ECON7530 – Summer Semester

Assignment 1

国际贸易Assignment代写 Topic:Write an essay up to 1500 words(excluding references), consisting of two tasks:

Topic:Write an essay up to 1500 words(excluding references), consisting of two tasks:

1. Select a country and provide a brief overview of its recent international trade with two of its trade partners, including data and graphs.
2. Provide a theoretical grounding for the observed trade patterns using the theories developed in the course (Gravity, Ricardian, H-O, Standard Trade Model or New Trade theory). You need to use two different models in the essay (i.e. one model for each trading partner).

This topic provides ample scope for using data. Descriptive statistics, graphs and tables, will be sufficient. You are not required to do econometric analysis.
You are required to use a good mix of sources including the internet, textbooks, newspapers, and academic journals, articles from newspapers and business magazines. You must provide a list of full-ranged references used or referred to in the essay.

Criteria & Marking 国际贸易Assignment代写

Your assignment will be marked on the following criteria:
• Clarity of objective and focus of work (2 points)
• Use of Trade theories (8 points)
• Use of literature/evidence of research (7 points)
• Use of relevant data (5 points)
• Structure/clarity of expression (including essay flow, accuracy, spelling, punctuation, grammar) (4 points)
• Presentation (including identification and compliance of word limit) (1 point)
• Referencing (3 points)

In addition, there are some general points to consider:

• Your essay must have a cover page detailing your ID and word count.
• Remember to give a total word count(excluding references) on the cover page.
• Any reference style is allowed, but it must be consistent(i.e. same style throughout the essay).
• You cannot cite Wikipedia or Investopedia.
• If graphs/figures are used, remember to quote the source.
• Use academic writing style and not creative writing style.
• Do not plagiarize! It will be dealt with very seriously in UQ and is simply not worth trying.

Submission: 国际贸易Assignment代写

Each student should submit a Word or PDF file through the Turnitin link on the Blackboard course website.
Submission through email will not be accepted. All submissions will be run through the Turnitin anti-plagiarism software.

Some Tips:


• There are no points for going exotic examples. You are graded for what the quality of work, NOT for disclosing unknown facts about North Korea or Afghanistan.
• After choosing a country, pick two of its trading partners. This does not need to be the top two highest in trading volume or size, etc. One good criteria to choose is to think about whether you can persuade the reader that the trade relationship follows your nominated model of choice.
• After describing the trade pattern (with graph/table support), determine which theory fits this data relationship.

• Use two different models(i.e. no Ricardian and Ricardian). What if nothing fits? Then explain two that you thought should fit and then explain why they did not fit in reality.
• Remember to use academic articlesin the reference to support your arguments.
• We recommend using use data from reputable sources. Though publications like World Economic Outlook and OECD Economic Outlook took a lot more time to prepare than newspapers and, therefore, could be outdated at the time of release, using data until 2019 is okay, since it is easy to expect the pandemic to change the trade patterns completely.
• Make the introduction very clear and concise, and let us know what partners you are examining, and what trade models you plan to discuss.

Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes that lead to mark deduction are: 国际贸易Assignment代写
• Overly relying on a few reference sources which are not that credible, such as newspapers. Together with the last point, it means that there could be a tradeoff between being up-to-date and having credibility. The challenge here is to extract useful information from different sources and to integrate them together.
• Citing a lot of figures but without pointing out their implications.
• Focusing on a few things only and therefore lack of comprehensiveness in the analysis.
• Inappropriate referencing formats, such as not indicating the article titles or not indicating what points they referred to.
• Inconsistency between the analysis and the conclusion.
• Student cut and pasted statements/sentences from various sources instead of writing in their own words. Consequently, those “Frankenstein statements” did not read smoothly and did not provide a coherent view of what was going on.

Warning: Cutting and pasting materials from any sources is an act of plagiarism; if proven, it could result in a zero mark.