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Dog Sees God: Confession of a Teenage Blockhead

Theatre Review

Theatre Review代写 It was his closes friend.The boy began to question the existence of the afterlife perhaps hoping to one day meet his dog there.



CB’s dog died of rabies. It was his closes friend. The boy began to question the existence of the afterlife perhaps hoping to one day meet his dog there. His friends were not of any help to him, and they were burned out and could not offer him any coherent speculation. His sister had gone goth, his girlfriend was institutionalized, and other friends were too inebriated to provide him with solace. CB met a kid artist who was a target of school bullying forged friendship that pushed them to the world of experimenting their sexuality. The play is full of drug use, suicide, eating disorder, teen bullying, rebellion, and sexual disorientation that collide and careen to usher and end that is haunting and hopeful.

The first impression of the production  Theatre Review代写

I like the play for it has put the life of a teenager in perspective. I felt identified with dysfunctional teenage life. The play cleverly disguises the identity of each of the characters in the way that draws more focus on the myriads of teenage life issues without showing who is who. Although some fragments of the dialogue are funny, the emotional response is well portrayed by the harshness of self-discovery that teens undergo.  Theatre Review代写**范文

However, I found the play somehow shallow and ultimately offensive in the way it portrays teenagers and their life issues. Also, some audiences may find language such as “Holy fuckingshit !!!, You are a homo, Charlies Brown!!!” subversive in its slender premise and profundity in the shallow sensitivity with which it explores big questions. What bothers me most is how the play makes the statement about the danger of aggression and homophobia and, at the same time promoting the status quo that only the “strong” survive.

Significant of the play  Theatre Review代写

The play has a lot to teach me currently as young person and when I become a parent.  It explores more about depression, homosexuality, harassment, sex, child sex abuse, bulimia, as well as other unpleasant issues that affect the lives of teenagers. It creates awareness that such issues exist in life and are normal.

Theatre Review代写
Theatre Review代写

Having undergone a difficult teenage life as a social deviant, I found myself struggling with depression. I struggled to build my self-esteem in school by trying to get accepted by my peers.

I admired famous and charismatic people and always wished I could be like them. The failure to get attention and attraction made me feel less a person. Through the protagonist CB and his friend Beethoven, I can see it as a stage in life when young people struggle to know who they are and what they need to do with their life. The play is an eye-opener on how to handle teenagers by being empathic especially my children.

One element of drama by Aristotle  Theatre Review代写

Character is the main elements identified in the play. Aristotle said that a character is that which reveals moral purpose, showing what kind of things a man chooses or avoids. The protagonist is CB embody the problems that teenagers face in trying to find their place in life. Characters affected the plot and setting of the play to convey the intended theme to the audience. For instance, to portray the theme of sexuality, the play has a scene where CB meets Beethoven and further elaborate their sexual orientation by having them kiss in public.

Message  Theatre Review代写

The message behind the production of Dog Sees God is a sexual orientation. The main character, CB and Beethoven experienced discrimination due to their sexual characteristics. They found it difficult to be accepted in society. Therefore, the play was a way of sensitization of homosexuality issues among teenagers and the emotional battles they fight.

Theatre Review代写
Theatre Review代写

Work Cited

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. Directed by Bert V. Royal. Performance by CB, CB’s Sister, Van, Matt, Beethoven, Tricia York, Marcy, and Van’s Sister. SoHo Playhouse as part of FringeNYC, 2004.

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