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SUBJECT: Human Resource Development

Memorandum代写 This memo will discuss the relationship between human resource development and organizational effectiveness as well as economic growth.

Issue Addressed in the Articles 

The primary function of human resource is the input, direction, and execution that lead to effective organization and increase in economic productivity. However, it is better said than done since human resource management is not only about roles and responsibilities but also the question of how human resource itself is developed for desired results. Fundamentally, what makes an organization effective, and an economy progressive is how human resource is organized and managed as an essential capital. Memorandum代写**范文

In this regard, this memo will discuss the relationship between human resource development and organizational effectiveness as well as economic growth. This issue is well researched and presented by the two articles on human resource development. It offers a review and analysis that will help derive an informed recommendation. The first article provides empirical research on the impact of HRD on organizational effectiveness.

The second article discusses the National Human Resource Development as applied in BRICS countries. Both studies converge to the logic that the quality of human capital determines the progress of a country or an organization holding other factors constant.

 Summary of the Articles  Memorandum代写

The first article The Impact of Human Resource Development on Organizational Effectiveness: An Empirical Study by Kareem (2019) establishes the importance of HRD in creating effectiveness in public universities in Iraq. The researcher view HRD as a composition of employee training after hiring, providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills, avail resources necessary in tasks, and more other developmental activities (Kareem, 2019, p. 31). HRD in this context seen as a process within HR department and is critical to employee onboarding and retention. The literature review shows that without proper employees’ training their performance and success of the organization are diminished. Memorandum代写**范文

Also, when employees fail to learn and develop personal and professional skills, they may end up stale and stagnant. As such, HRD is an integration of employees “training, organization and career development efforts improve individual, group and organizational effectiveness” (p. 32). Generally, Kareem found that human resource development practices have a positive and essential impact on organizational development.


On the other hand  Memorandum代写

The article Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in the National Human Resource Development systems of BRICS by Oh, Seo, Yoo, and Kim (2017) provide critical research on strengths and weaknesses on the belief that BRICS countries were experiencing rapid growth due to higher human and natural resources endowment. The study was based on the fact that these countries have high supply and demand for human resource (p. 268). According to NHRD system, these countries can harness their human resources to achieve their growth potential. Human capital is an essential factor in creating sustainable development of an economy. Memorandum代写**范文

The NHRD system is dependent on the HRD implementation and integration processes of each country, economic activities, social factors and economic development (p. 270). Economic growth requires a good combination of the education, training, and lifelong learning for effective NHRD system which comprises of relationships between HR supply, HR demand, support system, and general environment. Memorandum代写**范文

However, regardless of the number of populations, if one of these factors is weak, human capital may have low impact on economic growth (p. 277). Generally, the system shows that human capital development and economic growth have a strong correlation. The growth of an economy is influenced by expanding the knowledge and skills of its people.

Significance of the Issue  Memorandum代写

The understanding of the positive correlation between organizational performance and human resource development is critical to human resource managers. Good HRD improves organization productivity and efficiency (Alagaraja, Cumberland, & Choi, 2015, p. 225). It also creates better employee-employer relation. The relationship between human resource development and organization efficiency can well be appreciated with close analysis of labor, land, capital, and entrepreneur as established by Adam Smith. Memorandum代写**范文

The two of these factors of production are form of human capital; labor and entrepreneur and hence give much weigh to human resource. People are active agents in any organization. Therefore, they are charged with the roles of capital accumulation, utilization resources, and create social, economic, and political organizations.

Primary aim  Memorandum代写

Managers understand that the primary aim of HRD is talent generation and retention, utilization of resources, leadership, and efficient performance. Also, HRD is required to maintain the value and competitiveness of the organization as well as create an opportunity for employees to develop their skills and professionalism. When managers learn about these practices, the benefits are unlimited. One of these benefits includes development of new skills, knowledge, and positive attitude of the workplace. Managers learn how to build employees commitment to the organization. Most importantly, is the appreciation that organization effectiveness not only about profitability but also change management and creation of efficiency culture.

Therefore, managers appreciate that workforce development is a form of investment.  Memorandum代写

But instead of capital investment such as technology, the investment is in human capital. As such, the goals for any organization to invest in human resource are to boost profit and productivity. For instance, when an employee joins a technology company, one is required to undergo a training program through on-site training and in-house seminars. A worker becomes an asset to the company after completion of the training program and can develop new ideas, solutions, and products for the company. The ultimate goal of organizational efficiency is therefore achieved when an employee becomes better and more productive. Memorandum代写**范文

Moreover, HR managers learn that investment in human resource development has an impact on employment conditions. Well trained and skilled workers, career progression, and other empowerment programs create right working conditions. Consequently, a satisfied workforce is critical in organizational commitment and are more efficient. An empowered workforce is a metric for determining performance of any entity.


Recommendation  Memorandum代写

The issue has expounded more on the significance of HRD practices to the creation of an effective organization. Therefore, decision-makers have the responsibility for effective HRD practices that provide employees with prerequisite skills and competencies. Managers should use HRD practices to increase employee’s performance by integrating them with organizational goals.

Employees should feel part of the organization by involving them in matters affecting them, particularly on their training needs, career, and professional progression and rewards systems. Lastly, managers have the role of simulating employee’s skills, knowledge, and competencies.

References  Memorandum代写

Alagaraja, M., Cumberland, D.M., and Choi, N., 2015. The mediating role of leadership and people management practices on HRD and organizational performance. Human Resource Development International, 18(3), pp.220-234. doi: 10.1080/13678868.2014.997139

Kareem, M.A., 2019. The Impact of Human Resource Development on Organizational Effectiveness: An Empirical Study. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, 7(1), pp.29-50. pp.29-50; doi: 10.25019/MDKE/7.1.02

Oh, H., Seo, D., Yoo, S., and Kim, J., 2017. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in the National Human Resource Development systems of BRICS. Human Resource Development International, 20(4), pp.268-281.


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