Assessment 3 Business Report



Business Report代写 The problem in Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd organizational structure can be better addressed by implementing matrix structure.

Executive Summary

The problem in Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd organizational structure can be better addressed by implementing matrix structure. The failure of being dynamic will pose the risk of the company facing a future crisis and deterioration. The analysis is based on the organizing function of management. Organizing aim at a demonstration the importance of organization structure as a means by which company goals are achieved. Business Report代写**范文

While exploring on how to enhance the traditional management structure in the global market, it will be learned that application of matrix organizational structure, adaptive and organic design that are critical to the organization in the face of rapid environmental changes. The report recommends the company to focus on the implementation of matric organizational structure. However, it warns of all the contingencies that might be associated with its application.

Table of Contents        Business Report代写

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Assessment 3 Business Report —————————————————-4

Introduction —————————————————-4

Defining and Framing the Issues —————————————————-4

Addressing the Issue —————————————————-6

Adaptive and Organic Structure —————————————————-6

Matric Structure —————————————————-7

Conclusion —————————————————-8

Recommendations —————————————————-9

References —————————————————-11

Business Report代写
Business Report代写

Assessment 3 Business Report

Introduction          Business Report代写

A Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and a distributor of high performing and high-end technology systems using micro-electronics. Given that Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd is a growing company and owing to the current trends within and in the global market, if the company fail to manage changes to its structure, it might face a crisis in future. As the organization increases in size, quality, and production processes, its internal and external complexities in structure also increases, which might pose a management crisis (Sor, 2004). Business Report代写**范文

Therefore, it is essential for the management to keep watch of both internal and external factors changes to adapt accordingly. This report will use organizing functions of management in framing and analysis the issues as well as devising strategies for Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd (Schermerhorn, 2014). As such, this report will evaluate and recommend the position of the company to see its need for adaptive changes to its environment.

Defining and Framing the Issues        Business Report代写

Organizations are struggling to adapt or face a decline in the volatile environments in global economy and politics.

At the same time, the global market competition in the high-tech industry is intense. Thus, the rapid changes in the industry call for a focused, flexible, and dynamic management strategies. The organizing and planning functions of management is a valuable tool for preparing and responding to market turbulence in the future and hence ensure the company sustain and grow boost sales and innovation. Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd has continued to use traditional management structure. Business Report代写**范文

Although this approach is tested and proved as adequate, it might not be applicable when the company expands to the global market. Also, the method might not withstand the rapid changes in the high-tech industry. If the company trust the traditional structure and choose to perpetuate it through without room for flexibility, it risks limitations performance.

The traditional management structure is characterized by mechanical design.    Business Report代写

Hence it is bureaucratic in application and experiences challenges in the context of dynamic environments full of uncertainties. Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd is at the maturity stage. The continued use of traditional structure at this stage of the company requires continuous creativity and innovation to avoid becoming complacent. However, the company may not have a competitive advantage since the structure is bureaucratic to stability and hence lead it to deterioration.

Core values        Business Report代写

Organizations are using current core values in their management structures in the bid to increase innovation and hence become competitive. While this might be the case to some management structures, it is not the case with the traditional organization structure. The structure is not adaptive to the modern day dynamics in the global market (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou, & Venkatraman, 2013). Therefore, better structure and new strategies are necessary to ensure the company continues being productive and innovative.

Communication          Business Report代写

Communication is critical in organization management. It is the role of the management team to have effective communication. It ensures that all departments get access to quality information and that employees are updated and consistent with the current trends (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2017). Notably, the company has to rethink on its global strategies as it aims to harness a broader market for competitiveness. The company should come up with an adaptive structure that is responsive to the global environment.

Work environment          Business Report代写

Moreover, employees’ sense of identity and autonomy is critical in building an innovative work environment (Giebels, de Reuver, Rispens, & Ufkes, 2016). As such, the management needs to provide comfortable and relaxed working conditions. The function of organizing can be used by the administration to achieve human resource management goals (Keegan, Bitterling, Sylva, & Hoeksema, 2018).  Organizing decides on the most appropriate organizational structure that fit the company’s strategic plans and an unpredictable business environment it operates.

Addressing the Issue          Business Report代写

Adaptive and Organic Structure

Globalization and technologies have continued to expose the limitations of bureaucratic structures such as traditional organization method (Eriksen, 2018). The forces and actors in the global market have made it highly competitive, and hence requiring companies to be adaptive and dynamic. As a result, adaptive and organic designs have become the new trend in organizational structures. The new approaches to management enable reconfiguration of the company structure. Thus, the company becomes more horizontal to allow flexibility and speedy execution of tasks which focus on the company objectives.

The use of adaptive design allows the management to apply less bureaucracy.          Business Report代写

In such cases, the organization operational culture encourages employee empowerment and participation (Fullan, 2014). Besides, adaptive design can also be used as organic design through which the company becomes more personalized in the coordination of tasks. The organic design allows informal structures and connections using interpersonal contacts. The authority is more decentralized, and rules and procedures are not strictly followed. Hence, the model has less division of labor and a broader span of control. The management becomes flexible enough to make decisions as per the prevailing circumstances.

Therefore, adaptive and organic design elements give a horizontal structure.          Business Report代写

The structure is flexible and can be used by the company to sail through changing demand environments (Hambrick, Humphrey, & Gupta, 2015). In so doing, it increases responsiveness to demand and work on the strong teamwork that is customer oriented and responsive. The company become adaptive to both external and internal changing environments. Thus, it gains a competitive advantage with adaptive management, which will subsequently increase company performance.

Matric Structure          Business Report代写

The adoption of matric structure is the other step by Sig-Possessing Systems towards achieving a horizontal management structure. The structure allows flexibility and ease of problem-solving in its pursuit of equalizing the authorities. It is a company structure through which reporting relationships are set at the grid than in the traditional hierarchy. The use of the structure ensures that employees have dual reporting relationships. Business Report代写**范文
















Figure 1: (Source

Unlike traditional structure, matrix structure organizes employees in two formal groups, including functional group and divisional group (Hanover Research, 2013). The approach allows cross-functional reporting and integration of roles as well as expertise while focusing on a particular project. The method increases productivity.

Figure 1 represents a simple matrix structure and how dual reporting exists (Hall, 2013).          Business Report代写

Functional managers are presented on the columns, and the rows depict project managers. Employees are at the intersections of the rows and the columns. The dual reporting happen because when working on a project, the employee can either report to the functional manager or the project manager. The grid provides a shorter chain of command where there is continuous contact between the employee and the managers. Business Report代写**范文

It increases the reporting on project progress and communications from the department. Management can make decisions fast more efficiently. There will be increased productivity and problem-solving since decisions are made at the team level, and employees are well-informed. The management can focus on other vital issues that affect the company strategic goals.

Matrix structure          Business Report代写

Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd is a large and growing company, and matrix structure may cause problems. As the size of the company increases, so does the complexity in its structure. Therefore, the span of control is low, owing to the vertical structure. The structure is not suitable in a dynamic environment that the company has. The use of matrix structure is the solution to the problem of an inability to adapt to various environmental since it allows flexibility, interpersonal sharing, and employee autonomy. Employees are better utilized by being allowed to apply their talents, skills, and competence. Matric structure is most appropriate to a global company.

Conclusion              Business Report代写

The 21st-century business environments are rapidly changing and hence, unpredictable (Hamilton & Webster, 2018).

Therefore, Sig-Processing Systems Pty Ltd is advice to implement matrix structure and do away with the traditional structure, which would likely cause a future crisis. The analysis of matrix structure reveals that it is easy to identify problems in the company. Information technology can be used to facilitate and fast track the company to adapt to the environments. Adequate and efficient adaptation to changes increases future profitability by improving production, innovation, and increase competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, the company is likely to face complications while implementing a matrix structure.            Business Report代写

It is believed that the structure can cause internal complexities and increase overhead costs. It is also likely to confuse employees when new. As such, employees may not fully utilize the benefits of dual-reporting, while functional and project managers may compete for power and resource. The leadership wrangles may cause frustration on employees and slow progress. For the company to shift from traditional method to matrix structure, it will have to have additional investment to acquire more managers. The matrix structure can be expensive to achieve but a worthy investment.

Recommendations        Business Report代写


The company should have a pilot test of the matrix structure by the start of July 2019. It should employ and deploy managers to the divisional groups. Their primary roles would be product innovations, global strategies, and increased productivity as well as achieving a competitive advantage. The pilot structure should run for two months, after which all employees would have been being oriented with the structure for official adoption.

ii.          Business Report代写

Besides implementing the new structure in the company, there is a need for change in the company culture (Fullan, 2014). It calls for new core values which will align with the matrix structure. The company employees should be trained on the new structure and values before they sign the company’s commitment to integrity and adherence to values.


By the end of September 2019, the company will evaluate the structure implementation process and performance indicators. A team responsible for its implementation should also ensure employees are proficient in its standards and procedures. To further reinforce the structure and its culture, the company should have programs such as team-building which create interpersonal and team connections. Regular reviews will be necessary.

Business Report代写

References          Business Report代写

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