National Education Association (NEA)

National Education Association 代写 The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest union and most powerful in the world.

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The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest union and most powerful in the world. A century before it was formed education was mostly informal. Although there were state associations, they only existed in 15 states of the 31. However, there was no national organization which could serve a single voice of the teachers in America. During this period, teachers were paid poorly, and the education system was also weak. It was until in 1857 when 43 educators in Philadelphia came together and united to form the National Education Association. They sent out calls to all states asking educators to unite.

Unfortunately, then the new union of teachers was restricted to men and teachers from public schools. Later in 1960 and after the civil war, the NEA merged with the predominantly Black American Teachers Association. Since then the association has remained active in the representation of educators and students in America. Today its membership has grown to nearly 3 million educators in all fields. National Education Association 代写

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The association voiced for the rights and privileges of educators and students regarding salaries and working conditions as well as improvement in education. The NEA success is attributed to the continuous reforms in the education system. Before the association was formed, education was meant for the white only while others especially blacks were considered as slaves. The association came up with reforms such as No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which revolutionized education in America.

They have also pushed for education funding making education accessible to all. Beside reforms, the NEA has programs aimed at outreach to communities and to ensure they prevent school dropouts. They also engage in research on how to reduce the achievement gap in education. The NEA push for law reforms on charter schools and ending of school vouchers. As such, the philosophy of NEA view public education as the gateway to opportunities and that every student has the right to public education family income or residence notwithstanding.

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National Education Association 代写
National Education Association 代写

The NEA has been criticized for putting the interest of educators first instead of needs of students. The association is considered to practice liberalism that is too conservative to oppose such reforms as merit pay, school vouchers, and other accountability reforms. In the eyes of the modern scrutiny of educators, NEA is criticized for dragging in the crackdown of offending teachers. It has also received much criticism on the issue of changing the perception of sexuality starting with the young generation.

The critics believe its aim to create a culture where homosexuality is allowed even to the young children. Like any other public or private association, NEA has been criticized for its political incorrectness. The critics believe it expresses conservativeness by influencing the mass to align to its political stand. Moreover, being a public organization, its leadership has also been criticized by the Pro-Lifers who claimed that their policies and practices support abortion. Instead, they cited that NEA being the largest union in the United States, its leadership should chastise social injustices and immoralities such as abortion.

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Although NEA claim to be non-partisan, it is believed to align with Democrats, and therefore they gain support from that political side. From an educator point of view, NEA is doing a great job in improving the affairs and interests of the teachers as well as those of students. Those who support NEA programs are ready to defend it. For instance, when some people were taking opposing sides in the issue of sensitizing on homosexuality to the young people, those who support NEA mandate like the court ruled that the right of a parent to the affairs of the child ends at the entrance of the school. Therefore, the judge stated that NEA must do what it deems right for the child and society.

Another issue that brought controversy is the punishment of teachers who abuse the students. The leadership defended its stance by stating that every child has a right to be protected from any form of abuse or harm. Similarly, the teacher also must be protected from malicious and false accusations.

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NEA has played critical roles in the establishment of the modern education system by making overhaul advocations and changes in infrastructure, curriculum, teachers, and students. They have ensured the adjustment of curriculum and the system to the news educational, environmental, technological, and social changes. National Education Association 代写

Through their efforts has ensured public education become accessible to all irrespective of race, location, or income. Moreover, the education achievement of students around America has improved owing to their efforts in closing the achievement gap. Generally, NEA has continued to bring positive changes that improve the level of education in the United States.