Patient Centeredness



Patient Centeredness

Patient Centeredness代写 The tenet of healthcare and compassion is what the whole nursing and healthcare profession is founded.


Care and Compassion

Patient Centeredness代写
Patient Centeredness代写

The tenet of healthcare and compassion is what the whole nursing and healthcare profession is founded. The nurses and physicians have to take care of patients and give them hope for a better healthy life. It is because of care and compassion we reduce operative pains of the patients, boost survival chances of terminally ill patients, and do whatever is within our capacity and knowledge to make the life of the patient longer and better (Jeffrey, 2016). It is important not to confuse care and compassion with pity of commiseration. Compassion is an engagement accompanied with action at the level of improving the performance of the health system and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Taking care of a patient while showing them compassion is a step to the healing process.  Patient Centeredness代写

It is, therefore, a bioethical duty of medical practitioner to show care and compassion to their patient. Armed with this tenet, a doctor can ensure no negligence on his/her part that can endanger the life of the patient. Being compassionate also means you will be committed to ensuring the recovery of the patient. Another importance of care and commitment is that when faced with a bioethical dilemma, a doctor or a nurse can feel for the patient and act for the best of him/her.

Following is a narration of an interview between the client who received the best care from the ambulatory care pharmacist.  Patient Centeredness代写

The patient was satisfied, and his health stabilized because of the care and compassion gave by her ambulatory care pharmacist. The patient was given proper mediation which eased her diabetes level and later put in close monitoring.  This is an instance where a medical practitioner has a responsibility in ensuring the client receives the best medication possible because you care about their health. Assuming that she failed to get good care because the pharmacist lack compassion to do that, the patient health would have deteriorated and may the worse could have happened.

References  Patient Centeredness代写

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Patient Centeredness代写
Patient Centeredness代写