Portfolio Essay About Human Structure and Function



医学代写 Study of medicine has always been my aspiration when I joined Qatar University college of medicine. I saw this a life-changing…

Study of medicine has always been my aspiration when I joined Qatar University college of medicine.

I saw this a life-changing opportunity to contribute to the world of academia and serve people as well. I have always imagined and fascinated by how the human body function and diseases are controlled. Like any other new student in the discipline, I have a remarkable experience specifically in the class of human structure and function lab. Ever since in my life had I ever been so close to interacting with the human body beside mine and there was the class that I was required to study the human anatomy as well as there interaction into a functional human being. The anatomy lab class though pre-arranged still made me anxious. The thought of the human specimen made my body flinch.医学代写

The medical college is located at the outskirts of the city making it have a serene environment for learning.

It was on 30th August 2018 when I entered my first human structure and function lab. An anatomy lab is a secluded place where the student learns with minimum disruption or any noise. To a new student like me, the area felt remote and more of a terrible place to be alone. In fact, the whole building looked haunted by human spirit or something of the sort. It is not a place anyone can think of being alone in the wee hours of the night. However, the place is beautiful with modern architectural structures with perfectly shaped meandering footpaths. Other classmates and I give life to the lab which otherwise looks dead.医学代写

That day was full of ecstasy with anticipations through anxiety and fear for the unknown were also clouding my mind. That notwithstanding, medicine is my thing and had to do it, I kept on telling myself. The class was filled to the brim evident enough that medical science has attracted interest and passion across the country. Being a medical student, human anatomy lab was compulsory as it gave the foundation to medical studies. The lab began at late afternoon with a brief introduction and exchange of pleasantries from Dr. Mubarak Bidmos who is our anatomy tutor.

As expected, there was a lot lined up for us. 医学代写

He started with a brief overview of the human body to detailed body mechanics, their relationships, and functions. Perhaps the most profound thing in human anatomy is learning to interact with the specimen actual human body. I never before seen nor touched a corpse before and there I was learning how to interact with them through dissection of various parts of the body. The lab was not easy for me due to unfamiliarity but had to be strong for the love of medicine. Sooner than later I will get used, I kept encouraging myself.

Medicine is not for the faint-hearted people, but it is for those who have passion in the human body and willing to serve humanity. It also takes a strong mind to grasp all the concepts as there is nothing like trial. And error with human beings and everything have to be done with the highest precision possible. One of our lecturers uses to tell us that medicine is not only a science but also an art where the doctor is the artist. And perfection is not an option but an obligation. I learned this bare truth in the human anatomy lab. The lab changed my shallow perspective in medicine. And what it entailed and taught me few lessons about life as well.


First, I was alienated from my literal view of the human body. 医学代写

Like a machine, our body more or less has similar mechanics which defines who and what we are and how we function. Like a motor vehicle, our body has parts which are related and coordinated to function harmoniously. The body parts are interconnected in a sophisticated way which fascinated the scientist to want to explore its mechanics. As a result, the knowledge of the human body and the understanding of medicine made it possible in solving various body issues. 医学代写

The experience transformed my perception of the practice of medicine which dates back in the medieval period. It is through the lab class that I learned each organ at a time starting with their names, position, and location in the body, and their function. This knowledge is critical in treatment and surgeries especially when targeting specific organ or disease. I also learned the various views of the human body relative to positions of the body parts which is essential in describing the human body in terms of positions and directions.

The anatomy lab also taught me how to fight fear and anxiety which might affect my medical career. I was very new in human anatomy, and the thought of having to interact with human specimens felt weird and terrible to me. Never had I ever thought that will able to make meaningful dissections in practice. Fortunately, I was able to fight over it with encouragement from classmates. And most importantly after observing how the majority of them were comfortable with the course.

Most importantly the lab class developed my interpersonal communication with people. 医学代写

Our tutor emphasized on group works and discussions which helped in the in-depth. And diverse opinion which enhanced understanding of concepts. Being an introvert myself, the group works opened up my mind and was able to communicate clearly, confidently, effectively, and objectively. As a medical practitioner, the art of interpersonal skills in communication is vital to building team works. And creating mutual networks and bonds at work.

To sum up, the field of human anatomy is the foundation on which medical science is vested. Medicine being a practical science, lab classes are necessities and a threshold that every student is obligated to attend. Through the lab, I gained a deeper understanding not only on human structure and function but also the reason medicine is practiced as a necessity of life. The class changed my perspective on how I literally view the human body to viewing it as a complex interaction. And interdependence of various body parts for special functions and purpose. As such, every organ is as important as other organs in the body.