Case Study of Sara’s SIB



Case Study of Sara’s SIB

Baseline代写 Martin used A-B design which has two phases including the baseline and treatment method used by the specialist.

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Martin used A-B design which has two phases including the baseline and treatment method used by the specialist. A represent baseline while B represents treatment. The A-B design is used in ABA research and is used to make comparisons between the baseline and treatment methods applied. The specialist can measure the behavior change using the results from the comparison and determine whether it is responsive to the intervention used.

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The information on the graph at the baseline provides that the rate of hair pulling, biting her arm and head banging is 22, 25, 27 and 26 respectively. Therefore, in comparison to the results reflected after intervention with the score of 5, 5, 3, and two respectively. In essence, using the line graph to predict the score it clear that the score on the y-axis increase while those on the x-axis decrease.

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There are several considerations before making any decision to work with ABAB reversal design.

These considerations have ethical implications when working with such a behavior problem exhibited by Sara. First, if the patient shows dangerous behavior, it is not ethical to remove in the second baseline. Second, before withdrawing treatment, the specialist must have no doubts there is behavior change for the good. In the case when behavior remains static or deteriorates after treatment is withdrawn, then there will be no functional relationship between the patient and the specialist. Baseline代写**格式

Also, when the treatment has started, it should not be discontinued as it will create a disjoint in the learning curve of the patient. For instance, if the patient is undergoing a teaching procedure and demonstrate some learning of new behavior, the specialist should not take away the learning.

Moreover, there are some ethical implications associated with the ABAB design.  Baseline代写

Although behavior modification methods used in ABAB design have significant results in behaviors change, it can lead to the emergence of a new behavior from the same class which can further aggravate the behavior problem. Besides, treatment fidelity is also a significant ethical concern regarding the accuracy of measuring behavior treatment and change. Also, there is the use of restrictive measures with limits mainly when working with patients with disabilities. Baseline代写**格式

In this regard, the punishment measures used should be socially-valued considering its significance to the treatment, social acceptability and its effectiveness (B.A.C.B, 2014). It is argued that guidelines for ethical conduct of behavior analyst as set by Behavior Analysts Certification Board (B. A. C. B) are not sufficient and exhaustive (Oliver, Pratt, & Normand, 2015). Therefore, behavior specialists have the discretion to relate and practice based on the socially accepted conducts and according to the context of the patient.


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The frequency of Sara’s SIB is presented at y-axis while the number of occurrences is shown on the x-axis. These features make the graph easier to read and interpret using the visual presentation of the trends in behavior change with treatment.

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A functional relationship is depicted when the behavior specialist can show how behavior modification procedures are effective in causing the intended behavior change. The intervention shows a decline in the number of SIB occurrences. The graph shows a functional relationship since there is a positive behavior change.

References  Baseline代写

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