Interviewee 3 (Le Joy) Age: Early 20 Female want to visit Phuket

interviewee代写 So, the interview is about 15 minutes.the interview is about going to be about your images.Your opinion about …

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So, the interview is about 15 minutes.

the interview is about going to be about your images.Your opinion about the destination that I’ve been doing your research on which is spoken. So let’s start with the first question. So what does authentic the word authentic mean to you? Like what is an authentic tourism destination? Would you consider?

Speaker 2  0:39 interviewee代写

I think it is about something unique and authentic

Authentic tourist destination is for me is like, what? The unique the destination has so too, for you to remember after you finish visit that destination and they’re like you will tell to your friend. And they’re like when you remember about that? That determination. So it’s come to your mind first. Yeah, when you think about that destination. Okay,

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so have you ever been to Phuket? or heard of it before?

Speaker 2 1:21

I never been to book it. But my friend did. And then they talked to me about a lot of Singapore cricket. And that is what some other advertisement on Facebook more like YouTube as well.

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So what sort of advertisement?

Speaker 2

and I did put just information and some images. Yeah, some images. And they’re like, is the most of them is about the resort things. Yeah. So they Yeah, they have some image about the book as well. Yeah, yeah. But most of them is about just the resort room or what kind of beer they have. Okay,

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so through those like based on those information, so how does it influence your feeling toward the place I would you want to go there like and stuff like that? Yeah.

Speaker 2 2:12

Because like, though information is to really catch me so I really want to go off the I heard the by my friend and I after I watched that advertisement because like yeah, and that I want to go there with my friends or family because they Yeah, it’s good for you to go there for a vacation to chill out. Yeah, for relaxing.


Speaker 1  2:40 interviewee代写

So when asked you about two kids, what is the first things that come to your mind? Like the first image?

Speaker 2  2:48

is a islands which have like mountains as well. And it’s have like crystal good. Water, beautiful beaches and resource as well. Yeah. So a lot of activity comes to your mind. I can do that. When I go there, like I’m going to go diving. Yeah, and seeing like a lot of different creature in under the sea and then some surfing. Cheer off like on the page. And then like see sunrise or sunset? Because like, yeah, I think when I go there, is there the place very beautiful.

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So that is suitable for you to like, see the sunrise or sunset? Yeah, it’s a bit your family?

Speaker 2

Yeah, we your family, your friend.

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And so what sort of food do you expect?

Speaker 2 3:55

Because like, I been to Thailand before so like, I think we can have similar quite similar of food. Such like, seafood.

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So how many days would you spend?

Speaker 2  4:27

I think I would stay there for about five days. Because like, I see the advertisements is like that the iPhone is also like, close to do the ice one. So you can go there. Go to the other island by taxi is only take about half an hour as There are some features explore, like, between Phuket.

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do you think it’s going to be an expensive?

Speaker 2 5:04

I’m not sure. But it’s depends. I think it’s different. It depends on you. Like if you stay in a luxury hotel is gonna be expensive. But for me, like it’s not that expensive. So urges the Yeah, just the average. And so a lot of people there but talking about expensive. some people they tend to charge the tourists and some people like the local they don’t tend to be funny.

Speaker 1  5:36 interviewee代写

What do you think?

Speaker 2 5:37

I don’t know about this island. But for me, like, I tell you, I’ve been to Thailand before basically in Bangkok. So that the people is very friendly.

Speaker 1  5:48 interviewee代写

They eventhough like we are for foreigners? they not? they not have extra cost for first.


Like Yeah, so like, I really love the people in Thailand. So yeah very friendly. And very polite.

Speaker 1  6:23 interviewee代写

On what occasion? Would you rather go to the place during holidays or during holidays? Both?

Speaker 2   6:39

If I go in holiday, maybe like it’s very crowded. Yeah. And then like, yeah, very noisy. So I refer like, not not in the Yeah. busy time. So just between? Maybe Yeah, in June July.

Speaker 1  7:05 interviewee代写

Why? Because it’s

Speaker 2 7:06

like less people’s going on Yeah. So.

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So from all of this, what kind of tourists do you think would travel to the place more? Like, what type are tourist do think would go there?

Speaker  2 7:24

I think is Unknown

Speaker  7:27 interviewee代写

couples is more like a couple. Yeah. More like couples and then some success. Yeah. could have a census. And then families are like young, young people.Because like they want to travel. So yeah, young. Yeah. And then between your age, right, yeah. Yeah, fall at my age. Well, like 18 to 25. I like to look younger, so I’mncomparing to the

Speaker 1  8:05 interviewee代写

just like in Vietnam. in your country, there’s also beach so comparing to your country what the different.? Of course, in your country, there’s also beautiful beaches and stuff is all right. Yeah. And comparing to that, like, just in your opinion, what would you find like this comparative to this book and the country, what would you find is the difference between there between that place like, yeah,

Speaker 1  8:51 interviewee代写

the first differences is probably the environment is like, I will, like if I go to protest, like, I will have like, different environment and different cultures. So I have, I will meet like, different people like not enemies, like Yeah.about culture. Yeah, pop culture.


So what was that different, like the sense of otherness, you know? Me? Like what would you find?

Speaker2 interviewee代写

It’s different. You’ve been to Thailand, so it should be similar. I Yeah. Like the Way Thai people treat to tourists is more polite and more friendly to personally Yeah, for me, I think. Like Yeah,

Speaker 1 are they more friendly and polite then in Vietnam?

Speaker2 interviewee代写

Vietnamese people. So yeah, because what I’ve been to some pictures in Vietnam and they’re like, because they know us live from the other part of benign so like they’re not really friendly and operating polite. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s true. And like in public holiday or any less special holiday they will charge the price extra even though like we are with the means as well like to rise really high in like high that into higher than higher, like two times or three times. Yeah. I about the the view, of course will be different.

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And what sort of activity you think what do you think is will be different or more similar?

Speaker 2

For me? Yeah.

Speaker 1  10:49 interviewee代写

Okay, so.

So that’s all for today. Thank you for your time. Thank you.