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Branding Industries代写 Question 1:Some of the most prosperous nations have use slogans to their advantage by promoting curiosity.

Question 1

Syria is a struggling country primarily due to the calamity of civil war. But the state can rebrand itself and promote its ancient artifacts for tourist attraction and investment (Papadopoulos, Hamzaoui-Essoussi, & Rojas-Méndez, 2016). The most efficient method is the use of the slogan. Some of the most prosperous nations have use slogans to their advantage by promoting curiosity. For instances, Slovenia use “I feel sLOVEnia,” and Ireland use “Jump into Ireland” (BrandNow, 2018). Similarly, Syria can use a slogan like “See the new Syria” or “come rebuild Syria.”

Question 2 Branding Industries代写

Luis Vuitton is not an exemption luxury brand. Luis Vuitton is considered an innovative global brand of choice by its unique design and positioning on the affluent class, which leaves consumers to crave for its best regardless of the cost (Carter, 2017). The company products are personalized to suit the needs of the consumers. Also, the brand is involved in social responsibilities since it has realized modern consumers prefer brands that show concerns for society, such as promoting fashion competitions. Branding Industries代写**范文

Most importantly, Luis Vuitton has managed to be at the top because of its timelessness as a brand of class and quality. Additionally, the consumers need to see it as a brand of inclusion, unlike in the traditional sense, when luxury brands were considered with exclusivity. Furthermore, modern luxury consumers want a better experience like online shopping. The consumers of Luis Vuitton products aim to affirm their art of living through personal experience (Kapferer, 2016). Therefore, Luis Vuitton target luxury consumers and fashion enthusiasts.

Branding Industries代写
Branding Industries代写

Question 3  Branding Industries代写

Luis Vuitton is largely impacted by the black market that produces crones of the original. Although the black market might be perceived to affect the company negatively, it indeed builds Luis Vuitton products. In so doing, counterfeit consumers will see the differences in quality, fashion, durability, and innovation of the original product with the fake ones.

Question 4

Apple can be analyzed using the Kapferer brand identity prism, which includes physique, personality, culture, self-image, reflection, and relationship. Apple uses sleek style as its physique (Lombard, 2018). The personality is communicated through its apple shape that appeals for tenderness, sweet, and benefit. The culture is reflected by the products innovativeness, security features, and durability. Apple creates a good relationship with its customers through its free app store, security, a guarantee of warranty, and replacement for new and trending devices. Branding Industries代写**范文

In essence, to create reflection Apple appeal to all kinds of consumers, but associate their product with vibrant, adventurous and energetic people irrespective of age, weight, race, etc. most importantly, Apple creates a self-image of an outgoing, intelligent and innovative customer. Apple products are mostly made for Millennials and Generation Z.

Question 5  Branding Industries代写

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational company the specializes in the online retail market. The company was founded in 1999 and offer C2C, B2B, and B2C sales services. Considering the 5Ss of digital marketing (Chaffey, 2018); Alibaba has high sales and has grown to a global entity, it has enhanced internet to keep the dialogue and participation of its customers, and ever since it was started it has continued to add value through online retailing services and delivery. Branding Industries代写**范文

Notably, the company online retail services have saved on the cost having to establish stores around the world and offer lower product prices to customers. However, the company needs to improve on the customer experience and satisfaction by ensuring a variety of product, easy payment methods, and prompt delivery in its regions of operation to achieve the sizzle.

References  Branding Industries代写

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Branding Industries代写
Branding Industries代写

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