Investing in Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is an emerging technology in marketing intelligence.Big Data Analytics代写

Many multinational companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence which makes use of big data analytics to analyze and predict the performance of the market as well as consumer behaviors. Alibaba is one example of multinational e-commerce retail stores and technology company that has dedicated much time on research and development of AI for utilizing big data through analytics. Big Data Analytics代写

History Big Data Analytics代写

Alibaba is the world largest online retail store that has now diversified to other sectors including offering big data cloud computing. The company was started by a group of entrepreneurs led by the vision bearer Jack Ma. The group had a believe that internet is the next big thing in the retail industry and marketing. The company was established to help small-scale Chinese exporter to sell internationally. Since then it has grown to being a global leader in wide range of businesses ranging from wholesales and online retail to businesses in cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives and others. Big Data Analytics代写

In just 20 seconds in 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Alibaba’s gross merchandise value surpassed USD155 millions. In 2 minutes it crossed USD1 Billion and the day closed with over USD30b of gross merchandise sales value. The sales and consumer information generated in one day is large enough data for the company. However, the data itself is of little use and big data is even more useless. Additional functionalities such as High-performance computing to process data, analytics tools and AI are required to offer insights and deliver actions and impacts. Alibaba’s e-commerce platform has more than 600 million users and hence generate abundance data on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. It has invested in Tmall Innovation Centre that has dedicated research and development aimed at harnessing the benefits of big data.

Big Data Analytics代写
Big Data Analytics代写

Financial History Big Data Analytics代写

Since 2010, Alibaba has been grossing high in

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