The impact of cultural factors on consumer behavior

商科essay代写 Consumer behavior is strongly influenced by the peers of an individual, along with the culture in which the person has been brought up.

Consumer behavior is strongly influenced by the peers of an individual, along with the culture in which the person has been brought up. Nowadays, consumer behavior is influenced not only by consumer personalities and motivations, but also by the relationships within families (Yakup Darmaz, 2014).  Families raise us and teach us what is right and wrong, based on their belief systems. And thereby, they end up influencing our behaviors and decisions when we decide what to purchase and what to avoid.

Since I am a Muslim, therefore, I identify with Muslims and their values much stronger than anything else. 商科essay代写

My family has brought me up to be a stout believer of the values and teachings of our Holy Book, The Quran. I was brought up in Turkey, where my parents spent all their lives, and thus firmly believe in everything that was taught to me. For instance, eating pork is considered Haram in our religion, so we try to avoid it entirely and prefer eating beef, mutton and veal instead. I came to America with the intension of further pursuing my studies, and have been studying here for quite some time. Growing up, I always believed that cultural differences do not matter, however, I believe that cultural differences can actually open your eyes to a lot of different aspects of societal life.

We love wearing scarves, and back in Turkey, most of the women in my family cover their heads with scarves when going out to the market. When it comes to purchasing, we usually like doing that in groups, and heading to the local market to buy the stuff that we need. Here in America, I find it difficult to find meat that I can easily eat, as most of the places do not offer Halal meat. So, the only option that I have left are primarily vegetarian dishes that are available. Even then, we need to be careful, as Muslims are not allowed to take alcohol in any way, so at times, when I am out shopping for myself, especially groceries, then I need to skim through the ingredients first in order to determine that they do not contain anything that is considered haram in our religion.

Muslims differ greatly from the US population in terms of consumer behavior, because we usually buy our ingredients and cook at home, since most of the food available outside is not Halal. On the other hand, our dressing also differs, as we prefer to wear less revealing clothes, in which we are comfortable. While there are many Muslims living in the United States, I think most of our purchase behavioral patterns differ. There are those who do not mind earing haram food, whereas, there are also those who feel that eating vegetables is a far better choice.


On the other hand, there are those who dress modestly, whereas, there are those who dress as per the current fashion trends.

However, I do feel, that for those Muslims whose families live here, Mothers are the decision makers when it comes to buying for them or for the household. In Muslim families, mothers play a key role in being the decision maker of the house, in terms of what the child wears, and eats. And even my consumer behavior is immensely influenced by how my mother raised me, and now that I am here, in America, I realize that my habits are also much like hers. To me, family means everything and it matters the most to me. And for most of the Muslims, that is the case. We usually take advice from our family when purchasing anything, and I am usually with my mother on Face Time, talking to her, discussing what to buy, making a list of all the things I need, and even while shopping, I send pictures to her of things/ products I am interested in, to take her opinion on it.

The fact that we do not consume alcohol is something that is taken as a surprise by many of the US residents, and in fact some even ridicule us for not consuming it. Others think that covering ourselves in modest clothing is a form of repression, when that is hardly the case. We do it out of our own free will. This is a clear example of how many people try to force others to confirm to their views, because they are simply unable to understand and accept the difference between them.

However, this is how we as a separate religious group are, and if an advertiser were to target us, then they would have to first of all understand what makes us want to purchase a product, all the things we look for, and then go for an emotional appear that actually clicks with us.

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