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Admission Essay代写 Business and finance are my career choices. And the passion has prompted me to advance my knowledge and skills.

Business and finance are my career choices

And the passion has prompted me to advance my knowledge and skills. The corporate world has grown tremendously over the years, and so are the financial risks associated with it. Consequently, the Information Technology has also an advanced variant to the demands of integrated financial information management systems. My unquenched passion for accounting and finance has motivated and made me a suitable candidate to pursue a Master in Corporate Financial Risk Management at the University of Sussex.Admission Essay代写**范文

Experience Admission Essay代写


In my studies, I was passionately inclined to study business accounts, computer science, and insurance. These have laid a foundation on which I plan to pursue my master in risk management at the University of Sussex. I am convinced that the expertise I need in this field match to your well reputed international and multicultural university. Raised in Saudi Arabia, I also feel the need to explore and learn in a culturally diverse environment that you offer.Admission Essay代写**范文

This will help me grow socially as all rounded professional as well as build networks. I heartily believe that my background in quantitative skills and programming perfectly suit your required criterion for admission in this master program. As I intend to uphold your mantra of excellence by being the face of quality services in the corporate world.

Furthermore Admission Essay代写

My past experience in my career both as an accountant and auditor has prepared me psychologically to take off on this path. Currently, I am working as a Loan Accountant in the credit department. Ioan disbursement unit and audit analyst in the internal audit section at Saudi Industrial Development Fund. This position has exposed me to various financial risks facing the corporate world. Previously, I have worked as a senior internal auditor in the department of internal audit at the Saudi Export Development Authority.Admission Essay代写**范文

Previous to these experiences, I have served as Insurance Researcher in the committee of reconciliation of insurance dispute at Saudi Arabia Monetary.  These and other previous responsibilities have prepared me to be a forward-looking professional ready to learn that why i am applying for an opportunity to further my knowledge and skills in financial risk management.  This will not only help me stand out as qualified professional but also give me confidence and proficiency that is I need in my career.

Admission Essay代写
Admission Essay代写

Academic Admission Essay代写

If admitted, I will be able to unleash my potential fully. 

When I couple my hard-working nature with field experience gained over the years, I will be propelled to excel academically. Additionally, studying computer science, accounting, and insurance has laid a strong mathematical background, programming skills, analysis, and risk assessment skills. I have also gone a notch higher to learn SPSS and MATLAB which are widely used analytical software in the financial analysis and management.Admission Essay代写**范文

I have also well acquainted with various financial modules in which I was able to learn concepts of valuation. That notwithstanding, I need a positive attitude and open mind which will enhance my learning and be a capable student.

Looking forward Admission Essay代写

I am convinced that this is the best decision I have made to pursue a master in financial management at the University of Sussex. I aim to reach the pinnacle of my career. Upon attaining my masters. I focus to join various bodies and programs that work on risk management which offer a platform to learn more about first-hand real-world challenges in financial management.Admission Essay代写**范文

Furthermore, I look forward to joining the world of academia in developing dynamic solutions that are up to the trends in financial risk management. In the corporate world, within the next 2-6 years. I see myself being at the senior management levels of risk management. In essence, I want to be a revolutionary leader and be able to impart my vast experience in mentoring other leaders.

Lastly Admission Essay代写

Holding my vast experience and academic qualification and more to these having integrity. I am prepared to join the University of Sussex. I look forward to this tremendous but challenging opportunity.Admission Essay代写**范文

Admission Essay代写
Admission Essay代写

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