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1.0 Introduction ————————————————————————– 3

2.0 Social media strategy ————————————————————— 3

2.1 Target audience and social media platform ———————————3

2.2 Aims and objective ————————————————————– 4

3.0 Content pillars ———————————————————————- 4

3.1 Health value——————————————————————-4

3.2 Authenticity ——————————————————————4

3.3Variety ————————————————————————4

4.0 Campaign calendar ——————————————————————5

5.0 Content Creation ———————————————————————- 5

6.0 Personal Website ———————————————————————– 8

7.0 References —————————————————————————— 9

8.0 Appendix ——————————————————————————- 10

1.0 Introduction

With over 700 million active user on Facebook and 450,000 new Twitter account added everyday, it is likely that the potential community numbers of a brand are already in social media. More than 62% of people in Australia are active Internet users, and people are more susceptible to Internet celebrities (ABS, 2009). AMB营销代写 Healthy Consumers Queensland is a non-profit organization that works toward improving healthcare outcomes for Queenslanders.

Community management strategies will be adopted by Healthy Consumers Queensland (HCQ) to rapidly increase the number of people registering on its network. Moreover, social media has changed the way it interacts with customers. AMB营销代写 It is no longer a one-way communication in traditional marketing work, but an interactive two-way communication on various platforms, which means that public advertising is not appropriate (Whiting & Deshpande, 2014).

The target audience of HCQ is spilt neatly into 2 groups:

staff of healthy services, and health consumer representatives. It is important for HCQ to address issues from the perspective of consumers by drawing consumer concerns and opinions. AMB营销代写 According the demographic of current audience (in appendix 1), HCQ need to increase the register of young male who live outside metropolitan area and culturally or linguistically diverse people. The insight of target audience is culturally diverse.

The social media campaign would be created and developed by target audience insights. AMB营销代写 This community management portfolio aims to consist of an overview of the role that social media may play in the relationship building of HCQ, which will consist of a social media strategy, content pillars, campaign calendar and content creation.

2.0 Social Media Strategy

2. 1 Target audience and Social media platform

About three-quarters of Internet users are a members of at least one social media network. According to Nastisin (2016), 49% of adult women visit social media sites several times a day, compared with only 34% of men. The fastest growing age on Twitter is 55 to 64 years old contributes an increase of 79% growth since 2012. AMB营销代写 The age group of 45-54 years is the fastest growing age on Facebook and Google+. 89% of the age group of 18-29 years adult using social media everyday, while just 43% of people who are 65 and older using social media platform everyday.

The demographic of target audience is important for identify which social media should to use and how the social media campaign could be designed. As the HCQ is going to increase the member of the people who are under 30 year old, it is necessary to develop creative campaign in social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.AMB营销代写 The presentation way of social network campaign is variety, and it can be words, pictures, and videos.

HCQ is a the peak health consumer organization representing the interest of Queensland health consumers, target audience would like to read and watch advertising online. However, video advertisement would be easier to understand for culturally and linguistically diverse people.

AMB营销代写 It is a good idea to increase the register rate of aboriginal people by delivering social media campaign in aboriginal language to target audience. Therefore, the campaign in social media would be designed creatively in different languages to target different culture groups of target audience. Moreover, there are optimal posting frequencies for the different social media platforms.

The frequency of uploads in social media is a component of increasing engagement rate of target audience, the social media like Facebook and Instagram would see about 1-2 post a day to reach the target audience of HCQ.AMB营销代写 According to Rosenthal & Mckeown (2011), the Facebook pages which fewer than 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day, a rule of maximum of 2 posts a day for Facebook account is necessary to be considered.

2.2 Aims and Objectives

The aim of communication management program is to deliver social media campaigns to increase registration rate of a HCQ during 4 weeks period.AMB营销代写 The social media platform should achieved objective as below

  • Increasing 10% of engagement rate on Facebook
  • 5% of follower increase rate on Instagarm
  • 5% of subscriber increase on YouTube

3.0 Content Pillars

After target audience analysis, the content pillars need to be identified in relation of consumer insight,AMB营销代写 and the pillars are relevant to the interest of target audience. There are three main themes will be offered to target audience from HCQ which are health, authenticity and variety.

3.1 Health value  

Firstly, it is important to deliver a health value to target audience, as the aim of HCQ is improving healthy condition of people. The majority of target audience is aboriginal and culture diverse people who might suffer from low medicinal service condition. AMB营销代写 This pillar will focus content on encourage healthy consideration of target audience.

The positive life style and good health condition of people will delivered to target customer though image, words and even videos. AMB营销代写 The aim of HCQ is improving the healthy condition of target audience though deliver quality and safe health services. The healthy life attitude should be delivered, enhanced, and improved in social media campaigns by different ways to target audience.

3.2 Authenticity

Secondly, the social media campaign should be delivered based in real life stories. According to, Widrich (2012) “when we read a story, not only do the language parts of our brains light up, but any other part of the brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading about becomes activated as well.” Target audience is more likable to understand the importance of joining HCQ by telling them stories.AMB营销代写 However, Making up stories is not trustable enough for designing a campaign.

As medical issues of a society are serious and related to daily life of everyone, therefore, real life stories that telling by real people is more reliable to target audience. The main social media strategies to reach target audience is increasing healthy condition by using true stories and real people to share their real thoughts. AMB营销代写 Increasing the authenticity of story would increase the registration rate of HCQ.

3.3 Variety

Thirdly, the social media campaign that used by HCQ should deliver a post in variety language to increase registration. According to Aronica (2011), it is important for an organization to reach their target audience on social media platform by delivering variety social media campaigns. AMB营销代写 Social media campaigns in variety language and culture background would be posted at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. According to the demographic of target audience, the target audience of HCQ is people who have different cultures and languages from other Australians.

Some of target audiences are aboriginals and from outside metropolitan area, as they do not speaks English, it is necessary to deliver social media campaigns in variety cultures and languages to make sure every target audiences could understand campaigns.AMB营销代写 The contents of social media campaign including words, images and videos. The themes of health, authenticity and variety would be delivered in social media campaigns.

4.0 Campaign Calendar

Campaign calendar is relevant to content pillars, it needs to be aligned to online habits of target audience for improving registration rate. The campaign calendar would be showed as below in graph 1. According to Salim (2019), internet users are now spending on average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms, AMB营销代写 people are more likely to check their social media account in the Moring of 6:00am-8:00am before work and 6:00pm-8:00pm after work.

Campaigns should be delivered in the time period of 6am-8am and 6:00pm-8:00pm. As internet user are likely to check Facebook and Instagram more often, therefore, HCQ should deliver the post on Facebook and Instagarm everyday. AMB营销代写 Additionally, it is necessary to deliver more post on weekday. It is the best time to post and be active varies for each network and niche on weekend (Gebauer, 2018). Content pillars on all social media platform should all be delivered to target audience on the weekend.

Graph 1



5.0 Content Creation

The content pillars of authenticity real life stories will be chosen in this section. AMB营销代写 It is important to analysis how to deliver the content of authenticity real life stories on three different social media platform, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Facebook post:

It is important to deliver Facebook post to reach target audience by using real life stories. AMB营销代写 The interview is succinct in order to make the post more understandable to target customer. No academic words and writing styles would be used in the post. Target audience can easily understand the importance of being HCQ in medical system from real life stories.





























Instagram post

Posts on Instagram emphasize the emotion words and visual texts. The simple and readable worlds need to be written down on Instagram posts.AMB营销代写 Captions are personal and motivating, with clear call-to-action text for more traffic to the YouTube video. The hashtag(#) should be used to engage target audience.































YouTube Video

The real life stories video should be post on YouTube. The interviews should be done to increase registration rate of target audience. AMB营销代写 All relevant videos could be uploaded on YouTube. The video should be interesting and motivates target customer to watch.



6.0 Personal website


7.0 References

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8.0 Appendix
























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