EAS257H Chinese Literature: Song to Qing

Essay Assignment (Topics & Proposal)

代写文学Essay You are free to do your essay on any one of these topics. To find specific texts, refer to the page#s indicated for the Owen anthology…

You are free to do your essay on any one of these topics. To find specific texts, refer to the page#s indicated for the Owen anthology and to the Index of the Owen anthology for other texts not listed here. Some of the texts are on the Quercus or will be from your own reading.
You may use texts not covered in class but should provide the English translations.
Please read the guidelines carefully before you begin your essay proposal and essay.

Topics: 代写文学Essay

1. Wrestling with Emotion s in Lyrics (Owen, 559-590)
Scholars have identified the lyric (ci 詞) form as one devoted to expressing emotions or feelings (qing 情). Choose one to three lyrics and discuss what different techniques they use to portray emotions. How would you describe the emotions being expressed? What sort of emotional resolution or conclusion is reached by the end of the lyrics?
2. Wonders in Daily Life in Song Poetry (Owen, 637-703)
Song poetry often deals with small, mundane details of everyday life. And yet it can still address larger, philosophical issues through those small details. Choose one to three Song dynasty poems and discuss what larger issues of life they address (either implicitly or explicitly) through close observation of experience.

3. Taming the Strange in Ming/Qing Writing (Owen, 807-20, 1103, 1113-27, Quercus) 代写文学Essay

Writers of the late Ming (Li Zhi, Yuan Hongdao, Zhang Dai) and early Qing (Li Yu, Pu Songling) use their writing to express unusual and shocking ideas. Choose one of these writers and discuss the different approaches he uses to surprise his readers. How does he try to convince his readers to understand and accept the strange?
4. Behind Every Strong Woman is a Weak Man in Vernacular Literature (Owen, 744-70, 834-855)
Zhao Pan-er and Du Tenth are the heroines of the play and story in which they appear, even though men are constantly trying to control and dominate them. Discuss how one of them asserts her independence. How do you feel she compares in moral terms with the men in these works of vernacular literature?


5. Ties that Bind in the Chinese Novel (Quercus and your own reading)
Characters are often paired together in the Chinese novels (Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Journey to the West, Plum in the Golden Vase, Story of the Stone, Six Records of a Life Adrift). Choose one pairing of character s in one novel and discuss why you feel these characters form a pair. How do they compare or contrast with one other? What is their relationship like? Does it change over the course of the work? What point is made in the novel by pairing these two characters?

Essay Proposal 代写文学Essay

The Essay Proposal is due by 11:59pm on Monday 15 November 2021, uploaded to the Quercus, where you can also view a sample and the rubric. In your submission include the following information:
1. Your name and student ID #.
2. Your topic (copied and pasted from the list above). Choose one only.
3. The texts from the Owen anthology or Quercus that you intend to use (title and page #s only).

4. A thesis statement: what is the main point you want to make in the essay in response to the topic? State it in one to three sentences in a general way.
5. A brief outline of three or more related points that will expand upon and support your thesis. Each of these points should be one sentence.
6. Two other secondary sources of modern scholarship you plan to use (books or journal articles available online), with a description for each of why you think it will be useful. Use the bibliography format shown in the sample. See below for ideas on where to find secondary sources. You are permitted to use books or articles in Chinese, but anything you quote from them in your essay must be translated into English.

Essay 代写文学Essay

The essay is due by 11:59pm on 12 December 2021, on Quercus. The penalty for lateness is minus 2 points per day late. The length is 2,000 words (6 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1’’ margins). You will be graded 25% for language (spelling, grammar); 25% for form (organization, clarity of argument); 25% for ideas (points being made); and 25% for analysis (supporting ideas with the text). See the rubric on Quercus for more detailed information. I will post a more detailed set of guidelines on language use and proper citation formats.

This essay is about your interpretation of the text; it is not a research paper. The only sources you are allowed to use are the textbook (or the readings on Quercus), your lecture notes, and two other secondary sources of modern scholarship mentioned in your proposal. For suggestions of other sources, see p. 1153 in the Owen anthology, or the bibliographies for individual articles and chapters in The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, and The Cambridge History of Chinese Literature.

To find even more sources, you can consult the library catalog search, and online databases such as “The Bibliography of Asian Studies” and JSTOR. Many printed books (published before 2004) can be viewed with the Hathi Trust digital collection, when you LOGIN and choose University of Toronto. You may use Wikipedia to guide you to academic sources, but do not cite Wikipedia itself as a source. Only use scholarly sources such as books or journal articles, not blogs or discussion forums. You may use sources in Chinese, but you must translate anything you quote from them into English in your essay (and put the original Chinese in a footnote). 代写文学Essay

Please check to make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you are uncertain, have someone read it over for you to suggest changes that you will make yourself. For extra help, see the Advice section of “Writing at the University of Toronto.” Refer to its list of writing centres, whose staff can help you to develop your capacity to plan, organize, write, and revise academic papers.

Do not have someone else write any part of the paper for you, buy it from an essay service, or copy any part of the proposal or essay from another source (including the internet) without proper citation; this would be plagiarism , an academic offense that will be reported to the Office of Student Academic Integrity.