Public Relations Roles and Responsibilities



Public Relations Roles and Responsibilities

公共关系代写 This paper seeks to explain how Yahoo will use the marketing, adverting and public relation as a turn around strategy ···


Yahoo Inc.


Yahoo has been on clutches for long before Verizon bought it two years ago. One of the reasons Yahoo business model failed is because of its poor public relations and its inability to utilize the available avenues which will have increased its visibility to the world (USA Today, 2013). Yahoo needs a strategy to go back on the truck. The company needs to invest much in its marketing strategies, advertising, and public relation. This paper seeks to explain how Yahoo will use the marketing, adverting and public relation as a turn around strategy and be profitable again.

Company Goals 公共关系代写

There are two main goals of that Yahoo under its new management is working to achieve. First, the management wants to create brand awareness. Second, the company wants to maintain the reputation in the market while creating new customers. The pertinent question to ask here is, how is the company going to achieve this? The company is required to run a thorough marketing, advertising, and public relation in order to achieve these two goals.


Marketing is a way of creating brand awareness, especially to prospective customers. There are various methods that Yahoo can use to market its products in the market. First, in the digital era, the emergence of internet marketing has gained popularity in the recent past. Digital marketing utilizes websites and social platforms like facebooks and WhatsApp. In utilizing online marketing, the company needs to invest in target marketing to gain traffic in its adverts.

Adverting 公共关系代写

Advertising is a form of marketing but is explicitly direct contact with the prospective customer using various platforms like the internet, radio, videos, posters, and television adverts. The strategy is important because it has direct contact with customers.

Public Relations

Public relation strategy is one of the challengings of the three strategies. Yahoo needs to invest in media relations, community relations, government relations, media productions, customer relations and more.

Public Relation Functions in Yahoo

Public relations functions are categorized about whom the company engages and for what reason. In the case of Yahoo, the company wants to create awareness of its products and maintain its position in the market. As such, the company public relation seeks to make media representations, communicate crisis, develop contents, stakeholder relations, and management of social media.

Questions about the Objectives 公共关系代写

The Effectiveness of Public Relation Functions

Recently Yahoo has invested much in public relation to create awareness and maintain its reputation in the market. Stakeholder relation being one of the function create a good relationship between the company and the stakeholder both internal and external. This function is essential in creating customers awareness about the products and services that Yahoo is selling to the market. In stakeholder relations, the company also sought to maintain a good reputation in the to the stakeholders. During take over by Verizon, Yahoo first engaged some of its principal stakeholders about the decision (ABC, 2016).

Through public relation, the company was able to communicate the crisis or to defend itself against the crisis. For instance, Yahoo came out to defend itself from the allegation that there was a massive data breach of more than 500 million which happened in 2014. The issue emerged recently to the public. Another allegation is that it is collaborating with the US government to scan the client emails. Yahoo had to use it public relation experts to clear its name.

Yahoo continues engagement in creating and developing new contents which are of interest to it. A customer has seen its customers increase in the last one year. Recently, the company is planning to buy an online blogging platform Tumbur at an estimated cost of $1.1 billion (USA Today, 2013). The move is to develop its engagement with its stakeholders by creating contents relevant to them.


Strategies to for Improvement  

Although Yahoo is doing well recently their areas that it needs to improve so that it can create more awareness to the target customers and to maintain them. First, the company needs to invest more in its marketing adverting strategies. Little has been done to make yahoo company a household name. The company needs to put more efforts on internet marketing on the website and social media. There have not been significant online campaigns to make an impact. Second, it needs to invest in its media relationships. Recently the media has been turning its reputation by reporting propaganda about the data security breach in 2014 (Reuters, 2016). This kind of news lowers the goodwill it has in the market while its competitors take advantage of the circumstances to woo its customers away from its services.

Moreover, from the poor reputation yahoo has, it clear that it does not engage more in community relations. It is through such relations it gets to know what the community wants as well as know to respond accordingly. Additionally, the company needs to participate in community social responsibilities. Many companies are being heard making impacts through CSR, but Yahoo is not vocal enough. Through CSR it can establish a good rapport and relationships with the community.

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations 公共关系代写

The difference between the three is that public relation creates a good relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. The public relation message is directed to a wide audience. Unlike adverting and marketing, PR is not paid. The public relationship is used when there is a crisis in the company, or the organization is making a significant shift.

Marketing is a way of promoting the product or service in order to increase the profit. The function for marketing is twofold activities, in that it uses advertising to make sales and public relations to build relationships. Advertising, on the other hand, is a paid measure of persuasiveness through messages of appeals. It aims at persuading the buyers on the value of the product or service.

It is, therefore, a tool used by marketers to reach prospective customers. However, regardless of the differences, the three are related in concept, that is they are all design to create awareness of the product or services to the customers. They are also similar in that; their messages are formulated to suit a specific audience. For these reasons, they are used together to achieve the yahoo objectives of creating awareness and maintaining its reputation.

How the Roles Support Each Other 公共关系代写

Regardless of the differences, the three are interlinked. Public relation depends on what the marketing and advertisement are communicating to the outside world. On the other hand, marketing and advertising depend on the good relationships that the public relations have created in the market. In other words, good public relationships will make the efforts of adverting and marketing fruitful because the target customers will be receptive.

When there are poor marketing and advertising the public relations will not work, and as a result, the company will perform poorly — additionally, marketing use adverting to make sales and the public relation to building relationships. The marketing professionals determine the message used in adverting and by public relation representatives.

Overall, Yahoo has recently started to gain the market popularity, which has for long been dominated by its rival. However, the company is still way too far from the recovery of the significant blows it has suffered in the past decade. Therefore, intensive public relations, marketing, and advertising are required so that it can redeem its name and gain the grip in the market.

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