Discussion Paper for Quantitative Research



Discussion Paper for Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research代写 Quantitative Measurements:That have been invented to make measurements and analysis of quantitative data easier and fast.


Quantitative Measurements

In the modern statistics, almost every aspect has transformed owing to the new technologies. That have been invented to make measurements and analysis of quantitative data easier and fast. The transformation has reduced paper-based quantitative measurements, calculations, and analysis to more accurate digital platforms. Traditionally, quantitative research being paper-based was time-consuming besides it being prone to errors. The modern quantitative research has revolutionised how we quantitatively measure almost everything including our heart rate and sleep tracking.  Quantitative Research代写**范文

The modern methods are better and preferred because they are tested for accuracy, reliability, and validity as well as being faster.  According to the TED speaker Wolf (2010), quantitative technologies have not only changed how quantitative research is done but also how we view ourselves through self-awareness. For instance, with the emergence of biometric devices such as inhalers, sleep trackers. And heartbeat calculator, has changed the human lifestyle by how people can gather personal health information and dignitary analyse them.

Data Collection  Quantitative Research代写

Data collection is one of the key aspects of quantitative skills. The information gathering takes place from different sources, and as such, there are different methods of data collection as well. These vary from one area and sample to the other and also depending on the type data the researcher intends to get. One of the most widely used data collection methods is questionnaires, surveys, and interviews. Today, the administration of data collection tools has changed to web-based data collection. A researcher at the Washington State University, Professor Dillman (2009) came up a new method for collecting data using web addresses. In his interview with Pollster.com, he refers to his method as address-based sampling.  Quantitative Research代写**范文

Other modern methods of data collections have been invented including biometric sensors devices which use body pulses to collect various data related to the human body behaviours.

In essence, the modern techniques as a complement to traditional methods have built better approaches to data collection which is accurate, reliable, valid, and assessable. Another most importance of the modern approach is the availability of data collected in electronic forms which are durable for future use.

Quantitative Research代写
Quantitative Research代写

The data collection instruments is another area that has tremendously changed from the traditional instruments to modern devices.

The modern devices were developed to build reliability, accuracy, validity, and save time in data collected as compared to traditional tools which were prone to errors. Today, a person does not have to carry a pen and a paper to record an interview as this is made easier by recording and broadcasting. Another important aspect is administering and conduction data collection where the research is at liberty to conduct web-based questionnaires (Dillman, 2009) or use voice or video calls to conduct an interview. Other devices like inhalers and heart rate as well as sleep tracker wearables use networks to transmit data to the computer, has transformed how some data are collected and analysed.

Sampling  Quantitative Research代写

The approach to population sampling depends on the population size and the type of data to be collected. The most common methods of sampling include random sampling and non-random sampling techniques. These techniques allow taking a part of a whole population to represent it. Sampling makes the data collection easier as well as save on time. The video “Science Behind the News: Opinion Polls & Random Sampling” by National Science Foundation (2013), give analogies of random sampling techniques in United State politics.   Quantitative Research代写**范文

The video clip explains how political opinions and surveys are collected using random sampling of all states which eventually predict the general feeling and opinion of the U.S citizens. Perhaps, the most interesting example given on sampling is the need not to take the whole chicken soup to know whether it is tasty or not (“National Science Foundation,” 2013). You only need to scoop one spoonful, and it will give the taste of the whole soup.

Research Analysis, Assessment, and Validity  Quantitative Research代写

In quantitative research, the data measurement, collection, and tools used for data collection and measurement need to give clear, accurate, reliable, valid, and assessable results. It is, therefore, important to choose the most appropriate measurement methods, data collection methods and tools, and analysis for better outcomes. Failure to which, the quantitative research will give wrong information to the audience. An online video by a mathematician Donnelly (2007), explains the common mistakes people make when interpreting statistics. In essence, it is essential to ensure that the data used in the quantitative analysis is accurate, and as a result, it will not give a misleading outcome. To ensure the accuracy, the researcher has to be accurate from the onset of the research.

Conclusion  Quantitative Research代写

In science, quantitative research plays a critical role in ascertaining the presence and validity of a phenomenon. In this regard, a phenomenon is presented in terms of data collected and then analyzed for results. As such, quantitative research is scientifically proving a claim in any field using statistical data and methods. Therefore, it is important to have the best approach to the problem about the measurements, data collection tools and methods, and data presentation and analysis (Lecture Eleven, n.d). It is also important to note the role played by the quantitative technology research. Technology has made data collection, recording, analysis, and presentation easier and convenient. It has also changed how humans view themselves by being self-aware.

References  Quantitative Research代写

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Quantitative Research代写
Quantitative Research代写

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