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Business Case代写 The paper gives a detailed report on the project to facilitate decision-making regarding space utilization and planning.

Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of the People Counter System for the University of Sydney in Lao


The purpose of this business case is to solicit for approval by TPS Traffic and Parking Systems PTY Ltd to supply, install, and maintain the People Counter System in The University of Sydney in Lao. The paper gives a detailed report on the project to facilitate decision-making regarding space utilization and planning.

The total cost for this project is $338,815 (Inc. GST), in which:

  • $328,240 (Inc. GST) is the cost for 160 thermal people counting sensors, the initial implementation works, the ongoing support services, and the annual room utilization software license for all sensors.
  • $10,575 (Inc. GST) is the cost for the network contractor to supply materials, install and testing the cabling.

Background  Business Case代写

In the past, Property Services Department at the University of Sydney in Lao arranged room usage audits by surveying rooms every semester using manual surveyors. The surveyors will count the number of students who participated in each classroom per hour or per haft-hour of a typical week of learning and teaching activity, not the full year activity. Hence, these kinds of surveys only represent a snapshot of the moment in time the manual studies were completed, are labor intensive to carry out, and are also susceptible to human errors. Business Case代写**范文

Besides, classes which weren’t to be running in the allocated learning and teaching space cannot be identified immediately during the one-week environmental audit. There is a need to improve the quality and frequency of data, as well as representation of space use throughout the year measured in real time to reliably use the results from these space audit surveys.

Space audit  Business Case代写

Therefore, every year, the university quality and control department carries out a comprehensive space audit regarding learning, teaching, and research. The audit seeks to determine how well the university students and staff are utilizing the space available and whether it is serving the intended service. The aim is to identify areas that have low usage and still have cost apportioned to them. As such, the exercise is conducted by TEFMA Guidelines and informs recommendations for improvements. Business Case代写**范文

However, the exercise is needed much labor and takes a whole week. To do the survey takes more than 50 students each working for 60 hours per week. The students are expected to visit each area in L & T spaces in the university from 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. The whole survey costs an estimate of $80,000, intensive labor, and time.

In 2016  Business Case代写

The People Counter system using thermal people counter sensor technology combined with data analytics software was successfully implemented in THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, which improved the quality of data. Having data available in real time will enable quick adjustments to the timetables to ensure classes are allocated appropriately regarding room sizes and rooms will no longer be required reallocation for other needs.

In 2018

The People Counter sensors were also installed in a few rooms in The University of Sydney in Lao, which proved to be a better method compared to the mentioned manual surveyors (Viriyavisuthisakul, Sanguansat, Toriumi, Hayashi, & Yamasaki, 2017). Hence, we suggest to expand the project and install the mentioned counters for another 160 rooms in 2019.

Business Case代写
Business Case代写

Summary  Business Case代写

As mentioned above, the current manual survey method to generate space utilization reports may be inaccurate due to human errors. The People Counter system is recommended to improve the outcomes of learning, teaching, and property use (Cetinkaya, & Akcay, 2015). The implementation and maintenance of a space counter system will enhance the utilization and effective use of the university facilities. Business Case代写**范文

The use of available space offers the opportunity for growth in learning, teaching, and research. The project is in line with the 2020 strategic plan for better use of available space to save on cost and increase efficiency. The target is to reduce the costs related to power consumption and several students per tutor.

The mentioned system will be supplied by TPS Traffic and Parking Systems PTY Ltd.  Business Case代写

The University of Sydney in Melbourne previously contracted the company. Therefore, it was requested to waive repeating the tender process for this application to The University of Sydney in Lao.

Initially, the People Counter system will be used to track and count people.

However, the application also provides expanded capabilities. The system can be integrated with the existing timetable and student enrolment data or integrate with the Building Management system to control each room’s mechanical air conditioning systems and other systems.

The following items are within the scope of this project:

  • Supply and Install the people counting system including hardware and software
  • Run tests to ensure the system operates as expected
  • Provide operational training to Property Services the University of Sydney in Lao staff
  • Carry out maintenance service to prevent system failures
  • Diagnose causes and propose solutions when the system malfunctions

Further details and information relating to this system are written in the Attachment No 2

Budget  Business Case代写

The total proposed cost for this project is $338,815 (Inc. GST) as detailed breakdown below:

Item Approved Budget
The People Counter system by TPS Traffic and Parking Systems PTY Ltd
160 Gazelle Dual View Thermal People Counting sensors $244,800
People Counter Installation includes:

· Sensor Installation

· Installation During Normal Business Hours of Space Counting Sensors (In Lao)

*Excludes weekend work

*Excludes Variations

*Excludes Scissor Lift Hire for Height above 4m

· Network cable to be provided by others to Sensor location, network to be tested and commissioned before installation

Annual room utilization software license for 160 sensors

· Note: High ceiling bracket installation will be charged at an additional $200 plus GST

SUB TOTAL For the People Counter system $298,400
GST $29,840
TOTAL COST For the People Counter system (INC. GST) $328,240
Cabling works by Netcab
Materials and accessories $7,189.39
Installation, testing $2,423.25
SUBTOTAL For cabling works $9,612.65
GST $961.26
TOTAL COST For Cabling works (INC. GST) $10,575

Program  Business Case代写

The target schedule for the delivery of this project is as follows:

Activity Target Completion
Start installation  
Complete installation and start testing  
Completing testing and transferring  
Fully operational by Property Services staff  

Risk/ Opportunities  Business Case代写

Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation
The risk that required resources will not be available to meet schedule demands M H Develop a resource plan in advance and confirm book accordingly
The risk that the academic staff will be unhappy having attendance of classes recorded and monitored L M Communicate to the academic staff in advance for their understanding of the importance of this project and the benefits that this project can bring to THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY
The risk that funds are not approved promptly impacting delivery time L H Seek approval of the project brief including for required in-house staff to support rapid delivery


Business Change Outcomes  Business Case代写

The project aims to harness space utilization and will allow real-time data delivery for analysis throughout its entire operation (Pham, Nguyen, Tran, Chu, & Tran, 2017). The system will be integrated with the lecture timetables to ensure appropriate adjustments and coordination between students and tutors for better performance. The data thus collected can be used in property development strategic plans (Parthornratt, Burapanonte, & Gunjarueg, 2016). It will also be analyzed to identify areas that need improvement for increased efficiency and usage. Therefore, using the existing property portfolio to identify space weaknesses and strengths will negate the need for additional costs and investment in acquiring new premises or leasing.

People counter system  Business Case代写

If the full amount $338,815 budgeted for this project is available, 160 dual rooms will be installed with the people counter system. The sensors will be distributed in lecture halls, classrooms, and other premises around the university. The project will mark the beginning of exploring the benefits of technologies in learning institutions. If the project is successful, it can be extended to other rooms and spaces in the university to further save on cost and efficiency on asset usage. Business Case代写**范文

As such, the purchase and implementation of the People Counter system will provide the following key features

which are intended to exceed the manual space audit survey:

  • Create efficiency for timetables of students and staff by delivering utilization data in real time throughout the entire year, rather than over one week and will integrate with timetable data to enable adjustment to be made to establish the best outcomes. For instance, the system will identify spaces that are crowded or underutilized and hence provide opportunities for these situations to be addressed immediately.
  • Enhance decision making regarding space utilization and space planning by delivering instant utilization data throughout the entire year (not a pattern week data as the manual survey). The mentioned data also sets a strong foundation for the development of property planning strategies to improve facilities and services for the benefit of students and staff.
  • Occupancy data recorded will provide meaningful feedback to Schools, and trend information will benefit learning and teaching outcomes.
  • Understand the use and hourly population profile of the University’s buildings. This information can be applied to provide saving in lighting, cleaning, and air conditioning operational costs. For instance, the People Counting system may integrate with the Building Management system to control each room with mechanical air conditioning systems. In case no student shows up for a class, the air conditioning will turn off by command from the People Counting system which will save electricity cost for the University.

Case Studies  Business Case代写

Other higher learning institutions have implemented the system. The Australian National University has student counting system in its more than 50 lecture halls. The university had initially installed the system in 30 halls, which were later increased to 50 after the management realized the benefit of the system offering solutions monitoring attendance. The system has allowed the institution to triangulate the lecture attendance and monitoring of students’ participation in classes through the number of downloads. The university is carrying out the analysis of the data collected over time to find room for improving student learning outcomes. Business Case代写**范文

The University of Technology Sydney is another learning institution that has benefited from the installation of the student counting system. The system has been integrated with the Building Management System for better control. A such, the university uses the system to switch on and off the mechanical air conditioning system. The logic used in the system is to switch off if no person shows up in the room. Therefore, when air conditioning is turned off, over time, the institution saves 50% of the power cost.

Risks with the Project  Business Case代写

There is an instance the cost estimates fall short of the actual cost. Thus, institution risk spending more cash than budgeted for or can lead to stalling of the project. The cost estimations were taken from the upper limit to give space for fluctuations in costs and mitigate this risk. The budgeted IT switches may be lower, and hence additional switches may be needed. Also, as people are resistance to change, academic and teaching community may not be happy with surveillance.

Request for Approval  

The project will seek approval for installation of the system in 160 lecture halls at an estimated cost of $338,815. The university will fund the project.

Business Case代写
Business Case代写

Other Benefits for the Project  Business Case代写

i. It will provide real-time and accurate recording of lectures in all the lecture halls

ii. The data collected will be used to decide on the property plans and development for better services to students and staff

iii. The system will maximize the usage of available space and hence increase the return on capital investment

iv. The data from the system will show spaces that are poorly utilized so that they can be repurposed for better uses

v. The data for population and football can be used in facilitating the decision on building capacities, service provision, security, retail services and more that can support the community

vi. The utilization of property is estimated to increase by 40 percent.

vii. It also estimated that the frequency of attendance to lectures would increase

viii. The overall power cost will reduce significantly

ix. The use of the system with timetable help in coordination and accommodation of students

x. Improvement in the use of the current facilities will negate the need for additional investment in building

xi. The institution will save resources and money since no need for conducting an annual survey on space utilization

Conclusion  Business Case代写

The supply, installation, and maintenance of people count system it solution to costly and labor-intensive space utilization survey conducted annually. The system will offer a solution to space utilization for the period of its operations. The real-time and accurate record of data keeps up with the technology trends. As such, university management has a reliable and less costly option to make an informed decision on property plans and strategic plan. The overall impact is improved space usage, teaching and learning, and hence higher institutional ranking.

References  Business Case代写

Cetinkaya, H. H., & Akcay, M. (2015). People counting at campuses. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 182, 732-736.

Pham, V. T., Nguyen, T. A. D., Tran, T. T. Q., Chu, T. P. D., & Tran, D. T. (2017). A Novel Step Counter Supporting for Indoor Positioning Based On Inertial Measurement Unit.

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Viriyavisuthisakul, S., Sanguansat, P., Toriumi, S., Hayashi, M., & Yamasaki, T. (2017, August). An Automatic People Counter in Stores Using a Low-Cost IoT Sensing Platform. In International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (pp. 137-144). Springer, Cham.


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