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Domestic terrorism代写 This paper to establish the various ways domestic terrorism has been investigated citing cases and studies on terrorism.


Abstract  Domestic terrorism代写

Domestic terrorism being a major threat to global critical sectors has created high alert and nations coming together to pull up efforts in a bid to curb terrorism destruction. Investigative agencies have done a great deal of job in ensuring. That terrorism plots and activities are detected the earliest possible before they occur. Terrorism today has been taken a global issue rather than a single nations agenda. Because any country can be affected by it in one way or the other.  Domestic terrorism代写**范文

United State of America has proven itself at the front line in fighting against terrorism within its boundaries as well as beyond to protect its interests and interests of allied nations. The many efforts it has initiated have gone way too long in ensuring that extremist groups come to an end. These efforts are dating back in decades ago. It is therefore the focus of this paper to establish the various ways domestic terrorism has been investigated citing cases and studies on terrorism.

Key words: Domestic terrorism, global issue, investigations

Domestic Terrorism Investigations  Domestic terrorism代写

Terrorism has been a global concern for the last few decades. Many countries like United States, Iraq, Iran, Somalia to name just a few are suffering various wounds of domestic terrorism perpetrated from within and outside the borders. The trends at which terrorism is increasing has made the government alert and watchful in guarding the critical infrastructural sectors of the country. Because terrorism is a global threat, countries have joined efforts for reinforcement against the attacks and waging war against the extremist groups engaging in terrorism activities. Domestic terrorism代写**范文

Although for decades it has been believed that terrorism mainly involves the use of weapons and other lethal arsenals, most recently the scope of terrorism has been extended to include cyber-terrorism and related economic sabotages (Abellán, 2018). These new dimensions of terrorism are also considered to cause a far-reaching effects on the critical infrastructural sectors. Therefore, in carrying out investigations, the anti-terrorist unit and detectives must have more diverse approach to the problems of terrorism.

In these regards  Domestic terrorism代写

Domestic terrorism as compared to international terrorism is the violence against the citizens of a particular country or key sector in the country which can be perpetrated by a citizen of that country or an outsider (Watts, 2018). The main intention of a terrorist attack is to intimidate the government. And its people or to influence the country’s policies as well as a political playground. Therefore, the government through its multi-agency and multi-national approaches. Seek to ensure national security as well as that of the critical infrastructural sectors which are mostly the primary targets of the terror attacks. Moreover, the government also ensure enhanced disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Since the 9/11 attack in the United States  Domestic terrorism代写

The U.S government, utilizing all its machinery, policing, and armed forces are always on the high alert in keeping at the bay any likely attack. In its bid to uncover terrorist attacks, the U.S government have found some plots and has successfully managed to suppress their occurrence attributing to the constant domestic surveillance and law enforcement.

Domestic terrorism代写
Domestic terrorism代写

As such, the government is vigilant on the homegrown terrorism because of the heightened knowledge about terrorism attacks and methods as well as the emergence of the digital world. Where terrorists’ websites and connections are also on the rise. The investigations have identified that there are more than 15, 000 websites and internet forums which terrorists use to make uncensored communications. (O’Sullivan, 2012) Surprisingly, 80 percent of the website servers are in the U.S.

According to Hosenball (2018) reporting for Washington Reuters  Domestic terrorism代写

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is after more than 1000 foreign individuals connected to terrorism. It also reported that the investigations are targeting another 1000 domestic terrorists. These statistics have excluded the most groups like al-Qaeda and the ISIS investigations. According to Christopher Wray, the director of the U.S FBI, this is a worrying trend which calls for new measures and controls. Domestic terrorism代写**范文

The Congressional Research Services reported, “American Jihadist Terrorism: Combatting a Complex Threat” dating between May 2009. And November 2010 found out that the government made more than 22 homegrown terrorists associated with jihad terror groups. As per the report, this was a significant increase from the previously recorded arrests of 21 plots in the interim of seven years since September 22, 2001 terror attack. In seven years, the investigations have found that the two plots have resulted in the death of 14 people. As such, the findings were that the prevalence of an American being attracted to the jihad ideology is increasing alarmingly.

The main fear today is the increase in the rate of radicalization which is more attributed to the growth of the internet.  Domestic terrorism代写

The Government of the Netherlands (u.d), through National Coordinator for Counterterrorism shows that the internet is used by the extremist groups to spread propaganda and recruit people as lone wolfs who are stealth, unpredictable and not easy to detect. Therefore, more investigative works are also directing their attention to internet use and censorship to detect terror activities and plans.

Further, according to Galbraith (2018)  Domestic terrorism代写

Writing for the Australian Institute of International Affairs, pointed out that the advancement in technology. And increased access to the dark web have enhanced the activities of the terrorist. The dark web has also facilitated the access to illegal munitions pose a threat to the security. On the other hand, cybercrimes have also advanced to posing threats to the integrated critical sectors like communication, cyberspace, and other infrastructures dependent on internet connections. Domestic terrorism代写**范文

In her article Abellán (2018), reported that the Spain Civil Guard is in high alert following the “critical risk” of cyberterrorism attack. In this report, it is evident that cyberterrorism is slowly becoming apparent and a threat to the national critical sectors. And as such much like military tactics need to be used in preparedness as well as the fight against it.

Looking forward, with domestic terrorism taking a new twist so does the government control measures in adapting these new changes especially the use of cyberspace to plan and execute terror attacks. Additionally, the investigations need to be up to date with the new changes and trends in domestic terrorism to win this war.

References  Domestic terrorism代写

Domestic terrorism代写
Domestic terrorism代写

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