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Analysis Essay代写 The essay “Anti-intellectualism” by Penrod reflect on the stereotypes and contempt directed to the intellectual kids as well as people.

“Anti-intellectualism” Analysis Essay代写

The essay “Anti-intellectualism” by Penrod reflect on the stereotypes and contempt directed to the intellectual kids as well as people. Holistically, the essay argues how intelligent people are perceived in society. The writer expounds on how intelligent people are referred to as nerds and not liked by many. Citing various posting and writings by individuals, he illustrates how society does not give the respect and the recognition they deserve.Analysis Essay代写**成品

In the article, he began by a vivid description of the celebrations for the victory of Mountain View High School football team for winning the Arizona State Championship. He compares the prolonged celebrations with ten minutes recognition of the three academic teams which was hardly given time for celebration but rather tacked in the sports assembly.

Penrod generally seems to agree that anti-intellectualism exists and continues to prove why it exists. Analysis Essay代写

He gave several grounds arguably for these tendencies of detesting intellectuals which included social stereotypes, public models, and monetary success. According to him, perhaps the most pronounced anti-intellectualism tendency is the social stereotypes which mostly start in high school.  He asserted that most intelligent people are not liked because of their academic performance in terms of good grades. Most are therefore labeled as anti-social and excluded from social activities.Analysis Essay代写**成品

Further, he portrays a society where celebrities regardless of their intellectual capacity are well recognized, celebrated, embraced, and accepted. As such, education becomes laughable in the midst of successful uneducated people and celebrities. Besides social stereotypes and public figures, Penrod states that the obsession with money and wealth has contributed to the trivialization of the intellectuals. He illustrated this with a celebrity millionaire who was a “C” or a school dropout. To him, this puts a question on the necessity and even legitimacy of intellectualism.

Analysis Essay代写
Analysis Essay代写

Regarding the argument put forth by Penrod. Analysis Essay代写

His citation and illustrations notwithstanding, it does not stand out as a proof that such anti-intellectualism exists. His argument is based on personal opinions which are not valid to represent the opinion of the whole society. The cases cited are mostly social postings which may be biased towards a certain person or group of people. Another proof which Penrod provided is the celebrations held in the school.Analysis Essay代写**成品

I tend to disagree as this is not enough proof that the event was premeditated or done with the intent to trivialize the intelligent academic teams or it was just a coincidence. In support of this argument, he could have cited scientifically proven scholarly works on the anti-intellectualism. Thus, I find it no convincing even a bit.

Furthermore, the above factors for anti-intellectualism may be inherent in every human being. Analysis Essay代写

Reason being the judgment on the view on intelligence is based on individual personalities. The love for money over mind is merely a cliché. In fact, being intelligent is a variable of how successful one can be hence, brain and mind are two sides of the same coin. In the agreement, any rational human being work to be successful and for legacy. The success of a man transcends into generations, and this is taken as a legacy attached to that being.Analysis Essay代写**成品

In light of this, therefore, the definition of success much depends on individual opinions and perspectives. As such, celebrities and other successful people that society celebrate are intelligent contrary to Penrod depiction. It takes an intelligent and smart person to amass such wealth and success. His assumption that successful people are not intelligent is wrong and uncalled for.

On the other hand, societal stereotype factor was not well presented with enough proof. Analysis Essay代写

Rather the writer relied on few events whose magnitude was not significant to generalize on the issue. Contrary to this argument there exist countless intelligent people who the society who attach much importance and admiration. In the modern world, the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Hawking, Akshay Venkatesh, Paul Allen, and more are intelligent people who are loved and celebrated by the whole world for their brilliance (Kuumar).Analysis Essay代写**成品

In the Bibliography online, there is a list of olden days intellectuals like Albert Einstein, Nichola Tesla, Martin Cooper. These people were intelligent since in their childhood, and they grew to be celebrated people in society. Moreover, the society gave them a chance to grow to what they became.

Generally, the argument on anti-intellectualism is not overly convincing. Analysis Essay代写

The writer was not able to provide enough proof in support of the argument. His arguments were more or less based on personal opinions which are prone to biasness and individual traits. More research for reference would have made it more convincing. Finally, the argument raised by the Penrod is not valid in the context of his proofs. More detailed analysis and argument on anti-intellectualism were needed.Analysis Essay代写**成品

I tend to believe that, some intelligent people are more reserved and mostly keep to themselves which does not mean they are excluded from the social activities in schools and peers. The anti-social tendencies of most intelligent should be viewed as their temperament rather than social seclusion. However, the personal opinion cannot form the basis of anti-intellectualism, in-depth research is needed to arriving at the conclusive view.

Analysis Essay代写
Analysis Essay代写

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