Stress Management


Life can be overwhelming and most people wander how they can manage with stress that comes with it. Despite all the life ups···

Four Steps Mac Guide

Life can be overwhelming and most people wander how they can manage with stress that comes with it. Despite all the life ups and downs, there is more control of life than one might think. In her book, Napoli gave four steps guide for stress management (Napoli 17). She called them “Four Steps Mac Guide” which help in mindful thinking.

译文:四步Mac指南  压力管理

生活可能是压倒性的,大多数人徘徊在如何应对生活压力的过程中。 尽管生活起伏不定,但生活的控制权比人们想象的要多。 在她的书中,那不勒斯给出了压力管理的四个步骤指南(那不勒斯17)。 她称它们为“四步Mac指南”,可帮助您进行正念思考。

Empathic Acknowledgement

The acceptance of the experiences without trying to change what has already happened is paramount suppressing stressing thoughts. One need to learn how to accept and move without being derailed by past events. For instance, when a person is heartbroken, the best way to deal with is it to acknowledge it has happened and forge the way forward.

译文:移情致谢 压力管理

接受经验而不试图改变已经发生的事情,对于压抑思想至关重要。 人们需要学习如何接受和行动,而不会因过去的事件而出轨。 例如,当一个人伤心欲绝时,最好的应对方法就是承认自己已经发生了,并开创了前进的道路

Intentional Attention

No one can manage to pay attention to every detail happening around them in this busy world. Therefore, it is important to train oneself to listen to the gut feeling about what to pay attention to or not. For instance, being overwhelmed to balance between family, friends, works, personal health, spiritual and more need one to be mindful of what to prioritize over the other. One can choose family as the priority.

译文:有意注意 压力管理

在这个繁忙的世界中,没有人能够注意周围发生的每一个细节。 因此,重要的是要训练自己听取关于要注意或不注意的事情的直觉。 例如,不堪重负的家庭,朋友,工作,个人健康,精神和其他方面之间的平衡需要一个人注意什么优先于另一个。 一个人可以选择家庭作为优先事项。

Nonjudgmental Acceptance

It involves change of attitude towards what is happening around us, accepting and moving on. For example, when you fail to attain your daily goals because something else came up, the best way is to see it as surprising satisfying even and move to the next daily event.

译文:非判断性接受 压力管理

它涉及改变对我们周围正在发生的事情的态度,接受并继续前进。 例如,当您因为其他事情而无法实现日常目标时,最好的方法是将其视为令人惊讶的令人满意的结果,然后转到下一个日常事件。


Attitude Towards Self

This defines how to view yourself. It involves having positive thoughts towards yourself for positive living. A good example is being able to accept who you are in the workplace and not to let rejection deter your positive thoughts about yourself.

译文:对自我的态度 压力管理

这定义了如何审视自己。 它涉及对自己有积极的想法,以实现积极的生活。 一个很好的例子是能够接受您在工作场所中的身份,而不是让拒绝阻止您对自己的积极想法。

Body Sympathetic versus Parasympathetic

Sympathetic nervous system maintains the body balance and response to stimulus such as experience of stress (Napoli 38). Parasympathetic nervous system regulates the body rest and digestion hence ensure optimum body functioning. Both the sympathetic and parasympathetic work together.

译文:身体同情与副交感 压力管理

交感神经系统维持身体平衡和对刺激的反应,例如压力经历(那不勒斯38)。 副交感神经系统调节身体的休息和消化,从而确保最佳的身体机能。 有同情心和副同情心一起工作。

Breath Work

My favorite breath work is energy breath. It makes me feel rejuvenated and I can practice it from anywhere even in the office.

译文:呼吸工作 压力管理

我最喜欢的呼吸工作是能量呼吸。 这让我感到焕发青春,即使在办公室也可以在任何地方练习。
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