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Digital portfolio代写 Variety type of interaction online to interact target audience to create a network in which they can connect, share and grow.

Digital portfolio
Digital portfolio




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Digital portfolio代写


Digital portfolio
Digital portfolio


Table of Content

1.0 Introduction ———————————————————————–

2.0 Social Media Strategy ————————————————————

2.1 Target audience ————————————————————–

2.2 Recommended platform —————————————————-

3.0 Aim and objectives ————————————————————

4.0 Content pillars ——————————————————————–

4.1 Communityc———————————————————————

4.2 Simple and understandable ————————————————–

4.3 Simple and understandable content —————————————-

5.0 Campaign Calendar ——————————————————————

6.0 Content Creation ——————————————————————–

7.0 Personal Website ——————————————————————-

8.0 References ———————————————————————-


1.0 Introduction

It is important for a company to use community management strategies to build authentic relationships among external audience such as funs and followers. A community provides people with a feeling of belonging and network of people online based on sharing same interest and characteristics. According to Alberto, Benjiamin (2017), community management is defined as how a brand using variety type of interaction online to interact target audience to create a network in which they can connect, share and grow.Digital portfolio代写 Healthy Consumers Queensland (HCQ) needs community management to reach target audiences and increase the number of people registering on network.

According to Schlinke & Crain (2013), the aim of social media is to build relationships with the target audience and inspire loyalty, and should only be designed as a part of a broader integrated marketing communications program. Digital portfolio代写 From the demographic data (Graph 1) of HCQ target market, HCQ is particular looking to increase membership among special groups which including culturally or linguistically diverse people, Aboriginal or Torres Strait island people, people living outside metropolitan areas, people under 30 years old, males, and staff in health services.

The following consumer insight is uncovered: healthy care is essential need of people in a nation, and the culturally and linguistically diverse people are easier to ignore healthcare system in society. Digital portfolio代写 Essentially this insight relays the importance of social media to target audience, as this is where to educate audience the important to register in health system by using customer representatives and teach them how to apply it.

Graph 1: Network demographics




2.0 Social Media Strategy

Nowadays, social media has become one of the best possibilities available tools to an item to connect with potential customers. Community social networking is the method to interact socially, which is a new mantra for several manufactures. Digital portfolio代写 According to Vries, Gensler & Leeglang (2012), using social media is a specific way that developing relationships between brand and customers. For example, positioning the brand post on top of the brand fan page improving post popularity of a brand. The use of social media establishes a deeper connection between brand and customers.

2.1 Target audience

The target audience is spilt HCQ into 2 groups: staff in health services, and health consumers. Digital portfolio代写 The graph 1 mentioned in section 1 states that HCQ is particular looking to increase membership among special groups, which including culturally or linguistically diverse people, Aboriginal or Torres Strait island people, people living outside metropolitan areas, people under 30 years old, males, and staff in health services.

The target audience of HCQ would be young male who is diverse people from culturally or linguistically. It is necessary for target audience to join in healthy system and HCQ network to improving healthy condition. Digital portfolio代写 HCQ will use Queensland-wide health consumer network, tailored training and skills development programs, and maximizing opportunities for consumer representation at all levels of the health system (Health Consumers Queensland, 2019).

2.2 Recommend platform

There are lots of social media platforms that HCQ could use to improve the brand reach on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 85% of small and medium corporations use twitter to provide customer service. Facebook is the largest social media in a world, which has 2.23 billion of Monthly Active Users, Instagarm has 1 billion of MAU, which posited at sixth largest social media in a word (Lua, 2019).Digital portfolio代写 Moreover, according to Omnicore (2019), the number of daily active user of twitter is 139 millions, the total number of monthly active twitter user is 330 million.

There are 80% of twitter users post tweets on mobiles. Therefore, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would be good platforms for HCQ to deliver campaign. The good upload of the frequency in social media platform could increase the awareness, engagement, shares and traffic of social media campaign.Digital portfolio代写 There is a 50% reduction of engagement and sharing rate of each post if a corporation posts more than 2 posts per day. It is a good idea that does not exceed 2 posts a day for a corporate (Rosenthal & Mckeown, 2011).


3.0 Aim and objectives

The aim of HCQ is increasing registration rate of their target audience by the achievement of individual goals in 4 weeks.

  • Increasing Facebook and Instagram like in 15%
  • Increasing sharing rate in Facebook in 10%
  • Increasing 500 of followers in Instragram and twitter


4.0 Content Pillars

Three of content pillars should be analyzed in relation to the customer insight in order to increase the interest and engagement rate of target audience.

4.1 Community

Firstly, community will be a content pillars for increase engagement and registration rate of target audience. HCQ is aim to achieved customer- centered health care of all Queensland, which target at all Queensland customer and staff in healthy system. According to the network demographic which has been showed at section 1, HCQ is particularly looking to increase membership among specific groups, including culture or linguistically diverse people, aboriginal or Torres Strait islander people, people who live outside metropolitan areas, people who under 30 years and staff in health services. Digital portfolio代写 The content pillar of community satisfies the need of target audience.

The specific groups need to be in the healthy care community for improving their health condition. Indigenous Australians experience poorer health condition and they dying at much younger age than other Australians. According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2015), indigenous Australians were 2.1 times more than non-Indigenous Australian to report their health as poor or fair.Digital portfolio代写 Australian aboriginals are more likely feel they are outside the Australian society and community.

Therefore, it is important to develop the content pillar of social media campaign for increasing registration rate to show a community group that have connections from aboriginals to other special groups.

4.2 Simple and understandable

The particular audiences that HCQ want to target are suffering with low income level. According to ABS (2018), the median income of the age group 25-34 is $596 per week, which is lower than non- aboriginal Australian. The median age of 22 years old earn negative income. Digital portfolio代写 Moreover, in 2014-15, an estimated 36% of residents aged 15 and over are ranked 20% of the total weekly household income in the equivalent, compared to non-indigenous people of the same age group (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2017).

The registration fee is a big problem for target audience, and the social media campaign of HCQ should state clearly and obviously for the free registration. The HCQ is a non-profit organization and registered charity that works towards improving healthy outcomes for Queenslanders.Digital portfolio代写 The registration rate of target audience will be increased by free registration to improve their healthy condition and get supported by HCQ healthy system.

4.3 Simple and understandable content

According to Korff (2019), 59% of Aboriginal students who completed Year 12 in 2014, while there are 85% of non-Aboriginal people who completed year 12. As the education level of target audience is not very high, the simple message should be delivered in social media platforms.Digital portfolio代写 The post in social media platform could be designed in variety that including pictures, words and videos to engage target audience. In order to make sure that audience can understand the social media campaigns, it is better to use simple English or even own languages of Aboriginals.

The correct message and organization value would be delivered if the using right language and simple words. It is not a good idea to use the culture of non- Aboriginal Australian to design the social media campaigns, as the target audiences are culturally or linguistically diverse people.Digital portfolio代写 Delivering social media campaign by using culture and languages of target audiences could increase the engagement, sharing, and like of campaign and also increase the registration rate of HCQ.

5.0 Campaign Calendar

The frequency and deliver time of campaigns in social media platform is important for goals achievement. Good post Timing depends on different platforms.Digital portfolio代写 For example, according to Kolowich (2019), social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, see better perform at hours like 6 PM, while Pinterest sees certain posts perform well as late at 2 AM.

However, the best times to post on social media are different with every social media platforms and what type of audiences corporations want to engage within. Facebook and Twitter both show high engagement rate at 9:00 AM, whereas one of the best times to post on Instagram is 5:00 PM. The campaign calendar of HCQ will be shown as graph 2

Graph2: Campaign Calendar




6.0 Content Creation.

The community of content pillar is going to developed though different social media platforms.


The simple and straight expression should be delivered in Facebook to target audiences, the target audience is young male who might diverse from other Australian. Digital portfolio代写 The language and grammar should be easy to read and understand in Facebook. Emojis and hashtag is necessary to be used. The website link of register in HCQ would be showed at the end.



It is a good idea to edit filter of Instagram pictures to make it looks better. The emoji and hashtag influence awareness, engagement, like significantly.Digital portfolio代写 Using emoji and hashtag properly is a key way to achieved organization objective. The content pillar of community value of HCQ would be addressed in the post.




Twitter is different from any other social network, brands tend to boast their most robust following is necessary on Twitter.Digital portfolio代写 FOMO is a common fear amongst twitter users. So rather than simply share each blog article at face Value, it is important to put a unique spin on it that appeals to the FOMO audience by focusing more on the psychology and behavior of Twitter users.



 7.0 Personal Website




 8.0 Reference

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