Public Law II

Coursework –

Guidance on summative

structure and referencing

公法论文代写 The Public Law II coursework briefing sheet, including details of how to submit your papers, will shortly be made available. In the meantime…

The Public Law II coursework briefing sheet, including details of how to submit your papers, will shortly be made available. In the meantime, however, in response to some questions, here is some information on the structure of the assessment and on referencing.

The Public Law II summative assessment takes the form of a coursework paper and a research trail. The combined mark accounts for 100% of the mark for the Public Law II module. 20% of this mark will be assessed on the basis of your research skills, demonstrated in both the research trail. And throughout the main part of the coursework paper.

You do not need to produce an additional bibliography. 公法论文代写

The coursework paper itself must not exceed 2,500 words in length and the research trail must not exceed 500 words.

To reference your work, you should use the ‘BPP University Referencing Guidance’ (‘BPP URG’.) You will find a copy of the BPP URG on the front page of the Law section of your library resources: Please read this document carefully. You will see that it requires in-text referencing and citation rather than Oscola style footnotes. If you need to reference a case or another source more than once. However, please note from this document that the reference can be considerably abbreviated the second time you use it.

You will have been introduced to this form of referencing, used for professional communications. Through your study of the Foundational Legal Skills (‘FLS’) module. As an example, you can see how this has been used in the writing of a research trail under ‘Consolidation’ in FLS Part 2, Workshop 8. (You can also find a basic template for a research trail in FLS Part 2, Workshop 2.)


Note that, for the purposes of this assessment, where the BPP URG method has been employed, the citations. And referencing details quoted within the text will not be included in the word count for the main coursework paper nor for the research trail. These referencing details must, however, only contain information about the reference. There should be no argument or explanation to supplement the main body of work included within the referencing details. With regard to the use of the BPP URG, please see below an extract from a previous submitted coursework. You will see that this extract contains references to both a case and a speech found online. So it gives an example of how to refer to both these types of sources in the main body of the text.

Example extract: 公法论文代写

“… The wording creates a constitutionally significant duty to interpret legislation to the extent that this is possible, recognised by Lord Hope, in R v A (Complainant’s Sexual History) [2001] UKHL 25, [2002] 1 AC 45, as “being unlike any previous rule of statutory interpretation”.

Extrajudicially, Lord Neuberger has referred to section 3 as “interpretation plus” or “construction on speed”. (Lord Neuberger, ‘The role of judges in human rights jurisprudence; a comparison of the Australian and UK experience’, Supreme Court, Text of speech on 8 August 2014),, accessed last 10 January 2021.)”

Note therefore that the word count for your coursework paper of 2500 words does not include the case citation in the first paragraph or the reference in brackets to Lord Neuberger’s speech in the second. Likewise, any references you make in the research trail do not count towards your 500-word limit for that part of the coursework.