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Positioning Statement for Regina

商科代写 We are at the internet age where speed, security, and convenience are the key elements that define every technology we use.

We are at the internet age where speed, security, and convenience are the key elements that define every technology we use. It is not time to wander on how to integrate various technologies for convenience. I mean who does not want to feel emotional, intellectually, behaviorally, and physically connected to their latest technology acquisition? I guess you do.商科代写

If that is the case, are you young, outgoing and a tech survey? Do you take a lot of pictures that you wonder how and where to save them to save on space and share with your friends? Do you have social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, and others and always eager to send and share photo messages? Do you have the latest camera phone that you use to capture elegant pictures of your friends that you wish to keep memories of in your desktop or PC? Do you enjoy fast internet and wireless sharing and you would want a solution to connect your laptop or desktop with your phone? You have all these, but you find it challenging to connect to your latest smartphone to your computer.

Worry no more because PicDeck is here to sort you out. With PicDeck you can send pictures instantly to your computer wirelessly and instantly with not even a touch of the button. It is easy and fast. All you need to have is a PicDeck app in your phone and computer PC or desktop, subscribe and boom you are ready to go wild in photo sharing and save without much hustle and pain. There is no other app in the market like PicDeck that bridges the gap between you, your phone, and PC to allow you share pictures wireless, fast and conveniently.


hy PicDeck 商科代写

i.PicDeck is the latest in the market. No other application offers the best services as we do.

ii.Our app services offer more convenient imaging experience.

iii.The app keeps you at handy with your computer and smartphone.

iv.All these benefits plus affordability.商科代写

Theme to Emphasize in Creating a Positioning Statement

According to Gary, buyer behaviors fundamental in defining the target market segment. He broadly categorized buyer behavior in three broad categories of environment, buyer’s black box, and buyer response (p. 135). Each of these categories is further subcategories that give specific definitions of a segment. In the context of PicDeck market, the most appropriate market segment needs to be internet and tech survey, love social media and sharing pictures, and most probably a young person. In addition to these aspects, the segment needs to be able to afford a monthly subscription fee for the app. Besides, the segment must be willing to go with the latest technologies and is willing and able to adopt them.商科代写

The selected persona for this segment is Regina. She is from a middle-class family meaning that she can afford to acquire the PicDeck. Regina is a tech survey and relies entirely on the internet and social media platforms like Facebook and MySpace to connect to her friends and family. She loves socializing and takes a spontaneous picture of her and friends which necessitate her to have a way of connecting to her computer for storage of these pictures. On top of these, she loves managing her photos using her PC. She needs a convenient way of connecting her laptop to her phone. Therefore, PicDeck app services are most suited to her needs.

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