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Elon Musk

Elon Musk代写 This research paper will focus on Elon Musk to analyze his personal information, professional details, and his management skills and styles.


Elon Musk was once quoted saying failure is an option. He was right because he is not a failure himself and has accomplished a lot for himself and for the world to celebrate. There are many successful people around the world, but it cost a fortune to get the world to notice. Most of the celebrated people are the icons of success and change makers who leave the world better than they found it.  Elon Musk代写**范文

Some of the renowned people include Bill Gates, Steph Jobs, Warren Buffet, to name a few. Through their leadership, skills, and management styles, these people have created business empires and projects that changed the world. In this regard, this research paper will focus on Elon Musk to analyze his personal information, professional details, and his management skills and styles which made him successful. In essence, the paper looks to understand Musk and his success of being one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world.

Personal Details  Elon Musk代写

Elon Reeve Musk is a South African born American entrepreneur (Li-Ou, 2012). He was born on 28th June 1971 and raised in Pretoria.  Musk’s mother was a Canadian and a South African father. He spends much of early years with his brother Kimbal and sister Tosca. Musk developed an interest in computers early and started to training how to code. He was 12 when he had developed his game software called Blaster which he sold to a local company.  Elon Musk代写**范文

Elon Musk代写
Elon Musk代写

At the age of 17 years, he moved to Canada where he joined Queens University to avoid the mandatory military services that were required for all white people in South Africa. Two years later, Musk transferred to the University of Pennsylvania to study business at Wharton School and physics at the College of Arts and Science. He graduated with a bachelor degree in economics and a degree in applied physics.

From the University of Pennsylvania, Musk went to Stanford University to study a Ph.D. in applied physics.  Elon Musk代写

During this period, the internet had started to boom, and after two days he dropped his out of Stanford to pursue entrepreneurship. In 2000, Musk wedded Justine Wilson but after sometimes they had a contentious divorce. Musk and Wilson had five children. After divorce with Wilson, he met Talulah Riley and married her in 2010. The marriage with Riley ended in 2016. Since then, Musk has been on and off relationships.

Professional Background  Elon Musk代写

Musk’s entrepreneurship career began when he quitted pursuing Ph.D. in Stanford University. The first entry in business he co-founded Zip2 Corporation that operated a web software (“TheFamousPeople.com” 2018). Zip2 was later acquired at the cost of $307 million by Compaq Computer Corporation. After the sale of Zip2, Musk owned a series of companies.

In 1999, he formed X.com to offer online financial transactions.  Elon Musk代写

X.com was then acquired the following years leading to the creation of PayPal which was later acquired by eBay. After PayPal acquisition, Musk founded SpaceX in 2002. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) aimed at investing in spacecraft manufacturing and commercial space travel. SpaceX managed to launch its first spacecraft called Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket was sent to the International Space Station to deliver supplies for astronauts. Another Falcon 9 carried the satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit followed by Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite. Musk continues to develop and launch spacecraft for more space missions.

Another milestone to Musk career is Tesla Motors.  Elon Musk代写

He is the co-founder and the CEO and the senior architect of Tesla Motors. The company was established to manufacture mass-market electric cars, batteries, and solar roofs. One of the main products of Tesla Motors is the Roadster, Model S, and Tesla Semi. The company is expected to launch the new Roadster by 2020 which will mark a new twist in the car production regarding efficiency and speed.

Management Style  Elon Musk代写

Leadership style has a significant effect on employees’ motivation and commitment to their work. In his article, Blazek (2016) quoted some of the employees who work for SpaceX. Dolly Singh was a former HR manager said that “The thing that makes Elon is his ability to make people believe in his vision.” Jim Cantrell who is an engineer with SpaceX added that, “…Most of us can’t conceive these things are working; he can’t conceive it is failing.”  Elon Musk代写**范文

Musk is an excellent leader who set a precedent on management for others in the industry. A good example of his innovativeness is the SolarCity which is the second largest solar producer in the US. He produced Tesla cars which increased the number of supercharging stations by three folds. Being an innovative leader, he allowed the use of his Tesla technology patent by other car manufacturers to allow for the expansion of the electric car industry. Musk also partnered with NASA so that he can accomplish his vision of making trips to Mars affordable to average persons.

As a transformational manager, Musk usually comes to conflicts with those resistant to change as he did with PayPal.  Elon Musk代写

He has a skill of detecting early if a projecting will work or not like the case of California High-Speed Rail system. The concept of Hyperloop aimed at providing the shortest intercity transport. The various unbelievable projects that Musk started and some prosper, and others fail, show how a visionary manager he is in transforming businesses to an imaginable height. Musk is a skilled manager who embodies decision-making skills, planning, delegation, and problem-solving. Above all, he has technical skills like computing, engineering, and physics which has also helped him thrive in the technology industry.  Elon Musk代写**范文

Therefore, it is evident that Musk is a good manager who believes in his visions and takes steps toward achieving them. He is a creative and innovative entrepreneur who has achieved great heights in business and technologies. It is through good leadership and management skills that innovations and ideas are shared, discussed and implemented. Close contact with his workers has also built an enabling environment for the achievement of his visions.

Elon Musk代写
Elon Musk代写

References  Elon Musk代写

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