management accounting for decision making

会计管理代写 Please refer to the QMplus module page to view course content and material to assist you with the assignment. You should also…



Guidance Notes:

Please refer to the QMplus module page to view course content and material to assist you with the assignment. You should also contact the module convenor for additional guidance and support.

Assignment Submission Guidance 会计管理代写

Please read the information below carefully before you submit your assignment. Additional information on coursework submissions is available in the Undergraduate Student Handbook 2020/21.


 You should ensure that your submission is in either Microsoft Word, PDF or Excel where specifically instructed by your tutor e.g. accounting modules.

 Failure to submit in either one of these formats will result in a mark of 0 being awarded for the particular assessment. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the file format is correct and it can be opened by the receiving party.

Document Upload 会计管理代写

 You should ensure that the correct piece of assignment is uploaded as the document downloaded on the due date by the module organiser will be marked regardless of content. You will not have another opportunity to submit the work again if you have mistakenly uploaded the wrong document.


 If you are a student with specific learning difficulties (SpLD), it is your responsibility to attach the SpLD cover sheet.

Late Penalty

 Coursework submitted late (and there is no approved extenuating circumstances application) will incur a late penalty. For every period of 24 hours, or part thereof, that an assignment is late there shall be a deduction of five marks. After seven days, including weekends. And bank holidays (168 hours or more late) the mark shall be reduced to zero, and recorded as 0FL (zero, fail, late).

Word Limit 会计管理代写

 Each module has word limits for coursework assignments, however the decision about whether to impose a penalty mark for exceeding the word limit is made by each module organiser. You must check the module outline and the assignment briefing documents to see whether the particular module organiser has adopted a penalty system. It is your responsibility to read the handbook and assignment briefing carefully. If no penalty is specified then the module organiser will take into account the word length under the standard marking conventions. For example, if you have exceeded the word limit then it might be that you have not been sufficiently succinct. Or focused in your assignment and therefore might be penalised for these weaknesses. Please note that word limits do NOT include references or appendices. However if excessive material is included on appendices then this too will be judged accordingly and you may be awarded a lower mark.

Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity simply means that you act honestly when you submit a piece of work for marking. And avoid committing any form of assessment offence. By acting honestly we expect that you avoid cheating. Or plagiarising and maintain high academic standards. Students found to have plagiarised or committed an assessment offence of any nature will be penalised. And penalties can range from failing the module to failing the entire programme of study and exiting without any award.

The University uses Turnitin which is a plagiarism detection service tool where you can upload your work which helps you to reference your work correctly when you write an essay, report or case study for example. Turnitin will compare the work you submit with stored resources (e.g. from both contemporary. And previous submissions, reference texts / periodicals / books and the internet).

For each piece of work submitted Turnitin provides two things: 会计管理代写

  1. A similarity index, which indicates the percentage of the submitted paper that Turnitin has identified as matching other sources.
  1. An originality report, which shows each of these matches in more detail, including the source(s) that Turnitin has found.

Guidance on interpreting the similarity index. And originality report can be found in the SBM UG and PG Information zones on QMplus.

You are strongly encouraged to do the following for each piece of work you submit:

  1. Take academic Integrity seriously.
  2. Upload your work onto Turnitin well in advance of the submission deadline so that you:

a.have enough time for the system to turnaround your work (the first and the next 3 uploads will typically take 1 hr each to process)

b.have enough time to respond to any issues identified in the originality report

c.Return to your assignment drop box before the submission deadline to make sure you have not left your work in “draft” form.

Only after you have made the draft submission. And addressed issues identified in the originality report you should make the final submission. Please note that you will no longer be able to make draft submissions or make changes after the submission deadline.

Your module organiser will check the similarity index for all the submissions after the deadline. And any submissions with a high similarity index will be sent to the Academic Offences Officer for further investigation which will delay your work being marked.