Oral Traditions

Oral Traditions代写 Oral traditions are the forms of human communications through which knowledge, ideas, art, and cultural heritage ···


Oral traditions are the forms of human communications through which knowledge, ideas, art, and cultural heritage are performed, communicated, and conserved.  Oral Traditions代写

They are transmitted through spoken words or songs or dance like folktales, chants, verses and more. The spoken word poem by Travis and Giles speaks on weight and responsibilities of own Pacific traditions. The poem ties well with the purpose of oral traditions. It is directed to the aboriginal people calling them to regain strength and culture to be whole again and be healed. The narrators speak with zeal arguing Pacific people to love and embrace their tradition which has been there since the time of their grandparents.

Oral Traditions代写
Oral Traditions代写

In essence, they send the message of decolonization. They are sending the message of hope to the people that they have to stick to their culture regardless of their former state of colonization. The performers remind their people of the need to receive, preserve, and transmit oral traditions of Pacific people. The poem is also a reminder that culture can be eroded, but they must remain steadfast and keep them for generations.

Koneswaran presented the second spoken word for the Hope of Spoken Broken project.  Oral Traditions代写

The poem aims to give strength and hope to the Palestinian refugees. The major theme of the poem is the plight and hope for the Palestinian refugees. It addresses the challenges refugees undergo while calling to return of their homeland. It speaks the message of being unmoved to forsake their country but plead to be given back their land. Through poetry, the message of strength and hope is conveyed and at the same time advocate for the people. The poem enhances the understanding of how oral narratives are used to address the plight of the marginalized groups. Additionally, the poem also gives perspective on the plight of marginalized communities.

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Oral Traditions代写
Oral Traditions代写