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Question 1

Although the company may have robust communication equipment and plan, the fact that there are hitches in the communication means the laid down communication strategy is not working effectively. As such, the company needs to analyze the whole communication plan and see whether there are missing links. In my opinion, there are a few grey areas that the company need to look at in details.

In this regard, the company management should be looking beyond communication planning to communication management and monitoring.  Essay Questions代写

According to the manager’s description, they have a well-laid communication plan but did not mention about management and monitoring. Therefore, the company needs to establish a problem in the communication system. Establishing a problem requires collection and analysis of data that led to the occurrence of the problem. Besides, the company management needs to have close monitoring of the communication process to ensures the message delivery and received by the right team.

The management should go further to establish whether the message is understood. For instance, during telecommunication or teleconferencing, it is essential to have communication. Where each of the critical details of the communication is confirmed whether they were understood as intended. Establishing message delivery and interpretation will determine the response. These are essential steps which might be missing in project communication.

Besides, there are other factors that determine effective communication.  Essay Questions代写

International companies are affected by cross-cultural communication challenges. It is evident that the teams are from different backgrounds and hence lack common culture which is a significant challenge to communication. Cross-culture communications affect effective communication in various ways including different communication styles. A different attitude towards communication conflicts, and different approaches to completing the project. Also, differences in decision making and attitude towards disclosure affect effectiveness and efficiency in communication. Therefore, management should establish ways to manage teams for cross-cultural communication.

Question 2  Essay Questions代写

All projects have risks. It is the work of project managers to identify these risks and device mitigation and response when they occur. Risks can be harmful or beneficial to the projects but worth knowing likelihood of their occurrence to prepare ahead. If potential risks of projects are ignored, they put the project at a high risk of collapsing. When a problem occurs during the progress of a project, it may make the company lose money or cause delays in delivery. In essence, the unidentified risk is more harmful than known risk.

In this context  Essay Questions代写

Essay Questions代写
Essay Questions代写

The purpose of risk identification is not determining whether the project is worth pursuing. But identify potential problems before they occur and that management can prepare to face them if they occur during the project progress. It should be a common and fundamental practice to any project managers as it helps in making the project deliverable with the time limits and budget. Therefore, it is a continuous process that is a proactive and forward-looking activity of the management team.

Fundamentally, risk identification focus on the areas or issues that are likely to affect the achievement of the project’s critical goals. Risk management and assessment throughout the project process allow the opportunity for the team leaders to identify the issues as they occur. Evaluate and monitor them for any deviation from the primary goals of the project and respond appropriately. Thus, the management can come up with dynamic and effective mitigation plans to lower the risk, or eliminate it or avoid it if foreseeable.

Question 3  Essay Questions代写

There are various contracts types available to the company. The mostly used procurement contracts include fixed price, cost reimbursable and time and material contracts. Each of these contracts has varied risks and benefits to the seller and buyer. The decision to prefer one type of contract over the other depends on the management objective and the type of procurement as well as the cost. Therefore, procurement management has to choose wisely to avoid risks associated with any of them.

In this context  Essay Questions代写

The finance department has identified the risks associated with a cost overrun of the vendor contracts where vendors have the liberty to quote prices for the contract. Although competitive, the procurement process can be expensive, and the company may not get value for money. Regarding this, a firm fixed contract is the best option according to Joe considering the financial implication. In this type of contract, the seller bears the most risks of the contract.

The advantage for a firm fixed price is predictability of the scenarios thus offering the stability of the contract. Therefore, the buyer becomes certain that increase in prices of goods and services will not affect his budget. And the seller is also certain that the loss of value of goods and services will not affect the income. In this perspective, the buyer can predict the total cost of service as the final cost is shifted to the seller.

However, cost reimbursable and time and material contracts are risks to the company.  Essay Questions代写

In reimbursable cost contract, the seller reimbursed the actual cost of the entire contract and additional fees as the profit for services delivered. The major disadvantage of this type of contract is that the cost is uncertain at the start of the project and during signing the contract. Hence, the company is unable to decide on the total cost of the project. Time and material contract, on the other hand, depends on the cost of the materials and time taken to complete the contract. It is the riskiest contract to the buyer as prices of materials can change over time and seller can slow on performance and delivery to gain more. Therefore, both types of contacts, although sometimes used depending on the type of project are not preferred because of risks.

Question 4  Essay Questions代写

The company can use any of the two software development frameworks but under some considerations. Waterfall SDLC is a fixed framework on which various software can be developed with few adjustments to its application. The advantage of a fixed framework is that it has been used and tested with the company culture. Therefore, it is easy to plan, structure and organize the project. The framework also ensures that not frequent changes and risks are identified early enough for fast delivery and certainty in costs and time. However, the method does not apply the sprint process that allows innovation and shifts in strategies in software development and does not involve the buyer.

On the other hand  Essay Questions代写

Scrum methodology agile and allows the teams to adjust development process in response to the circumstances as they arise. Scrum framework has been tested to be applicable in software development processes due to its agility and room for the team to innovate. Although lacking certainty on some aspects like risk identification and documentation that are significant in project management. Scrum allows for control and quick shift to tasks which results in superior products. Regardless, due to the uncertainty of project situations, it is difficult to estimate project costs and time. Notably, as the development process depends entirely on the team, if the team fails to be committed, the project may fail.

Therefore, considering the two options, the company need to look at the trade-off that needs to be made. If the project timeline and costs estimation, documentation, and risks identification are not necessary. Then the company can choose the Scrum framework as the most appropriate. But if they are essential to the project, then the most suitable is the waterfall SDLC.

Question 5  Essay Questions代写

Essay Questions代写
Essay Questions代写

There are various causes of project failure. Personnel efforts may not be one of them as project success, or failure is majorly dependent on project management approaches and practices. The low success rate in OmniCorp can be as a result of failure to define the project scope. Failing to identify the risks and manage them, and poor project management practices. Besides, some project fails because the management may lack expertise and experience. In this context, the company can respond by evaluating the project management practices used and apply necessary adjustments for future projects.


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