Public Display of Affection on Social Media leads to Rising Dissatisfaction among the Millennials


How public display of affection may actually be doing more harm than good. And in this blog I will be looking at ···

This week I will be discussing the impact of social media on our daily lives.

How public display of affection may actually be doing more harm than good. And in this blog I will be looking at public display of affection not just in the context of two people expressing their love for one another. But rather an individual expressing his or her love for everything that is going on in their lives and showcasing it on social media.

Social media has become deeply integrated in our daily lives. Not a second passes by where we can’t help but check our Facebook feed. Or see the number of likes we have received on our Instagram posts. Or check how many people have actually replied to our tweets. All of us have become so engrossed in these platforms that we do not have enough time for the people in our lives. Many of us do not even know what is going on in each other’s lives, except the things we see on social media. And let’s face it, it never really depicts the true picture or the entire picture of what is going on.

People like to post about the happy moments of their life and then glorifying it to an unbelievable extent. Not only that, they like to post about each and every thing they did during their day, from waking up, having breakfast, and working, to hanging out with friends, partying or just staying with their special someone.

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What many people fail to note is that perhaps there is someone in their friend list who might not be having a good time. Or who may be facing some difficult situation. When such people go over their timeline, and see the hyped out images and status being posted by other people in their friends list. Then unconsciously, a seed of dissatisfaction is born in their hearts. Which eventually grows to such an extent that they become unhappy with their live.

Social media, is in my opinion a double edged sword. Kids these days have more friends on social media, than they have in reality.  Which begs the question, is social media really helping them build relationships? How many of the people from their friend list will be there, when they need help? How many people’s lives have they actually touched? How have their ever made a difference to their life or somebody else’s life by being there?

There are many other questions that come to mind. However, it all boils down to how social media has made our younger generation unable to understand that it is actually destroying their lives instead of helping them. What these platforms do end up doing is that is creating more solitude among the people. While these are a great way to build a network and connect with people, along with learning new information.  It’s not a place where relationships can be built and values can be taught.

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I feel that all these posts are actually creating problems for the people.

Many of whom are actually unwilling to admit that these may be the cause. A lot of unrest is being caused by looking at other people. And realizing about all the things that one does not have instead of being thankful for all the things that they do have.

I think that social media has now become more of a marketing tool than an actual socializing and networking platforms. Ads are being focused through targeted efforts and the users are being exposed to all those things that they may feel will overcome the dissatisfaction presiding in their hearts. However, the only way that this can happen is when they stop letting the things being posted online, affect them.

While I do believe that social media has its own benefits. And information can be disseminated faster than other platforms, people need to ensure that. They do not allow that information to rule their lives or affect the way they feel. Otherwise, the dissatisfaction among people will only grow and that is something that needs to be avoided.

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