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疗保健代写 This case is about Physician Care Services, a business in the healthcare industry in which four partners have invested their…



This case is about Physician Care Services, a business in the healthcare industry in which four partners have invested their capital to improve the services provided by physicians. Three of the partners own a 20% share in the business (each), whereas, one of them owns 40% of the share. It was initially started as a means to allow companies. And private patients to use the services that were considered convenient by them. Little by little, the scope of services which were provided to the incoming patients grew.

The mechanism of the business was simple, set up various service centers. Which serve as basic clinics, with bare minimum facilities, for any non-fatal injuries or illnesses, which can be diagnosed. And treated by the physicians present at the centers. However, over time, the facilities being offered grew, however, the centers still do not provide facilities that are equipped to handle emergency cases. In such situations, the patients are referred to a hospital and physicians nearby.

译文:这个案例是关于 Physician Care Services 的,这是一家医疗保健行业的企业,四位合作伙伴已经投资了他们的资金来改善医生提供的服务。三名合伙人(每个)拥有该业务 20% 的股份,而其中一名合伙人拥有 40% 的股份。它最初是作为一种允许公司的手段而开始的。和私人病人使用他们认为方便的服务。为新来的患者提供的服务范围逐渐扩大。 医疗保健代写


Initially the centers of PCS only treated occupational health clients.

Which are work related injuries of employees whose companies were on the panel as clients. However, later on the Physician Care Services started taking private i.e. retail patients on board as well. They offered varying packages to the occupational health clients, ranging from $300 – $500, depending on the nature of the client. And the facilities they intended to utilize. The common services that many people availed included, x-rays, EKGs, PFT, Drug and alcohol test, Audiometric and visual testing, along with certain lab tests.

They had a team of 13 members on the panel who were permanent. And long standing, whereas, they hired some people part-time, depending on how busy the day is. And what the expected rush hours and days are. This team consisted of the partners as well, who basically owned a share in the business, but also performed many of the administrative. And managerial decision making tasks and activities. These responsibilities were distributed among the partners based on their expertise.

However, some of the staff a receptionist, a senior physician who was accompanied by a team of two, another physician and a nurse. With the passage of time, the team was also growing. Now the decision was how to grow the business further. Various ideas had been discussed and the lead in top management, who also owned the highest number of shares of PCS Dr. Tobias, needed to make a decision on their feasibility, and persuade others to go along with him.

最初,PCS 中心只治疗职业健康客户。 医疗保健代写

译文:哪些是公司作为客户参加小组的员工的工伤。然而,后来医生护理服务开始接受私人,即零售患者。他们为职业健康客户提供不同的套餐,根据客户的性质从 300 美元到 500 美元不等。以及他们打算使用的设施。许多人使用的常见服务包括 X 射线、心电图、PFT、药物和酒精测试、听力和视觉测试,以及某些实验室测试。

他们在小组中有一个由 13 名成员组成的团队,他们是永久成员。并且长期存在,而他们根据一天的忙碌程度雇用了一些兼职人员。以及预计的高峰时间和天数是多少。这个团队也由合伙人组成,他们基本上拥有业务的股份,但也承担了许多行政工作。和管理决策任务和活动。这些责任根据合作伙伴的专业知识分配给他们。 医疗保健代写

然而,一些工作人员是一名接待员,一名高级医生由两人组成的团队、另一名医生和一名护士陪同。随着时间的推移,团队也在不断壮大。现在的决定是如何进一步发展业务。讨论了各种想法,同时拥有 PCS 托比亚斯博士最多股份的高层领导需要就其可行性做出决定,并说服其他人与他合作。

The company had also taken many health insurance providers on board already.

Which ensured that anybody who came under their coverage could directly be billed to the insurance company, whereas, on the other hand, the people who had insurance from different providers than were already on the panel, could easily take the payment slip and have their insurance company settle the deductibles.

Some of the opportunities and ideas that Dr. Tobias came up with included; Prescription Drugs for Retail Patients, which was a way for them to open up a pharmacy as well, so that whatever drugs by assigned by the physicians could be bought at arm’s reach by the patients. PCS was able to determine that by maintaining 12 specific drugs, they could easily meet 60% of the demand for the prescribed drugs.


译文:这确保了任何在其承保范围内的人都可以直接向保险公司收费,而另一方面,从不同供应商处获得保险的人而不是已经在小组中的人,可以轻松地拿到付款单并获得他们的保险公司结算免赔额。 医疗保健代写

Tobias 博士提出的一些机会和想法包括:零售患者的处方药,这也是他们开设药房的一种方式,让医生分配的任何药物都可以让患者伸手可及。 PCS 能够确定,通过维护 12 种特定药物,他们可以轻松满足对处方药的 60% 的需求。


Another idea was drug testing for the employees who were healthy.

This was a great way to keep the companies on the panel happy with the services being provided as this service ensured the employees were always kept in check. PCS could devise a strategy for selecting the employees randomly for these tests. Currently, one drug test would cost $8, whereas, it was listed at $42 only for the tests, whereas, if a Medical Review Officer (MRO) were to review it, and give their comments, then the test was listed at $63.

Another idea he wanted the board to consider was the Physicals Appointment by Employees. Since many employees were on different shifts, and the companies that were on board had different operational timings as well, there was an increase in calls by employees, requesting their appointment at a specific time.

These were some of the ideas they had come up with to remain competitive in an ever changing world. The competition was increasing and Dr, Tobias knew that he would have to step up his game in order for PCS to survive.


译文:这是让小组中的公司对所提供的服务感到满意的好方法,因为这项服务可确保员工始终受到控制。 PCS 可以设计一种策略,随机选择员工进行这些测试。目前,一项药物测试的费用为 8 美元,而仅用于测试的价格为 42 美元,而如果医学审查官 (MRO) 对其进行审查并发表评论,则该测试的价格为 63 美元。 医疗保健代写


这些是他们为了在不断变化的世界中保持竞争力而提出的一些想法。竞争越来越激烈,Tobias 博士知道他必须加强自己的比赛才能让 PCS 生存下来。

Lean Management & Six Sigma Principles


Lean management is an approach to running an organization that supports the concept of continuous improvement. It is an ongoing effort to improve products, services. Or processes, which require “incremental” improvement over time in order to increase efficiency and quality (Kanbachi).

In order for the company to not only survive but offer a variety of services that were not only sought after by the clients. But also, provided them a competitive edge they had to come up with more ideas. The ideas that have been mentioned and discussed in the above mentioned paragraph will be evaluated in light of the Six Sigma Principles. The Six Sigma Principles include five stages which can will not only help the company in improving. But also in identifying gaps and further opportunities.

译文:精益管理是一种支持持续改进概念的组织运营方法。 这是改进产品和服务的持续努力。 或者需要随着时间的推移“逐步”改进以提高效率和质量的流程(Kanbachi)。 医疗保健代写

为了使公司不仅能够生存,而且还提供各种服务,而这些服务不仅受到客户的追捧。 而且,为他们提供竞争优势,他们必须提出更多想法。 上述段落中提到和讨论的想法将根据六西格码原则进行评估。 六西格码原则包括五个阶段,不仅可以帮助公司改进。 还要找出差距和进一步的机会。

The stages include;

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Measure the current process
  3. Analyze the current situation and identify the problem areas
  4. Improve the process by implementing the solution after verification
  5. Maintain the desirable results and sustain them

These are the five principles which help in improving the overall business. Based on these, we will begin evaluating the ideas that will be proposed by Dr. Tobias to the other board members. All three ideas that have been discussed above have the potential for offering growth to the client. What these services do is up-sell to the already existing client base. In my opinion, this would be a smart decision to take as it will help the patients in availing the services which would otherwise not be available here, or for which they’d have to travel a bit farther away.

On the other hand, the best manner in which to approach the board is to start off which the current situation. The competition is getting tougher and they need to upscale their services or they will become obsolete or long forgotten. What they need to do is actually focus on providing superior quality services at affordable rates, which is possible for the second. And third ideas, such as the drug testing facility, and physicals by appointment for employees. This helps in assuring a steady stream of revenue coming in, whereas, keeping the costs bare minimum, as it is an upscale in the provisional services. Having prescription drugs for patients, especially for those in the older age group would be far more beneficial as compared to offering other drugs, therefore, the decision to have only 12 of the high prescription drugs is a good idea.



这些是有助于改善整体业务的五项原则。基于这些,我们将开始评估 Tobias 博士将向其他董事会成员提出的想法。上面讨论的所有三个想法都有为客户提供增长的潜力。这些服务所做的是向现有客户群追加销售。在我看来,这将是一个明智的决定,因为它将帮助患者获得在其他地方无法获得的服务,或者他们必须前往更远的地方。

另一方面,接近董事会的最佳方式是从当前情况开始。竞争越来越激烈,他们需要升级他们的服务,否则他们就会过时或被遗忘。他们需要做的实际上是专注于以可承受的价格提供优质的服务,这是第二个可能的。和第三个想法,例如药物测试设施和为员工预约的体检。这有助于确保稳定的收入来源,同时将成本保持在最低限度,因为它是临时服务的高档次。与提供其他药物相比,为患者尤其是老年组的患者提供处方药会更有益,因此,决定只提供 12 种高处方药是个好主意。 医疗保健代写

Stretch Goals

Based on the aforementioned discussion, following are five of the stretch goals.

  1. Increase the prescription drugs turnover by 12% in the second quarter
  2. Get 10 clients on board for the drug testing for employees. If more get on board that that money can be used to cover other expenses of higher other resources to deal with patients during peak hours.
  3. Give deals in a specific hour daily to increase client base. Increase client base by 10% in the nest quarter.
  4. Improve the overall services and utilize the extra space in the centers by adding another room, along with staff.
  5. Where staff is requesting for higher pay for rush hour, use the additional amount earned from the prescription drugs to invest in them and develop better payment packages for the employees.


译文:基于上述讨论,以下是五个延伸目标。 医疗保健代写

2.让 10 名客户参与对员工的药物测试。 如果更多人加入,这笔钱可用于支付更高的其他资源的其他费用,以在高峰时间处理患者。
3.每天在特定时间进行交易以增加客户群。 在第三季度将客户群增加 10%。


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