Media Empires and Entrepreneurs








Media Empires and Entrepreneurs

Media Empires代写 Technology development made it possible to make a worldwide movement towards economic, financial trade, and communication integration.

Cultural imperialism  Media Empires代写

Technology development made it possible to make a worldwide movement towards economic, financial trade, and communication integration. The paradigm of globalization intended to unite the world in sharing of markets and cultures. However, globalization paradigm has led to cultural imperialism. Media and electronic communication have been used to create dominion over other countries that shape beliefs, values, knowledge, and behavioral norms. Media Empires代写**格式

Cultural imperialism in this context is taken as a process where one nation influences through imposition the social, cultural, and politics of other countries. As such, the practice of cultural imperialism by the United States of America has continued to kill different cultures and hence tremendously become everyone’s second culture as depicted in the following articles.

Summaries of the Articles  Media Empires代写


In his article, McChesney (2004) recognize the problem of the media in modern society. McChesney sees it as a political problem that requires political solution owing to the policies, structure, and institutions under which media operates. McChesney’s work supports Kelley’s article “Mass Communications and American Empire.” Kelley explains how America has dominated radio and airwaves in Canada and around the world. Media Empires代写**格式

The author saw America as powerful power intending to wipe out local contents and culture by infusing its version of culture through well-choreographed film and television programs. The dominance has therefore suppressed the growth of local media which support local contents (Kelley, 1970, p. 80). Thus, the extensive American media coverage, according to Kelley is not by geographical chance but a scheme to promote America agenda.

Lobato  Media Empires代写

In his work titled “Netflix Nations: The Geography of Digital Distribution,” Lobato sees Netflix as an extension of the U.S. cultural and political interests. Being a film provider, Netflix is a dominant platform for movies and television series. However, irrespective of it being a globalized and liberalized content provider. It has been skewed to provide 80 percent American and British contents (Lobato, 2014, p. 5). Therefore, has a hand in disintegrating local materials and imposing its culture to other nations through its biased catalogs.

Media Empires代写
Media Empires代写


In the chapter “The Market Uber Alles” Robert views the problem of media as an expedient cause of market forces. He expressed the concern that the U.S. media is dominant and immune to most limitations because it operates competitively and offers what people want (Robert, 2004, p. 175). The competitive media market aspect of it problematic to its role of accountability and democratic. In this respect, he observed that the development of media is as a result of policy changes towards globalization and market liberalization which has proved difficult to tame due to asymmetry in policymaking between nations.

Connection Between the Articles  Media Empires代写

Media as a tool used by the U.S. to popularize her agendas.

He lays the foundation on how globalization and market liberalization has been used at the detriment of local contents and cultures (Kelley, 1970, p. 85). As such, the development of media though a good thing to the people has been used negatively by the U.S., especially where it has invaded and dominated Canadian radio and airwaves (p. 79). The growth is also partly attributed to technology development and government intervention, which has enabled the U.S. establish networks in various parts of the world.

Media developments as an emerging issue that needs political approaches.  Media Empires代写

Moreover, Kelley’s concerns were taken up by McChesney (2004), who recognized media developments as an emerging issue that needs political approaches. Media is a market like any other where competitiveness exists. U.S. media has won global acceptance with contents that interest viewers (McChesney, 2004, p. 18). As such, government intervention in media market violates nature of social system.

However, it is a misrepresentation to say that society is autonomous in selecting media that regulate social behavior since sometimes the government might have a hand in it (p. 25). In the process of the exercise of freedom of press market emerge as the preferred way of regulating media and as the best alternative. But, government deregulation has been applied differently in media industry with some media houses gaining monopoly powers. The various level of regulation and deregulations created dominance of some media and hence a means of perpetuating the interest of groups of people or government (p. 33). Media Empires代写**格式

The call for free market for media contributed to dominion of the U.S. media abroad. Notably, whether the content is useful, harmful, or combination of the two. It presents a political problem to the nations that feel invaded by foreign cultures. It is the role of the government to device policies that seek to solve the problem created by media rather than attacking the American dominance in a competitive market.

Media problem  Media Empires代写

Furthermore, Lobato continued the aspect of the problem of media in the perspective of content delivery and cultural imperialism that come with it. His work can be viewed to support Kelley’s concerns of media market and government regulation and deregulation. Particularly, Netflix has for long been a dominant movie and television platform available in various countries. Being a U.S. owned company, it has persistently promoted American film and television industry abroad with little or total disregard of the local contents. As such, Netflix is seen as a demise to the local film industry. Netflix is one of the many media houses from America which larger shares of the radio, internet, and airwaves. Media Empires代写**格式

The growth of it in a free media market has elicited debate on the role of the U.S. media and electronic in creating cultural imperialism. Reason being, most of these media houses have one-way flow of content (Lobato, 2014, p. 8). That is, in the global market, Netflix, for instance, is expected to air selection of movies and television programs from across all countries and cultures but more than 80 percent of its programs are American.

Opinion  Media Empires代写

However, Robert tries to discredit the concerns of Kelley and Lobato as well as his own opinion of the problem of media of U.S. media dominance in the global market. He approaches the media issue as people’s problem in consumption behaviors which drive the media market (Robert, 2004, p. 176). In support of his argument, it operated in a competitive market and hence difficult for anyone to question its operations.

Further, the U.S. media is popular because it offers people what they want be it good or bad or even detrimental to the culture (p. 200). As long as there are no government interventions, media can be regulated by market forces. Therefore, it is not a question of dominance and cultural imperialism but rather the social behavior in consumption, which of which is termed good, bad, or combination of the two.

Media Empires代写
Media Empires代写

References List  Media Empires代写

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