MECM 90002 Global Data Policy & Governance

Assignment 1

全球数据政策essay代写 Assignment 1 is an essay (2500 words) Please select one of the following three questions: 

Assignment 1 is an essay (2500 words)

Please select one of the following three questions: 全球数据政策essay代写

  1. Why is national digital policy necessary in a globalized digital sphere ?


  1. If you were a transnational policy maker, working for the United Nations: what would your key priorities be in regulating the globalized digital space ?


  1. What are the responsibilities of globalized content platforms  ?


The questions focus on slightly different areas: 全球数据政策essay代写

for those of you interested in conceptual questions regarding policy approaches, perhaps question 1 would of interest. For those of you interested in more pratical issues, question 2 would be good and those of you interested in the UN, question 2 could be relevant.


Whatever question you select, please follow this guideline:

  1. please go through lecture slides and readings as a start to think about potential angles for your essay.
  2. Each essay needs to start with an introduction (1 paragraph: where you address your issue in a very broad way and then narrow down to the specific topic you want to address).
  3. This introduction is followed by a first section where you identify the key issues related to your topic.
  4. You then narrow down to a specific aspect (around the topic you have selected) that is most important to you.
  5. Make your argument when you present and discuss this specific aspect by relating to the literature and/or policy documents provided in lectures and use the library’s site to identify specific literature that you might need for your line of argumentation or search for other policy documents.

The essay should be written in such a way that – after a brief introduction and a first opening paragraph addressing the key issue – you narrow down and provide an in-depth insight into a specific topic you want to address. 全球数据政策essay代写

Marking is based on depth of your argumentation, including conceptual arguments.

Marking is also based on how clearly you present your line of argumentation.

This document is also posted on our Canvas site.