Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Amusing Ourselves to Death代写 Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. Amusing Ourselves to Death focus on the impact media has on the consumers.

Amusing Ourselves to Death focus on the impact media has on the consumers. America is in the modern era where there are endless information and entertainment. Notably, the media look for what will attract the public to make sales. Most of the media contents are wrapped in forms that are irresistible to the consumer. The book evaluates the public obsession with television and media technologies. And how they have changed how people receive information and hence impact on the public discourse and society.Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

In so doing, the Postman uses the juxtaposition of the historic American society with the modern activities like politics, religion, and education as well as the whole society. And show how American culture has tremendously been altered as the society shift from print media to visual based media. The main argument is that television negatively impacts public discourse in modern America and has used media as the most convenient way to achieve it.

Chapter 1 Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

The author evaluates the shift from print media to the dominance of visual culture where look or physique are used to judge people as he said. “… former President Richard Nixon, who once claimed he lost an election because make-up men sabotaged him, has offered Senator Edward Kennedy advice … lose twenty pounds. … it would appear that fat people are now effectively excluded from running for high political office.Probably bald people as well”¹.Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

¹Postman, Carl. Amusing Ourselves to Death. Penguin Books, 2005, 5.

According to this chapter, the thesis is true because the fundamental relationship between the form and content is altered in that the way something is presented affects what is presented. Postman has successfully laid ground on which the thesis on the impact of visual media on public discourse is built.

Amusing Ourselves to Death代写
Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

Chapter 2 Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

Postman outline the value system that underlies the whole article by concluding that print media culture is more rational and better way of presentation compared to television which is a silly culture and bad for the society by saying that “Indeed, I hope to persuade you that the decline of a print-based epistemology and the accompanying rise of a television-based epistemology has had grave consequences for public life, that we are getting sillier by the minute”².Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

²Ibid, 25.

According to this chapter, the thesis is true because how people are presented in the media has also affected the definition of wisdom. And intelligence as well as rationality and reduced to the outward looks which are deceiving. Postman’s argument is strong because he has given various examples and pointers wrong presentation using media as compared to print. Which was not subject to biases, prejudice, and subjectivity of trivial judgments.

Chapter 4 Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

In this chapter, Postman is putting the present in conversation with the past in regard to the oratorical. And audience capabilities as well as content and rationality of the past. Which resonate well with the previous chapter about the typographic America by saying. That “It is hard to imagine the present occupant of the White House is capable of constructing such clauses in similar circumstances. And if he were, he would surely do so at the risk of burdening the comprehension or concentration of his audience. People of a television culture need “plain language” both aurally and visually. And will even go so far as to require it in some circumstances by law.”Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

According to this chapter, the thesis is correct since modern orators and audience lack literacy capabilities of the past due to visual media. Which has reduced them to literacy dwarfs with short comprehension and concentration span. Postman’s argument is strong because he has used real-life examples of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas long speeches with the large and participating audience.

Chapter 6 Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

The chapter presents the changed public discourse through television as not only entertaining. But making the entertainment and hence replacing the consumption of rationality knowledge with unserious disjoins of contents and entertainment as he posits. That “What all of this means is that our culture has moved toward a new way of conducting its business, especially its important business. The nature of its discourse is changing as the demarcation line between what is show business and what is not becomes harder to see with each passing day”³. Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

³Ibid, 99.

According to this chapter, the thesis is true because television entertainment has replaced tradition. And important contents with nonsensical shows and even if an important content is being aired. It is interrupted by frequent advertisement reducing its flow and hence depicting the major motive as a business. Postman argument is strong because all the examples and scenarios given are true to what happened on the television.

Chapter 7 Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

In this chapter, Postman use the phrase “Now … this” to show how television and other visual media has been acting in total disregard of the content. Whose consequences have pervaded culture by beginning the chapter with “At the very least, you will want those whose faces would not be unwelcome on a magazine cover”⁴. According to this chapter the thesis is true because America is in the era. When credibility has replaced reality and where looks make the report more credible. And trusted thus making American the most entertained and least informed. Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

⁴Ibid, 101.

Therefore, Postman’s argument is strong bearing in mind the current affairs in the media market. Which is feeding people with propaganda and unsubstantiated information people have lost the ability to question. And look for reality but choose to follow the credibility of the personalities.

Amusing Ourselves to Death代写
Amusing Ourselves to Death代写

Chapter 8 

Postman shifts the attention to televised religion which according to him it has secularized it. As people have the freedom to choose from different channels available. As a result the televised religious content become mutated to fit the audience, compete, create convenience. And entertain as he puts that “The first is that on television, religion, like everything else, is presented, quite simply and without apology, as an entertainment. Everything that makes religion a historical, profound and sacred human activity is stripped away; there is no ritual, no dogma, no tradition, no theology, and above all, no sense of spiritual transcendence.On these shows, the preacher is tops. Amusing Ourselves to Death代写 God comes out as second banana”⁵.

⁵Ibid, 117.

According to this chapter, the thesis is true.

Because churches today are using television to broadcast their sermons. And this has changed on how various evangelists are displaying their content majorly to attract through entertainment. And creation of comfort thus attracting more viewership at the expense of spreading the gospel. Postman’s argument is strong because he gave prior foundation upon which the media content is created, and which is adopted by televangelists. And hence negatively changing the presentation of religion to more of entertainment. Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品

Visual culture and particularly television has been a detriment to American literary culture as well as the perception of reality and rationality.

As a result, Postman has shown how visual media has continued to distance people from being close to God as sermons are mutated to fit audience and religion become commercial. Given the evidence provided in this paper, the thesis is true because close analysis of the past information consumption reveal. That information was propagated based in reality, informed judgment, and reason contrary to modern information communication which is biased, irrational. And not based on reality but rather a credulity of the source.Amusing Ourselves to Death代写**成品


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