Assignment 2

作业 2

合伙创业代写 He would like us to start a business together as partners. The proposal consists of starting a consulting firm, where consultations…



The proposal received from a friend in the alumni gathering is as follows:

He would like us to start a business together as partners. The proposal consists of starting a consulting firm, where consultations regarding engineering related activities will be provided to the clients. It is expected to yield $100,000/- per month, which will be shared equally by the two companions, making it $50,000/- per month for each partner. All other expenses, such as travelling and diem expenses will be taken care of by the client.

On the other hand, the main thing to consider is whether or not to continue pursuing my career with my current job, or to leave it all behind, and change it up as pace by opting for the consultation services business venture as proposed by my friend. Currently, the take home salary for my current job is $125,000/- per year along with multiple perks, and benefits, such as medical insurance/ health care, and a guaranteed retirement plan, which saves $50,000/- per year for me.

Whereas, the proposal offers, $50,000/- per month, making it $600,000/- per year, which seems far more attractive as the current salary package that I am receiving. Additionally, not only would it help me step out of my boring routine, but it will also allow me to be my own boss, thereby, ensuring that we are able to come up with new and innovative ideas that are part of our consultation services.

Additionally, things are not as attractive at my current workplace as budget constraints are increasing with each passing day. And the days are becoming even more monotonous. However, before deciding whether or not I should go ahead with this decision, there are a couple of things that I need to consider.

译文:在校友聚会上收到一位朋友的提议如下: 合伙创业代写

他希望我们作为合作伙伴一起创业。该提案包括成立一家咨询公司,向客户提供有关工程相关活动的咨询。预计每月产生 100,000 美元/-,将由两个同伴平分,使每个合作伙伴每月产生 50,000/- 美元。所有其他费用,例如差旅费和差旅费,将由客户承担。

另一方面,要考虑的主要事情是继续从事我目前的工作,还是放弃它,通过选择我朋友建议的咨询服务业务来改变它的步伐.目前,我目前工作的实得工资为每年 125,000 美元/年,以及多项津贴和福利,例如医疗保险/医疗保健和有保障的退休计划,这为我每年节省 50,000 美元/年。

然而,该提案提供每月 50,000 美元/-,使其每年 600,000 美元/-,这似乎比我目前收到的薪水方案更具吸引力。此外,它不仅可以帮助我摆脱无聊的日常工作,还可以让我成为自己的老板,从而确保我们能够提出新的和创新的想法,作为我们咨询服务的一部分。

此外,由于预算限制与日俱增,我目前的工作场所并不那么有吸引力。而且日子越来越单调。然而,在决定我是否应该继续这个决定之前,我需要考虑几件事情。 合伙创业代写


A partnership is “a collaborative relationship between entities to work toward shared objectives through a mutually agreed division of labor. (Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together.)

One of the major reasons why people chose to form partnerships. And begin their own businesses is that there is an added value in working with other people with connections, such as a good social network. If the partnership is with another organization, then there is an even greater benefit, as the participants. And members of that partnership get exposed to latest technical expertise. And developments, gain greater knowledge, and the experience helps them in making better managerial decisions.

Where consultation services are concerned, partnerships are even more beneficial, since both partners can have different expertise which can be utilized to make the business successful. For example, if I form this partnership with my friend, while I have engineering expertise. My friend is well versed in marketing and client services management, thereby, making this venture mutually beneficial, and complimenting for both parties.

Having experience of different fields, the two parties will also be aware of which talented resources to hire to get the business started.

合伙 合伙创业代写

译文:伙伴关系是“实体之间通过共同商定的分工为实现共同目标而建立的协作关系。 (伙伴关系:共同工作的框架。)



拥有不同领域的经验,双方也将知道聘请哪些人才来启动业务。 合伙创业代写

Following are some of the benefits of partnerships:

  1. An Equal Sharing of Profit and Loss

When starting a partnership, the owners are equal partners in everything, whether it is sharing profits and losses. Or whether it is developing new ideas and seeing them through to implementation.

  1. A Joined Ownership of the venture

Another major benefit is that both partners are equally responsible for the smooth running of the business. And are liable for any acts conducted through it.

  1. Equal Right in the management of business

When deciding how to manage the business, it is up to the partners to decide, whether or not they both want to be active partners. Or whether one would like to be dormant, while the other remains active. However, it is entirely up to the discretion of the partners. Usually in a scenario like this, where the two partners are willing to start their own consultation services, both of the partners are likely to remain active.


1.盈亏平分 合伙创业代写






Feasibility of the Plan

In order to consider feasibility of the plan, the first element that needs to be considered is whether or not the business is likely to be profitable. While the venture is laid out in such a manner that the monthly revenue is expected to be $100,000/-. It also depends on the frequency of the work that will be coming in. Additionally, as it stands, the consultation partnership will be for one year after which it will either be dissolved or, it will be extended, depending on the two parties. In order to ascertain the future of the partnership, one needs to determine what would happen after one year.

The pursuit of important opportunities and big goals by entrepreneurs requires them to assume more risks than they might take on working for a mature company or the government. (Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise). In this scenario is that there is a huge risk of the partnership not working out within that one year. And then what happens once the partnership dissolves after a year? Will I go back to working for somebody else, at a firm that is again facing budget constraints. Or will I start my own business, it all depends on the profitability of the business.

The entrepreneur is in many ways like an investment manager who chooses to pursue selected opportunities and not others. When we analyze risk, we look forward in time. And try to estimate the potential outcome and the variability of that outcome. Risk is a measure of the potential variability of outcomes that will be experienced in the future. (Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise)


计划的可行性 合伙创业代写

译文:为了考虑计划的可行性,需要考虑的第一个要素是业务是否有可能盈利。虽然该合资企业的布局方式是每月收入预计为 100,000 美元/-。它还取决于即将开展的工作的频率。此外,就目前而言,咨询伙伴关系将持续一年,之后将解散或延长,具体取决于双方。为了确定伙伴关系的未来,需要确定一年后会发生什么。 合伙创业代写

企业家追求重要机会和大目标要求他们承担比在成熟的公司或政府工作时可能承担的风险更多的风险。 (技术风险投资:从创意到企业)。在这种情况下,合作伙伴关系在一年内无法实现的风险很大。那么,一旦合作伙伴关系在一年后解散,会发生什么?我会回去为其他人工作吗,在一家再次面临预算限制的公司。或者我会自己创业,这完全取决于业务的盈利能力。

企业家在很多方面就像一个投资经理,他选择追求选定的机会而不是其他机会。当我们分析风险时,我们会及时向前看。并尝试估计潜在结果和该结果的可变性。风险是对未来将经历的结果的潜在可变性的度量。 (科技创业:从创意到企业)

These risks need to be considered before deciding to go ahead with the partnership.

Additionally, the financial feasibility also needs to be taken into account. As stated previously, the guarantee that the clientele would increase enough for us to meet the expense requirements, along with the startup costs is something that needs to be considered. If it is a two man team that will be managing all the day to day activities of the business. Then the costs will be considerably lower, than if we were to initiate the business with a bigger team.

Based on all of the aforementioned points mentioned here, I think that while the opportunity is quite attractive. A second meeting needs to be held with my friend, so that we can discuss the idea in further detail. A couple of things that need to be discussed are who the clients will be, how will the partnership work. How can the future be secured, what will we do after the year is over, what is the likelihood of extending the partnership after a year. And how will we secure the finances for the set up, along with deciding the fee for consultation.



基于这里提到的所有上述几点,我认为虽然机会非常有吸引力。需要与我的朋友举行第二次会议,以便我们可以更详细地讨论这个想法。需要讨论的几件事是客户将是谁,合作伙伴关系将如何运作。未来如何保障,一年结束后我们要做什么,一年后延长合作关系的可能性有多大。以及我们将如何确保设置的财务,以及决定咨询费用。 合伙创业代写



To conclude, I would again like to state that my friend, who also happens to be an alumni of the same institute, has offered me a partnership opportunity in which we begin consultation services. The opportunity seems too good to be ignored. And the resulting profit is far more promising as compared to my current job. And the perks/ benefits it offers. Overall, the opportunity is good. And I think that it should be considered after having a couple of queries cleared for which I will have to discuss the plan in detail. This will help me come up with clearer answers of how the partnership will work. In turn allowing me to understand and determine the feasibility of the offer.

In order for me to come to a decision, it is critical to come to an understanding with the friend who has offered me the opportunity. Another thing that needs to be understood is whether. Or not we are compatible to work as partners, as neither one of the parties would want the partnership to dissolve mid way. Hence, there are multiple factors to consider, such as financial feasibility, time, future, along with whether. Or not the temperaments of the two parties match enough to make it work.

All, in all, I do believe that it is a good opportunity that needs to be looked into in detail, in order to determine whether it will truly yield high profits for both parties in future.




总而言之,我认为这是一个很好的机会,需要仔细研究,才能确定未来是否真正为双方带来高利润。 合伙创业代写


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