deep belief that I am the absolute center of the universe”. (Wallace par. 7) Here Wallace shows how people tend to judge everything they experience according to their subjective perspective. Human nature代写**格式

In support of this argument, he pointed out that human thinking is flawed as they tend to judge every situation in their favor. Through his analogy of a working adult routine and the day to day experiences. It is evident that human being needs to change their ways of thinking and start viewing things beyond the immediate and the apparent personal knowledge which is guided by subjectivity.

Singer in his article also supports that human thinking is flawed and selfish.  Human nature代写

The article explores the sphere of Bob who treasured Bugatti car which he attached the benefits of his retirement. In the article, Singer shows the dilemma Bob was in when he opted to save his retirement benefits over saving the life of a small child. He also gives another example of Dora who had to sell a street urchin order to live a better life. In other word, the decisions we make are vested in personal interest without considering. How they can impact others or how we can take a better option which can be more rational and better in humanity. Human nature代写**格式

Using this scenario, Singer primary aimed at convincing the people on the need to share. What we have to save the world from hunger instead of spending it all on the luxuries and other things which are not necessary. Singer shows how the person who has something to give to the poor and fails to do so is at the same level as Dora and Bob who opted to kill the child to serve their interests. Human nature代写**格式

He said, “… what is the ethical distinction between a Brazilian who sells a homeless child to organ peddlers. And an American who already has a TV and upgrades to a better one – knowing. That the money could be donated to an organization that would use it to save the lives of kids in need?”. (Singer par. 7) The singer put them at the same level because they both knowingly and indirectly led to the suffering and death of children due to malnutrition and other preventable and treatable diseases.

Similarly, the selfishness nature that is inherent in human is well depicted by O’Brien in his article “The man I Killed.”   Human nature代写

O’Brien is seen meditating on the life he has just taken without due reason. It is clear that all the soldiers were aiming their gun to the harmless man who had nothing to do with the war and was planning to have a brighter future as a scholar in mathematics. O’Brien regretted having taken the life of an innocent man as a way of perceived self-defense which was not apparent at the time, he shot him. From his fellow soldier, the lacking of thinking is obvious when Azar stated that. “Oh, man, you fucking trashed the fucker, … You scrambled his sorry self, look at that, you did, you laid him out like Shredded fuckin’ Wheat”. (O’Brien 173). Human nature代写**格式

Clearly, Azar does not think beyond his duty as solder, and the life of a civilian did not matter. On the other hand, to O’Brien, the man did not deserve to die. And if he could have maybe taken time to think about it, he could not have shot the man. It is therefore because of human failure to think beyond the effects of the actions they commit that brought suffering to others.

Selfish  Human nature代写

In the culmination of the selfish nature of humans, Brooks in her article “The Boy Died in My Alley” gives a clear picture of how a human in the pursuit of comfort and being self-centered can disregard other peoples’ affair for personal satisfaction. The narrator failed to concern herself with a gun short next to her house. She ignored it as long as nothing is disrupting her happiness and comfort. If the gunshot hit her home, she could have responded by calling or reporting the incident to the police. But because she was not directly involved, and she was comfortable. She did not see the need to report the matter. Human nature代写**格式

She regretted later that the boy was shot in at her alley. She only learned about the shooting after the police came to interrogate her about the issue. As a matter of fact, the boy seemed to be a street urchin, so she previously had no interest in knowing him better. It now until the incident she started to think and notice the presence of the boy. O’Brien regrets to have taken a step in caring for the gun short. Which maybe could have saved the boy from dying of gun wound. He states that, “… I joined the Wild and killed him with knowledgeable unknowing.”

This is the human nature of putting their interest first regardless of the effect of their action or difficult.

Moreover, the articles relate in the teaching the humans on how to be mindful of others.  Human nature代写

In so doing, Wallace gave a scenario where a person always thinks of things he or she is undergoing and go on to judge others. He presented this as being myopic and selfish by failing to think of others. It is true that when you are going through challenges and you feel like the whole world has ganged up to punish you. At the same time a million others are undergoing the same pressure and even more difficulties in life than you are. At such times it is essential to think and see through others and never to subjectively judge the situations. Human nature代写**格式

This way we develop on how to think beyond our default setting according to Wallace. He challenges the students that, the education should teach them how to have human values rather than just material payoffs. (Wallace par. 3). Using various real-life illustrations, Wallace explained to the students how to experience and perceive the environment differently by being mindful of others about their experiences too. This way they will learn to be patient and not to be judgmental to every incident that happens in their life. Human nature代写**格式

He states that “If you’re automatically sure that you know what reality is, and you are operating on your default setting. Then you, like me, probably won’t consider possibilities that aren’t annoying and miserable. But if you really learn how to pay attention, then you will know there are other options” (Wallace par. 22).

The article by Singer also supports the theme of being mindful of others.  Human nature代写

In so doing, he presented the need to donate extra resources instead of investing in unnecessary items. Using various scenarios, he tried to prove how a person who fails to grant knowing very well. He has a role in creating an impact to the life of a needy child, is equivalent to the person who let a child die in his/her watch or sell the child to the organ hunters. Although this argument is strict, the logic behind it is valid. Humanity needs to take care of each other or the living losses the meaning of life itself. Human nature代写**格式

What is the essence of amassing colossal wealth yet people are suffering from hunger and sickness from preventable and treatable diseases? Every rational human need to realize that taking care of the poor both children. And other vulnerable groups in the world is a human responsibility. According to Singer, if people willing and able to donate to the to the poor children and families. It can be the first step towards alleviating poverty in the world. Human nature代写**格式

He said, “each one of us with wealth surplus to his or her essential needs should be giving most of it to help people suffering from poverty so dire as to be life-threatening”. (Singer par. 24). In essence when as a person gives to the poor is a way of being mindful to the welfare to the people thus reducing the world suffering due to poverty.

Human nature代写
Human nature代写

When O’Brien wrote his article about the man he killed.  Human nature代写

He was thinking about the action which he had just committed. It was not easy for him to fathom and come into terms that he killed an innocent man. The world today is filled with warfare between nations and groups. The war not only affect the warring soldiers and groups but the innocent civilians fall as the collateral damage. The action of the writer to star at the corpse of the man wounded by the grenade depicts the state of being mindful of our activities. Most are the time people do not want to take responsibility for their action and worse tend to rationalize or blame the circumstances for their irresponsibility.

It is evident in the article Azar is not being mindful of the innocent life which was taken away irresponsibly.  Human nature代写

O’Brien shows that, if only he could have to take the few seconds to think about his action maybe he could have saved the man. The state of being mindful make us think about others and their experiences. In other words, being mindful enable us to feel for others and try to see through them. This way we are able to experience the pain that the other person is undergoing for our action or failure and thus we can refrain from the actions or behavior. Human nature代写**格式

In essence, the whole meditation by O’Brien is the state of being mindful. He wrote that “He had bony legs, a narrow waist, … His chest was sunk and poorly muscled, – a scholar, maybe” (O’Brien 172). Through this meditation, the writer teaches us to think of other people before doing anything to weigh the impact and the alternatives.

Why we should be concerned of others  Human nature代写

Similarly, when Brooks failed to respond to the gunshot only because it was not directed to his house and later found out a boy. She knew died which made her regret of her failure, has a lesson on why we should be concerned of others. Although fear can engulf us in the sound of a gun. We should also think that there might be a person affected by the shot and might need our help. At some level, it can be impractical to give direct advice but reporting such an incident by calling the hotline is being mindful. Human nature代写**格式

Brooks regrettably recall how he heard the gunshot but did not bother to check nor report to the police until it was found that a boy was killed in his alley. She felt responsible for failing to act. And maybe she could have prevented the boy from succumbing to the shot would. “I have known this Boy before. I have known this boy before, who ornaments my alley” she painfully recalls (Brooks par. 5).

Being selfless and mindful are virtues that according to four articles, humans have to learn.  Human nature代写

A selfless person put another people’s welfare first and always strive to make the world a better place for all. Selfishness is what makes people sell children to slavery and to organ hunters like the case of Dola. I make people choose material things over the life of a child like Bod. Like an innocent man the way O’Brien did ignore a gunshot in the neighborhood like Brooks. And to always think that the bad experiences you have unfairly directed to you and feel the center of the universe. Human nature代写**格式

To get off the shackle’s selfishness, a human has to learn how to think beyond their personal experiences by allowing themselves to see the bigger picture as stated by the Wallace. We also need to learn the art of giving to the poor by refraining from investing in unnecessary things. Singer compares the person who sacrifices the child for selfish gain with the one who ignores the call to help malnutrition and sick child. As no different as both participate directly in killing the child.

Call  Human nature代写

Therefore, all the article carries vivid messages to the world on how to be selfless and mindful of others. They relate in calling out for humans to sacrifice in saving the world from poverty, killings, unfair judgments. And other atrocities which are committed in their watch. As such, the articles form the basis on which human values are taught.

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