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Student Direction Is Influenced by Where They Come From

Philosophy代写 Nursing students need to prepare for the task ahead which involve nursing moral and ethical dilemma such as euthanasia…

Nursing students need to prepare for the task ahead which involve nursing moral and ethical dilemma such as euthanasia, treatment, access to patients, among other decisions. To be a competent professional oriented to the modern health care environment. The most critical areas that need to be honed are the attitude, beliefs, and values (Bastable, 2014). Philosophy代写

These form the part of useful domains on which nursing education should also focus. Nursing education within these valuable domains offers a challenge to the educators. It is therefore essential for the nursing department to provide these skills in their career as they are crucial to patient care. They also help in decision making when one is faced by the nursing ethical dilemmas which need a critical decision.

The nursing education needs to challenge or clarify some of the beliefs, behaviors, and values that a nursing student may possess. This is important mainly because the class has diverse students who don’t have shared beliefs and practices in modern higher education. Ideally, teachers and students should collaborate in providing the education system that is evolving with the needs of the healthcare.


Learning from the Experience Philosophy代写

My philosophy is that experience shape the student learning of the attitude, values, and beliefs. Experiences can be positive or negative, but they cannot be easily forgotten. It is believed that students can forget what the lecturer said but cannot forget how he or she made them feel. Using real-life experience and making real demonstration which student can connect emotionally, create the needed experience which imparts the intended ethical and moral lessons to the students. Through positive and negative experiences, students can critically reflect on the issues as presented by the lecturer, thus developing a strong sense of empathy and responsibility which they apply in their nursing career.

References Philosophy代写

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