Advocacy Speech

Advocacy Speech代写 It is, therefore, my appeal to you consider to help us attain our strategic goals for the betterment of our society.

I express my sincere acknowledgement for inviting me to this year annual budgetary hearing.

It is also my pleasure to present to you on behalf of Naperville Boys & Girls Club on the issue of budgetary allocation support to run its affairs. The future of this world depends on how we stand by our young people. The world today has the largest population of young people than ever known (Ghana News Agency). The study also point out that one in every four people alive today is a young person. And therefore, the older generation has a responsibility to make sure we live this world a better place than found. Hence, we need to support our boys and girl the best way we can and make them realise. This will not for ourselves but our children’s future. Advocacy Speech代写**范文

Advocacy Speech代写
Advocacy Speech代写

In this regard Advocacy Speech代写

It is of great significance to grow a culture of bringing our children together and help them grow into better people who will be dependable in future. Our city has children who lack the privilege of having a family to mould them to better citizens. In our communities, we have children in need of a family and love. They are all our responsibility in making sure they find a place to call home. Children to play with and somewhere to call home (Vakil). These children need support to stand out in adulthood.Advocacy Speech代写**范文

We also have a responsibility in making sure every child get access and do better in school by having programs that motivate them to be ambitious and more focused. Moreover, it is our responsibility to make sure every child in Chicago access to basic needs in life through support systems created by clubs and other voluntary organisations. We can only achieve this by joining our hands together and make them a helping hand to these children.

Naperville Boys & Girls Club is a place in us to show that we have a responsibility to bring our boys and girls together and make them view the world in a better and wider perspective.

Our club is a home away from, where young girls and boys feel the love for one another, grow socially. And are able to identify their niche in life (PR Newswire). Our mission is an open door for every boy and a girl in Chicago or any other part of America to join us and grow with us. We are committed in the empowerment of all the young people regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion. And social-economic background, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens (“Naperville Club”). In so doing, the club has supported thousands of young people who have grown to better adulthood.

Therefore Advocacy Speech代写

As I stand here today, I have realised a great deal in supporting the work of Naperville Boys & Girls Club and other non-governmental organisation. First, the clubs have contributed immeasurably in developing the leadership of tomorrow. As such, you don’t have to go far to look for teachers, doctors, business owners and other countless important people in our lives. The club has mentored large number young people who are now our alumni and majority are in the trajectory of success. These talents go back to our community and help us grow. Secondly, our club is growing, and its footprints are evident for the progress we have made. The impact we have made in the Chicago community has led for more to join us, and this requires us to evolve.Advocacy Speech代写**范文

We also hold events where young people come together, share, enjoy. These events are important in creating integration networking in our community. These and other ambitious activities need financial support to the club remains sustainable and continue to serve our boys and girls.  It is, therefore, my appeal to you consider to help us attain our strategic goals for the betterment of our society.  To sum up, I thank you all for your time and in particular extend my gratitude to the city council budget committee for allowing this presentation. Thank you.

Advocacy Speech代写
Advocacy Speech代写

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