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Harn Museum代写 The museum is located in UF Cultural Plaza are an in the campus and is considered as one of the largest art museums in the south of Florida.

Harn Museum is an art museum at the University of Florida.

The museum is located in UF Cultural Plaza are an in the campus and is considered as one of the largest art museums in the south of Florida (“Harn Museum Of Art”). The museum has more than 6200 permanent collection and other temporary exhibitions. The selections range from African, Asian, modern and contemporary art and photography. From outside, it is a large building painted cream with front glass windows and the entrance. The compound is full of grass and palm trees which create an environment that is fresh and cool. Harn Museum代写**范文

At the entrance and the reception area is the elegant spaces that create a magical experience. There are few temporary exhibitions at the reception providing the impression of an art museum at a glance. The exhibits are then arranged depending on the cultures or themes and then categories of permanent and temporary ones. Walking in the exhibit made me feel in a different world experiencing diverse magic of arts and photography.

After a close look and orientation with the museum, I selected “Art of Inquiry Juried Exhibition.” Harn Museum代写

The Exhibition showcase the works of artists in the Gainesville region (Harn Museum Of Art). The exhibits are presented for consideration as they explore the environment, imagined word, media, another perspective of questioning different phenomena and common practices. The exhibition presents a broad range of art including paintings, sculptures, drawings, printmaking, photography, ceramic fiber arts and more. These are juror selected and hence are the best representation of various themes in perfect manners. Harn Museum代写**范文

Out of these many arts, I selected “Global Warming” by Michael Frommer. Frommer is an art school graduate who had a passion for painting. The art is acrylic on canvas painted on 2018 and by the look of it, and as the name suggests, it is a representation of climate changes and effects to the environment and most importantly its impact to humankind.

Harn Museum代写
Harn Museum代写

The “Global warming” painting caught my attention for several reasons. Harn Museum代写

The name of the art itself attracted me to want to know more about it. I am concerned with global climate, and hence when anything like it cannot go unnoticed. The other thing that caught my attention is the man at the foreground wearing a mask and a hut and the two young ones wearing welding-like-headgear. Then there are men hanging half naked at the background who seems to strain to keep floating. Harn Museum代写**范文

Another notable features are the brown color and standing cacti-like structures with a color motif at the right. There is also a large boulder rock at the middle ground which contrasts with the sky blue color. The whole painting scenarios create a scene of hot and dry land.

Global warming has become a global issue of concern in the contemporary world. Harn Museum代写

The climate is changing at an alarmingly higher rate as air pollution continue to increase. The global climate change concerns have dealt with by the media through videos, pictures, and paintings. In the context of Frommer work, it is clear that his primary concern is the consequences of global warming and how it is likely to hurt the humankind. The presentation in the painting foreshadows what is expected to happen in long-run after continued pollution. Harn Museum代写**范文

The man at the foreground and the two little ones wearing protective gears is a depiction of a harsh environment that will inhabitable for humans. Frommer also paints them wearing head masks and carrying with them gas cylinder to show lack of life support. It is an unimaginable situation that any human would wish to be. Besides, at the background are the hanging men who seem to suspend themselves not to touch the ground. The men are also half-naked to show the hotness they are experiencing and the only way to cool themselves. Harn Museum代写**范文

The brown ground color is a representation of sandy ground that cannot support vegetation. The various white calligraphic lines are dotting the middle concentrate the level of difference air pollution. The boulder rock and cacti-like structures culminate the desert condition. Notably, “Global warming” is a perfect presentation of the current climate concern and hence like I like it.

The art is a perfect representation and therefore similar to the desert images I have seen in media.  Harn Museum代写

Comparing the desert scenario with the painting is clear that Frommer had imagined desertification of earth and hence visualized the overall long-run impact of global warming. I could not expect the representation of global warming to be any better than that. Most importantly the image has added in my imagination on how to make representation in painting without precise meaning.

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Harn Museum Of Art. “Harn Museum Of Art,” Accessed 15 Apr 2019.

Harn Museum代写
Harn Museum代写

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