Healthcare Advocacy Plan in Phoenix, Arizona

亚利桑那州凤凰城的 医疗保健倡导 计划

医疗保健倡导 The state of Arizona has so much development  and growth going on, but they have a massive shortage of doctors. And Physicians…



The state of Arizona has so much development  and growth going on, but they have a massive shortage of doctors. And Physicians that keeps worsening,  especially  in Phoenix, the capital city of the state. The state of Arizona has a significantly  fast rate of population  growth which continues  to worsening the situation of shortage  of doctors, which  is why general  problem to the entire nation of the U.S. However, the shortage is more severe in some states. And cities with Arizona being among the top most hit states.

The state is facing the shortage of primary-care physicians (PCPs), in a counties  with the issue being acute in the rural areas and Phoenix, (ABC15, 2021). It is expected considering the state of Arizona is the fourth fastest  growing city in the U.S, while Phoenix  is the fastest growing city in the U.S, in terms of population growth. As such, the issue of shortage of PCPs in the state of Arizona is expected to worsening with time, as the state co tinges to grow, while the supply of medics is slow. And does not match the population  growth. which is highly populated.

译文:亚利桑那州有如此多的发展和增长,但他们严重缺乏医生。以及不断恶化的医生,尤其是在该州首府凤凰城。亚利桑那州的人口增长速度非常快,这使得医生短缺的情况继续恶化,这就是为什么美国整个国家都存在普遍问题的原因。然而,在一些州,短缺更为严重。亚利桑那州是受灾最严重的州之一。 医疗保健倡导

该州正面临初级保健医生 (PCP) 短缺的问题,该问题在农村地区和凤凰城尤为突出 (ABC15, 2021)。考虑到亚利桑那州是美国人口增长第四快的城市,而凤凰城是美国人口增长最快的城市,因此预计。因此,亚利桑那州 PCP 短缺的问题预计会随着时间的推移而恶化,因为该州的成本不断增长,而医务人员的供应却很缓慢。并且与人口增长不匹配。这是人口稠密的。

The Problem

Currently, the state of Arizona only meets 41.7% of its required PCP capacity. The state is ranked position 44th among the 50 states of the U.S I terms of active PCPs, with just 77.9 being active in a population of 100, 000 people. Moreover, it is ranked position 31st in terms of active physicians  which  is 235.8 per 100,000 population, worsening  the problem. Most of Arizona’s PCPs, especially  those working in rural areas arranging. And plan to retire in the next five years, (ABC15, 2021). As such, the shortage of PCPs and doctors is projected to increase, risking the overall healthcare of the citizens of the State. What makes the situation worse, is the fast growth of the city in terms of population which guarantees the worsening of the problem.

Apart from Arizona having a shortage of PCPs, it has a huge problem with the high cost of health are in the state, especially  in Phoenix.  In Arizona, PCPs earn half the compensation  of specialist physicians. Which is massive gap of around $3.5 million, yet they all graduate with the same fee debt. Similarly, in Arizona, even the specialist physicians. And doctors  are not paid enough based on their qualifications. And the excess work they do since they are over worked being few in an over populated state and  especially  Phoenix city.

As such, healthcare Phoenix’s  is extremely  expensive  since many of these doctors, specialist  physicians. And PCPs choose  to open up their own private hospitals and clinics. Because of the over population  of patients with few doctors  I public healthcare centres,  most people in Phoenix choose to seek for efficient  medical care in these private hospitals.  As such, these hospitals charge quite high rates since they know that many people opt for them to get healthcare.

问题 医疗保健倡导

译文:目前,亚利桑那州仅满足其所需 PCP 容量的 41.7%。该州在美国活跃 PCP 的 50 个州中排名第 44 位,在 100,000 人的人口中只有 77.9 个活跃。此外,它在活跃医生方面排名第 31,每 100,000 人中有 235.8 名,这使问题更加恶化。亚利桑那州的大多数 PCP,尤其是那些在农村地区工作的 PCP。并计划在未来五年内退休,(ABC15, 2021)。因此,预计 PCP 和医生的短缺将加剧,从而危及该州公民的整体医疗保健。使情况变得更糟的是,城市人口的快速增长保证了问题的恶化。

除了亚利桑那州缺乏 PCP 外,该州的健康成本也很高,尤其是在凤凰城。在亚利桑那州,PCP 的收入是专科医生的一半。这是大约 350 万美元的巨大差距,但他们都以相同的费用债务毕业。同样,在亚利桑那州,即使是专科医生。医生的薪水不够高。在人口过多的州,尤其是凤凰城,由于过度工作,他们所做的多余工作很少。

因此,由于这些医生、专科医生中有许多人,Phoenix 的医疗保健费用极其昂贵。 PCP 选择开设自己的私立医院和诊所。由于患者人数过多,而公立医疗中心的医生很少,凤凰城的大多数人选择在这些私立医院寻求高效的医疗服务。因此,这些医院收取相当高的费用,因为他们知道很多人选择他们获得医疗保健。 医疗保健倡导


Plan to Resolve these Problems

The best plan to resolve the healthcare issues I Phoenix. And the entire state of Arizona, involve not only increasing the medics. But only improving their wages for a better work environment. As such, the overall aim of the healthcare advocacy  plan  is to improve health outcomes of the citizens of Phoenix. And the entire state of Arizona. The first plan is to increase the number of doctors. And Physician  in the state, by recruiting new ones even if it is from other states, (Gossie, 2021). While at this, the state should ensure to employ younger doctors and physicians  to ensure that they can supply their services to the state for a long period of  time before they reach their retirement ages.

Secondly,  just recruiting  doctors is not enough. The better long-term plan, is to build a universe in Arizona for medical students. While the State of Arizona  has youths who are qualified to study. And become doctors, the state does not have enough  facilities and institutions  to train medics. As such, introducing a medical college or university in the area, despite how expensive  it would be. Is the overall best solution  to guarantee totally resolving the issue of shortage of medical staff in Arizona. And ensuring  the state has ample healthcare providers by the next 10 years and forward, (Gossie, 2021).  While at it, the state should start an educational program to encourage students to venture in the field of medicine by explaining to the of the importance of doctors in our society.  Moreover, incentives of good working conditions. And ample wages is one of the ways to encourage students to venture into medicine.

计划解决这些问题 医疗保健倡导

译文:解决医疗保健问题的最佳计划 I Phoenix。而整个亚利桑那州,不仅涉及增加医务人员。但只有提高工资才能改善工作环境。因此,医疗保健宣传计划的总体目标是改善凤凰城市民的健康状况。以及整个亚利桑那州。第一个计划是增加医生的数量。该州的医生,即使是来自其他州,也可以招募新的医生(Gossie,2021)。同时,国家应确保雇用年轻的医生和医生,以确保他们能够在达到退休年龄之前长期为国家提供服务。

其次,仅仅招聘医生是不够的。更好的长期计划是在亚利桑那州为医学生建立一个宇宙。而亚利桑那州有有资格学习的年轻人。成为医生后,国家没有足够的设施和机构来培训医生。因此,在该地区引进一所医学院或大学,尽管它会有多贵。是保证彻底解决亚利桑那州医疗人员短缺问题的整体最佳解决方案。并确保该州在未来 10 年及以后拥有充足的医疗保健提供者(Gossie,2021 年)。与此同时,国家应该启动一项教育计划,通过向我们解释医生在我们社会中的重要性来鼓励学生在医学领域冒险。此外,良好的工作条件的激励。充足的工资是鼓励学生进入医学领域的途径之一。

Third, the state  should decrease the cost of Healthcare  in Arizona, especially  in Phoenix.

Being the capital city of Arizona state. And with a shortage of healthcare providers, Phoenix has extremely high rates of healthcare.  Which hinders a huge part of the low income population of the city from receiving quality healthcare. Introducing favourable and affordable medical insurance covers would also be extremely effective in reducing the cost of healthcare, especially  to people with long-term medical  conditions. And require frequent healthcare. Therefore, reducing the cost of healthcare in the city would be a huge step  in ensuring that the members of the city receive ample healthcare services, (Gossie, 2021).

Fourth, the healthcare  facilities in the city and the entire state,  should ensure that expectant mothers receive  early prenatal care during the early stages of their  pregnancy. Similarly  the prenatal care should be regular and available  to all mothers, (Gossie, 2021). As such, there will be a reduction in the number and level of pregnancy  and childbirth  related complications. And guarantee an increase in the morbidity  and mortality of both the mothers and their babies, which is a sign of great healthcare.


译文:作为亚利桑那州的首府。由于医疗保健提供者短缺,凤凰城的医疗保健率极高。这阻碍了该市很大一部分低收入人口接受优质医疗保健。引入优惠且负担得起的医疗保险也将非常有效地降低医疗保健成本,尤其是对于患有长期疾病的人。并且需要频繁的医疗保健。因此,降低城市医疗保健成本将是确保城市成员获得充足医疗保健服务的一大步(Gossie,2021)。 医疗保健倡导


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