Letter代写 Attorney Chong is looking forward to seeing the matter resolved. This letter is a response to the inquiry you made regarding your injury case.

Attorney Chong


9th October 2019

Client’s Address

Dear Hastings

Thank  Letter代写

We are taking this opportunity to thank you for choosing Attorney Chong for your legal needs. Attorney Chong is looking forward to seeing the matter resolved. This letter is a response to the inquiry you made regarding your injury case. As you described in your letter, you slipped and fell on the premises of the Deering Woods Condominium Association. According to you, the association is liable to you as a member of the association. Most personal injury cases, regardless if before the federal or state court, are based on the doctrine of negligence. Letter代写**格式

Condominium Association is responsible for the maintenance of common elements. Because your case is a common element of the association is liable to compensate for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering inflicted by the incident. First forward, we would like to make you understand the applicable law. And how we concluded that you are likely to get successful lawsuit to recover the compensation for the injuries sustained.

Rule tenants  Letter代写

In general, rule tenants or those in control of residential and commercial premises are responsible. Then their negligence causes injury to the occupants or anyone lawfully on the property. The common types of personal injury cases involving common elements of the association mostly include the recreation areas like pools, courts, walkways, stairs and parking areas. Some of these areas can be neglected or run down in ways to result in danger to the users or occupants.


Incident  Letter代写

You said that the incident occurred while in Deering Woods in which you are the occupant and a member of the residential association. The premises management is tasked with the maintenance of the property and tenants pay monthly fees above the standard rent towards the same. While you were going about your daily routine, you slipped and fell resulting in injuries. The accident caused severe knee and head injuries and sustained a broken arm and lib. Your doctor recommended one-month bed rest after two weeks inpatient care in critical condition. It amounted to six weeks off work without wages because your terms of employment do not allow payment for the days not worked. You need the association to be held liable for your loss.

Prove  Letter代写

To make claims against the Condominium Association, you need to prove that your injuries resulted from negligent conditions on or in the elements and that the association, by its roles and responsibilities or any other agreement set forth before occupancy, assume maintenance of the area. The law of tort and negligence concepts of notice does not apply to these cases since the association is liable by the breach of contract or voluntary undertaking.

Defense theories  Letter代写

However, the association may defend itself against liability to personal injury by relying on the few common defense theories. In your case, the defendant may argue that you did not use care and you partially or wholly responsible for your injury. Also, Deering Woods may claim that you “assumed the risk” by voluntarily made dangerous moves or wears that were harmful. In any of the claims, it depends on your defense.


Based on the facts of your case and the applicable laws, there is a possibilityassume maintenanced of getting a remedy. Deering Woods Condominium Association is responsible for ensuring all the home occupants. And authorized visitors are protected from any harm resulting from the common elements. The slippery floor and wrongly positioned stairs inflicted injury to you. It was the duty of the association to take precaution of likely danger to the occupants. Letter代写**格式

We hope this information gives better insight into your case and looks forward to discussing further details to see you compensated. Feel free to contact us in case of any clarifications or questions.


Yours truly

Attorney Chong



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