Final Exam Details & FAQs

BFF5250 Corporate Treasury Management

企业资金管理final代考 Weight Assigned: 50%, with hurdle requirement of 45%.

Duration: 2 Hours and 40 minutes (including reading, upload, and download time).

Weight Assigned: 50%, with hurdle requirement of 45%.

Duration: 2 Hours and 40 minutes (including reading, upload, and download time). To be fair to those how submit their exams on time: late submissions will be heavily panelised (1 point per minute) g-and-Feedback-Procedure.pdf

Access: BFF5250 Moodle site. Under the Exam tab there will be a link to the exam

Exam Type: Open-book. Material on Moodle is hidden a day before the exam A formula sheet can be found at the end of this document.

During Exam Communication Please contact the CE: Dr. Idan Hodor: phone: +61-3-99034581

Zoom Link Consultation:

Technical Issues: You will be required to download the exam questions from Moodle and then upload your responses back into Moodle via a submission link. If during the exam you require clarity with a question please contact the Chief Examiner, via email or phone, as mentioned above.

If you experience a technical system issue please contact +61 3 9903 2777

1 Exam format 企业资金管理final代考

The exam consists of 6 questions, where each question is comprised of sub-questions. Some of the questions requires short answers, and some questions require calculations. The material covers week 1-12.

1.1 Acceptable format

• Upon the commencement of the final exam, you can download the word document that comprises the exam questions. You are required to answer the questions in the word document and submit the word document within the allocated time through Moodle final exam portal. Please do not email your exam document to the teaching staff.

• You will need to type your answers or insert a picture of your answer in the corresponding space for each question. Please clearly identify the question or subquestion numbers together with your answer.

o You can directly type your answers in the word document.

o You can also write your answers by hand on blank paper for the questions and take high-quality pictures/scans and insert them in the corresponding space for each question.

o It is the prerogative of each student to decide how they will answer each question and submit the assessment in the most efficient way.

• It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the exam submitted for grading is in a readable format. 企业资金管理final代考

o DO NOT use your stylus or smart-pen to directly write in the word document. If you prefer to write the answer on an iPad/tablet, you need to take screenshots and insert the pictures in the corresponding space.

o You can use pen or pencil to write your answers on papers. However, be very sure that your photos of the answers allow us to clearly see what you have written.

o If we are not able to properly see your intended answer because of low quality picture, or because it is scrambled, or because of using a smartpen in the document, you may get a zero mark.

o Excel spreadsheet screen shots and calculations are NOT be accepted

• It is your (student’s) responsibility to label every page with which question and sub question you answer.

1.2 Sample Questions and Formula Sheet

A set of sample exam questions will be provided on Moodle. Formula sheet is in the end of this document.

You should keep in mind that the sample questions only help you get familiar with the format of the exam and provide extra exercise before the exam. The formula sheet is a generic corporate finance formula sheet which could be used in many different subjects. That is, there may be formulae required in the exam that are not on the sheet, and there may be formulae on the sheet that are not required for the exam.

2 Materials examinable 企业资金管理final代考

All materials covered in lectures of Week 1 through 12 and prescribed readings are potentially examinable, including lecture materials, review questions and quizzes, and the textbook. The difficulty level is similar to review questions, post-lecture quizzes, past exam questions shown in class. In your preparation, I suggest you focus on:

1. Lecture notes.

2. Review questions, post-lecture quizzes and example questions covered in class.

3. Refer to the recorded video lectures if you find a subject difficult.

4. Refer to the textbook, pre-lecture quizzes, and associated readings.

5. Other materials.

Practice questions will be provided in Moodle.

3 Advice 企业资金管理final代考

• Attempt all questions

• Write clearly and keep the working steps. You may lose points if you deliver only your final answer. I strongly advise to show your working. For example:

• Write down the formula. It informs that you understand the question and use the correct technique to solve the problem.

• Show your correct calculations and workings

• Provide your final answer

• Include any required explanation for the given task/problem

4 Others

4.1 Hurdle Requirement 企业资金管理final代考

• There is a hurdle requirement for this unit. You must attain a mark of at least 45% in the final exam to pass the unit.

4.2 Communication before and during the exam

• During the exam: I can be reached at or via phone at +61-3-99034581

• Before the exam: There are 2 scheduled consultations times, if that does not work, you can send me an email and setup a different time.

4.3 FAQ

• If I show no working but I get the answer correct, will I be penalized? Yes. You need to show your work to get full credit.

• There are no consequential penalty: You can receive full mark for correctly working out the follow up questions.

• What if I am very sick on the day of the exam? You should apply for special consideration ASAP.

5 Formula sheet FORMULA SHEET 企业资金管理final代考

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