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医师护理代写 This assignment is a continuation of the previous assignment, on Physician Care Services. The level of competition is increasing…



This assignment is a continuation of the previous assignment, on Physician Care Services. The level of competition is increasing with the passage of time. Physician Care services has multiple service centers with their own mechanism and number of people. In order for the business to be profitable and effective, performance management systems need to be in place. Many of the physicians have been seen to file complaints stating that they are overworked. And in times of rush hour, they do not have enough time to pay greater attention to each payment, so there may be cases of neglect. Some of the physicians have requested for an increase in pay, especially during the peak times.

Therefore, in order to address these concerns, proper performance metrics need to be in place, to assess the efficiency of each employee along with their productivity. Mainly the productivity of the employee is measured by assessing how many tasks have been completed per day. In peak hours, how many patients were managed by one physician, and how well were they treated? Was the quality of the service maintained throughout, or did it drop as the number of patients increased? These factors need to be considered in order to determine the productivity levels of each employee.


因此,为了解决这些问题,需要制定适当的绩效指标,以评估每位员工的效率和生产力。主要通过评估每天完成多少任务来衡量员工的生产力。在高峰时段,一名医生管理了多少患者,他们的治疗效果如何?服务质量是始终保持不变,还是随着患者数量的增加而下降?为了确定每个员工的生产力水平,需要考虑这些因素。 医师护理代写


Metrics to Measure Productivity

The first thing that needs to be considered is how many patients are visiting every day, what their wait time is, and then how long it usually takes for a physician to attend to the patient on average. The output is the number of satisfied patients. The number of hours each employee spends at work, along with how much work has been completed helps in identifying loopholes, and gaps that need to be addressed.

Dividing the output by the input to arrive at a per-hour figure (or other time period) along with per day figure will give a clearer picture of what needs to be done and how. How things are progressing and how things should progress will be clear from the data. Then a value can be assigned which can serve as the benchmark of optimal performance. This will enable us to measure cost-benefit ratio.

The data that has been gathered for the month of August is helpful in determining how many occupational health visits were made in a month. It also segregates the data for private visits, which helps in understanding the trend of how many visits can be expected in a month. And per week, thereby, distributing the staff accordingly. It also shows a summary of the gross amount earned by these visits. It then shows the visits for Alpha and Beta centers, thereby, giving an idea of the incoming number of customers at each location. This will help in identifying the peak days of both centers.

This data is quite useful for the organization. And it can be used to conduct a trend analysis, measure productivity. And even come up with strategies for future growth. Potential for the organization’s success is something that can be determined using this data. It is also quite useful in predicting the future sales growth. And even will help in coming up with plans to help with the issues that are being faced by the organization.

衡量生产力的指标 医师护理代写



8 月份收集的数据有助于确定一个月内进行了多少次职业健康访问。它还隔离了私人访问的数据,这有助于了解一个月内预计访问次数的趋势。每周,从而相应地分配员工。它还显示了这些访问所赚取的总金额的摘要。然后,它会显示 Alpha 和 Beta 中心的访问量,从而了解每个位置的传入客户数量。这将有助于确定两个中心的高峰天数。医师护理代写



To conclude, I think that only through proper data collection and analysis, can proper and effective decisions be taken. Therefore, the data that has already been collected by the organization is something that can help in driving decision and developing strategies for future growth.

结论 医师护理代写



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