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Business Proposal

Business Proposal代写 According to the report by the World Health Statistics Report, there are 3.9 million in the United States.

Industry Overview

According to the report by the World Health Statistics Report, there are 3.9 million in the United States. There is a need for more nursing practices as the demand for healthcare grows and it is estimated that more than 1 million nurses will be needed by 2020 (World Health Organization, 2015). Also, according to WHO, more nursing practitioners will be needed through 2022 than any other profession. The report predicts that the U.S. needs more than 1 million nurses to avoid any nursing future health care services shortage. Business Proposal代写**范文

Therefore, any nurse entering an independent nursing practice has the advantage of growing health care market. In particular, opening Obstetrics & Gynecology center in California is one way of responding to the growing health care needs in women. More than 35 million uninsured Americans are now able to access healthcare care through the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act. In this context, more women and children can access the Obstetrics and Gynecology care than before.

Executive Summary  Business Proposal代写

The practitioner will specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology care for women during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth as well as provide postpartum care. Although these services are available in other healthcare facilities a more specialized unit is well positioned for quality services and care that most women need in California. The services offered should be of quality, customized attention, with fewer delays, unlike other combined other private and government facilities that offer similar services.

Therefore, the practitioner will plan to leverage a mix of strategies to differentiate him/herself in the market.

Specialization in healthcare services is one of the trends in healthcare services, and the practitioner can plan to use it to make a difference in the industry. Also, he/she can plan to customize patient services which are currently difficult for other healthcare facilities to achieve. Customized care plans and high-end customer services are the approaches that will capture value in the market while offering the necessary customer services in Los Angeles, California. Business Proposal代写**范文

Moreover, the practitioner’s marketing strategy will include a combination of print media, social media, adverting, websites, networking, and promotional events around Los Angeles. The service prices will be based on Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance regulations. Hence, pricing will not be a significant differentiating factor.

Business Proposal代写
Business Proposal代写

Products and Services  Business Proposal代写

The practitioner will be providing Obstetrics and Gynecology to women of all ages. Both outpatient and inpatient services will be available. The nurse will use various procedures including but not limited to biopsies, trigger point injections, and more. Also, he/she will incorporate various treatment modalities such as cryotherapy, hyfrecator, and others. Therefore, the facility will focus on preventive care, new problems, pre-or post-surgery, chronic problems other conditions associated with Obstetrics and Gynecology care.

Market Analysis  Business Proposal代写

Market Trends

The practitioner will have to adapt to the market trends which are moving the healthcare industry. As such, trends like the availability of insurance cover to the majority of Americans increase the accessibility of health services as well as demand for quality services. As a start-up, the facility will be required to install modern equipment that will provide faster, specialized, and quality services.

Demand for Obstetrics and Gynecology Services Business Proposal代写

Health services for women are expected to grow exponentially by 6% by 2020 (Dall, Chakrabarti, Storm, Elwell, & Rayburn, 2013). Most ob-gyn services are offered to women between the age of 18-44. Therefore, demand has increased the need for more specialized physicians and nursing services. Specialized facilities are well positioned to offer quality services that patient want.

Increased Demand for Outpatient Nursing Services

Today, patients have become more aware of their health needs. Therefore, some patients are requesting for continued treatment after a hospital stay. It has increased the demand for nurses to offer outpatient services. As such, the number of independent nurses will continue to increase as the market grows.

Target Market  Business Proposal代写

The practitioner will establish the facility in Los Angeles as it’s the most strategic area of operation. The city has a high population of over 4 million and trending. The ratio of men to women is 97:100 meaning that there are more than 100000 more women than men (, n.d). The target market will be women of all ages living or coming to Los Angeles. Most city women are aware of their health and hence make regular visits to have OB-GYN services and check-ups. The market is expected to grow as the population grows. Therefore, offering an opportunity for more independent nursing practice.

Competitive Advantage  Business Proposal代写

Competition in OB-GYN services is high particularly in big cities like Los Angeles. However, there are few specialized OB-GYN facilities as most offer various health services. To survive competition requires quality services and patient satisfaction. The established business will differentiate itself from through customized customer services and use of high-end medical technologies.

Sales and Marketing Plan  Business Proposal代写

Marketing and Sales Strategy

To reach out to the market, the practitioner plan to use a variety of strategies targeting women of all ages in Los Angeles. The facility will use a mix of prints adverts, media adverts, and online platforms. One of the most productive sales and marketing effort is social media marketing. Thus, the practitioner will open social media platforms from where he/she will be making communications and networking with customers as well as creating awareness of the services offered at the health care center. Besides, he/she will use television adverts and print media. Also, the practitioner will engage professional companies to carry out its publicity and promotion activities.

Business Proposal代写
Business Proposal代写

References  Business Proposal代写

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World Health Organization. (2015). World health statistics 2015. World Health Organization.


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