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Presentation代写 Sunny Processors:Sunny Processor is a processing company located in Kenya as a subsidiary of Indian based company.


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Sunny Processors

Task Environment  Presentation代写

Sunny Processor is a processing company located in Kenya as a subsidiary of Indian based company. The company task environments are those events and influences from outside the company (Rhys Andrews, 2009). Identifying this environment is important in order to counter any threats and take advantage of any opportunities that may exist.

Customers are the priority factor that Sunny think of when it comes to outside forces that affect how it operates. The customers create demand for its fruits products and are the source of income for the company. For instance, if the customers want more of fruits juices, then there will be a higher demand for FruitSana, (one of its major products).

Suppliers also affect the company because they are the one who grows these fruits that the company buys to produce fruit juices. Competition is also considered a major factor when thinking about the task environment because other companies may be producing similar (or better) fruit juices and are competing for the same customers. The labor market also has a considerable impact on the operation of the company. Sunny Processor needs skilled and trained workers to take part in the processing process.


Internal Environment  Presentation代写

These are conditions, events, and factors within Sunny Processor that affects its activities and decision-making process. These factors include culture, employees, and management (Giovanni, 2012)



Organization culture is the character of the organization. Culture differentiates Sunny processor from other similar companies. Culture also models the actions of the employees. There are four main components that makeup Sunny Processor’s culture, which are values, social network, heroes, and rites and rituals.

i. Values – believes that define the conduct of an employee and his/her successes in the organization. For instance, employees who have perfected food science testing skills and produce quality juices with longer shelf life, the company makes efforts to retain their competencies because of the value to the company.

ii. Heroes are extemporary persons who reflect the image, attitude, and values of the organization act as role models to other employees. They are mostly founder of the organization. The organization emulates his or her values which are associated success of the company.

iii. Rites and rituals are celebrations of the company through which heroes and well-performing employees are recognized and appreciated. These are award ceremonies, general meetings, and company gathering that are used as the platforms to recognize those doing well for the organization.

iv. Social networks play part in informal communications within and outside the company. Using these media platforms employees share stories of the organization and discuss issues that affect them. Through this network, they are able to learn the organization’s culture and values.

b.  Presentation代写

Employees are an essential internal business factor. Sunny need to always check whether her employees are motivated, hard-working and talented. Motivated employees are productive compared to those lacking motivation and talent. A good relationship between the company and employees improve effectiveness and efficiency.


Management is the overall internal environment of any company. Sunny management recognizes that their decisions affect the whole company performance and therefore necessary consultations and workers involvement is made. The organization structure, culture, values, objectives, and standards work together to achieve business objectives.

General Environment (, 2015)  Presentation代写

a. Technology – Sunny Processor recognizes the importance of investing in modern technology in manufacturing and be a step ahead of the competitors. The company has invested well in modern production machines which produce quality fruit juices.

b. Natural context – The Company recognizes the need to conserve the natural environment. Sunny has thousands of hectares under natural forest coverage and is well protected from pollutions of any kind. The company also has waste management system where waste is treated before disposal to a well-controlled area.

c. Social-culture – Sunny Processor is aware of social-cultural changes that may affect its production. These are changes in tastes and preferences, fashion, demographic factors and more.

d. Economic factors such as inflation, fiscal and monetary policies and government involvement in the economy affect the decisions of the company. They also affect the demand for the products and the market behaviors.

e. Legal factors are the legislation and laws that are enacted and have direct or indirect effects on how decisions will be made or demand for the product or service.

f. International context – global environment check on the quality standards of the product, international laws regulating the market, e-commerce, and international competition.

SWOT Analysis  Presentation代写

Sunny Processor SWOT analysis (Newton and Newton, 2013)


1.A large market for their new mangoes juice.

2.Advanced modern processing machines.

3.Enough skilled manpower.

Weaknesses  Presentation代写

1.Financial constraints to explore its large market.

2.Poor management structure.

3.The company lack defined cultures to motivate its workers.


1.Large and growing international market.

2.Social changes- people have become more aware of what they consume, they prefer natural fruit juices.

3.Opportunity to grow and have international subsidiaries.

Threats  Presentation代写

1.Increasing competition due to entry in that prolific market

2.International quality standard measures.

3.Competitors may adopt newer and better technologies.

Changes and Adjustments  Presentation代写


Sunny Processor will soon be faced by technological obsolesce. The technology is changing rapidly. Some of the areas the company needs to improve in terms of technology are:

a. Use computerized inventory management.

b. Invest in a recycling of wastewater and plastic bottles.

c. Transition to new technologies for fruit processing to keep up with the market standards and competition.

Organizational structure  Presentation代写

This is the Sunny Processor formal design of managerial hierarchies, setting forth both reporting, relationships and communications. Sunny has failed to install good management structure which I have identified as part of its weaknesses. Some of the issues the company needs to address in management restructuring are;

a. Communicate planning progress across the organization regularly.

b. Employee involvement at all levels.

c. Employees motivation forums and programs.

d. Communicate change and why it is necessary and empower the workers.

e. Improve employee management.

People  Presentation代写

Human resource is one of the important factors of production. Sunny needs to restructure its human resource management. The following recommendations need to be implemented:

a. Organize open sessions for junior employees to give their opinions on their work conditions.

b. Communicate changes made and offer training programs to the workers regularly.

c. Labor relations considerations – workers should be given platforms to bargain over issues pertaining to wages, working hours and working conditions.

d. Come up with methods of workers motivation.

Processes  Presentation代写

Organizations processes involve determining what needs to be done to achieve company objectives, assigning tasks to workers and arranging them in a decision making framework. Sunny is requires to

a. Classify and group work activities into manageable unite.

b. Define a better hierarchy of relationships.


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